website development requirements c hecklist


website development requirements c hecklist

11There will be a wave in the middle of the month DDL~

(website development requirements c hecklist)There are many students PS、recommendation letter、CV and other application materials are ready;It's not easy to complete the online application,I just can't click “submit ”!

website development requirements c hecklist

(website development requirements c hecklist)

“to be frank,I'm at a loss!”

Since most of the students are applying online for the first time,lack of experience,Or worry about filling in wrong、Missing fill etc.,Or some materials were not uploaded and mailed in time.,lead to application season “Die before leaving school”

website development requirements c hecklist

In order to help you successfully complete this important part of the online application,Today, Palm Jun is here for you:Self-examination checklist before submitting an online applicationwebsite development requirements c hecklist,Help you press the submit button calmly~


Application materials related

(website development requirements c hecklist)Master's application generalAt leastThe following materials are required,Check that the upload is complete and correct

1)Chinese and English university transcripts

2)Average score in Chinese and English/GPA illustrate

3)Certificate of Chinese and English Grade Algorithm

(website development requirements c hecklist)4)Chinese and English diplomas and degree certificates(If you have graduated)

5)Electronic version of official transcript of standardized test

(website development requirements c hecklist)6)Scanned copy of passport photo page

7)PS、CV、recommendation letter


Note:Please refer to the official website of the target project for details. checklist,Usually on the school website Admission- How to Apply can be found anywhere。

Be careful to see if there are any requirements for international students to mail additional materials,such as a certificate of deposit、Funding Form、WES Accreditation, etc.。

(website development requirements c hecklist)

website development requirements c hecklist

MIT BA Official website how to apply There are detailed requirements for each material

(website development requirements c hecklist)If the school expressly requires that it be sent at the application stageSend original transcripts,Then, after registering for the online application, you need to send the transcript to the address given by the school as required.。Set aside time for express delivery delays or lost items

also check School requirements for delivery dates of language scores(such as is it possible to be a little later than the deadline or Must be delivered by the deadline),After sending, track whether the school received it in time

website development requirements c hecklist

Details make the difference

(website development requirements c hecklist)

Approaching online application submission,At this point the instrument may not have much time to make substantial changes;so herepick up someImportant things to fix quickly

(website development requirements c hecklist)1)Maintain content and tense consistency between instruments:For example, the length of a certain internship in the resume matches the information shown in the internship recommendation letter.

2)Keep the essay consistent with the institution you are applying to:for example PS inside customized why school And the header part remember to modify it to the project of the application,Don't spell the school's name wrong

3)in resumedouble check the school、Whether the internship unit has an official English translation

e.g. Peking University is Peking University instead of Beijing University

4)British spelling or American spelling:Apply for the Commonwealth Program with the former,Apply for the US program with the latter

Commonly used words in documents(British v.s. American)

programme v.s. program

(website development requirements c hecklist)honour v.s. honor

centre v.s. center

organise v.s. organize

5)Avoid spelling and tense mistakes:Can be checked with the help of some gadgets,Such as grammarly

6)Comprehensively meet all the requirements appearing in the official website and application system:by Yale University-Asset Management Program For example,One page resume required,Emphasis on leadership and team-related experience

website development requirements c hecklist

Image from Yale University Official website

check file format

(website development requirements c hecklist)Some of the students' essays are very well written,files are often ignored “facade” ——Format。standard、A convenient format with people may not be a plus,But the confusing format will greatly reduce the impression score of applicants。

file naming format:

(website development requirements c hecklist)

generally “file name+school name+title+Name”

If using abbreviations make sure to write accurately;If the school has official requirements, the hospital shall prevail

e.g. Statement of Purpose _ USC_ San Zhang

(website development requirements c hecklist) English Transcript_UCL_MA TESOL_Ming Li

file upload format:

(website development requirements c hecklist)unless explicitly requested by the school word Or upload a file in a specified format,The rest shall follow PDF Save the format and upload。Turn intoPDF back,Remember to open it again,Is there any garbled characters?。

If the online application has a file size limit,Free online compression sites available,Such as small pdf Wait。Check it out after compression,Is it clear。

(website development requirements c hecklist)website development requirements c hecklist


What preparations need to be made for online application

Simple online application process,There are three steps,Check that the information is complete and accurate:

1)Register an online application account、Mail、password。Remember your username、Password and get related ID,Used to check the application status and communicate with the school

2)Fill in the information,upload resume、Documents and other materials,Send recommendation letter link;

3)Submit online application,Pay the application fee,After receiving the online application submission confirmation email,Follow up the application process in a timely manner。

website development requirements c hecklist

(website development requirements c hecklist)

View hidden small documents

In general projects, all requirements for large and small documents will be presented directly on the official website,And some projects will hide some small documents in the online application system,be caught off guard。

(website development requirements c hecklist)

website development requirements c hecklist

IC Business school online application questions about career goals

Small essay topics require diversification,as few as a few crosses,dozens of pages。Generally include three types:

1) Story-telling paperwork:Personal History Statement, Diversity Essay (Especially the California series of colleges and universities)

2) professional document: Writing Sample, Research Proposal

3)Open Question:such as interested professor etc

Although brought a “little” Character,but it is part of the application materials,equally important。

(website development requirements c hecklist)so,It is recommended to open the online application system in advance,First, familiarize yourself with the entire online application process,Make a psychological estimate of the complexity of online application;The second is to collect small essay topics hidden in the online application,Be prepared to answer in advance,Avoid being in a hurry after a sudden discovery。

website development requirements c hecklist

also,Additional sections will be provided in the online application of some projects,Applicants are allowed to submit some non-mandatory requirements、But the applicant thinks it will be helpful for their application additional documents

Open online application in advance,So that we can see if there are additional sections,Take advantage of this opportunity to provide:

1)Project-related awards、Skill training certificate, etc.。

2)Explain some issues not covered in the main document,such as why certain subjects or a certain semester have lower grade points、The names of some important courses currently or to be taken, etc.,Strive for your own application。

Online application payment

Basic Information

Notice First name(name)and Last name(surname)Don't write,The current residential address can be inconsistent with the address of the account.,You can also be inconsistent with the family's live residence address.,Do not affect the network application。

Mailing Address Mail address,As long as it is guaranteed to next year 6-7 You can receive the materials sent by the school before the month.。

Recommended letter

“Do you waive the right / access to view the reference letter? ” Be sure to choose yes Choose I waive my right to access this report

If you don't give up the right to view the recommendation letter,School auditors will detail the reason for the applicant to view the recommendation letter,This may extend the audit time。


Determine all document requirements,There will be online application requirements and the official website document requirements are not exactly the same.。E.g:Edinburgh Net Shen Chinese Site Additional Requirements relevant Knowledge / Training Skills。

CAUTION View upload requirements。Words ≠ Characters。Characters Is the meaning of the character,Generally 3500 char Approximately equal 500 words。

website development requirements c hecklist

Hong Kong dip-MA in Communication- Additional Information (Require 6000 In the character)

common Q & A


A:It is recommended to be at least in advance Deadline Submit the Internet for a week,If you find errors or lack of materials, you can make your school for your school.。Don't drive to the Internet on the last point of time,To avoid the failure of payment or the system crash, submit。Check DDL Time,Pay attention to the time zone of the tag

Some majors will have multiple applications,Classmates can decide which one round is determined according to their own material preparations and application progress. DDL 。

Most of the UK does not have a clear deadline,Rolling Relatively common,The peak period of the application is rough 10-11 month,Some professional constant is full,Can still continue to deliver without moving,Therefore, it is recommended that you should prepare for application materials as soon as possible.,Early submission early。

Of course, the premise of early submission is that the materials are ready,Don't prepare your paper materials for your time.,This will have an anti-effect。

website development requirements c hecklist


(website development requirements c hecklist)A:GenerallyElectronic version uploadPaper version delivery(Only very few school requirements)Recommenders send the recommended letter to the designated mailboxThree forms

(website development requirements c hecklist)

Electronic version upload:

(website development requirements c hecklist)1)After the student registration network,Fill in the recommended person information in the network application system,Contains the name of the recommendation、Position、employer、Mailbox, etc.

2)Online application system sends a recommendation letter to the recommendation chain

(website development requirements c hecklist)3)Recommended people after receiving the email,Go in through the link in the mail,Register account password,Upload recommendation letter according to request

Paper version delivery:

Individual school requirements will ask mail to send paper version of the recommended letter to school related departments,Generally requiring the school sent by the paper version to clearly give the requirements,And give a detailed delivery address

Specified mailbox send:

(website development requirements c hecklist)A small number of students will require the recommendation to send the recommended letter to the school's designated mailbox.,Do not need to be uploaded separately

(website development requirements c hecklist)

(website development requirements c hecklist)website development requirements c hecklist


Different schools have different requirements。

(website development requirements c hecklist)-Some need to re-register an account;

-Some can be in existing account in start a new application;

-Some can apply for other majors at the same time.,for example GWU Can directly apply add program;

-Some if the application is not under the same college,Can apply at the same time,for example JHU。

Specific requirements for project application systems,Or mail asking small secret:

(website development requirements c hecklist)1)Can I apply for two majors?

2)if it is possible,How to submit a network application

website development requirements c hecklist

Internet is not a taste,The most important thing is based on personal conditions and time reasonable planning。The more pre-preparation,The more familiar with the application materials,If you fill out the net application, you will be more weight.。

I also wish you all successfully,Harvest dream schooloffer~

(website development requirements c hecklist)