how to start website development c ompany


(how to start website development c ompany)To build a website, you can do it yourself, or you can find a professional network company to design and produce it.。Baoji Maisi Network Xiaobian recommends looking for a professional website company。The reasons are as follows:

If you want to build your own website,Learn to make your own,Then you must first understand what knowledge and tools you need to learn to build a website。If you are looking for a website construction company to cooperate with,Learn to filter website development companies,Understand what information needs to be provided to the website construction company,Understand the process and process of a website design company designing a website。

how to start website development c ompany

one、Build your own website。

You have to buy a domain name and a space to store your website code first,After the website code is developed,upload to space,Bind the domain name to run the website,But before the domain name is bound,Gotta do the filing,It is generally necessary for a company to do website filing for the first time20Days。

Build your own website,Also have to learn some knowledge and skills of website design and production of web special effects,Learn Web Development Programming Languages,Familiar with web design software、Website development programming software and code uploadFTPtool。It is not easy to master all these knowledge,Generally, we only need to be proficient in one of them.。

If you want to build some simple web pages by yourself,Find some self-service website building systems on the Internet to build a website,That kind of website page is relatively simple,No complicated functions and applications,Usually it's just a display page。

(how to start website development c ompany)two、Find a professional website construction company to cooperate with to design the website。

The information that needs to be provided to the website production company is::

01. Full company name、LOGO。

02. Choose a domain name。

03. Product Image(used to make the homepagebannerpicture)、company Pictures(like a facade photo、team photo、Qualification certificate, etc.,optional)。

(how to start website development c ompany)04. website copywriting,Such as:Company Profile、product category、front pagebannerThe text of the figure、Other copy information(give if there is)。

05. Website contact information,Such as:company address、telephone、Mail、QQ、Wechat QR code(or WeChat)。

06. Filing information,Such as:Electronic version of the company's business license、The electronic version of the front and back of the corporate identity card、Filing mobile and landline calls、Filing mailbox。

Filter website construction companies,Things to note are:

1. Pay attention to the past website design or development cases of the website construction company,If there are enough cases,The function of the website development is complex enough,Then it shows that its design level and website development level are very good,also recognized by the market。

2.Pay attention to see if the website construction company's own official website is designed enough,If even your own website design is not up to standard,Does the client have reasons to believe that you can make the client's website well??

(how to start website development c ompany)3.Look at the website construction team size of the website construction company,If fully staffed,The company's office atmosphere is good,That basically shows that the team is fairly stable.,also have a certain strength。