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What are the recommended websites for personal investment and financial management??


one、Fund website


This is a world-renowned fund rating agency,You can check the rating of the fund and related information。

2、Everyday Fund

This is a fund network that can support online investment,Changes in the net worth of the fund can be found in it、generalize、fund company、fund manager、Position details, etc. column information,perfectly worked!

3、CSI Index

On this site you can find all kinds of、The price-earnings ratio of the secondary industry、dividend rate, etc.,And it is not convenient to calculate the total market value of the stock market,The Buffett Index can be calculated using the CSI All Index as an approximation。Commonly encountered types.SSE series、Shenzhen Securities Series、Constituents of CSI Series Indices、Compilation rules、price-earnings ratio, etc.,All can be found on the official website of China Securities Index。

(web developer personal portfolio webs ite)two、stock website

(web developer personal portfolio webs ite)1、Huibo Investment Research Information

(web developer personal portfolio webs ite)Here you can find a variety of industry analysis,individual stock research report,macroeconomic report,It is of great reference value for our analysis company。

2、Radish Investment Research

(web developer personal portfolio webs ite)Here you can find a variety of industry analysis、individual stock research report、macroeconomic report,It is of great reference value for our analysis company。(highly recommended)

3、Oriental Fortune Network Research Report

The research report is very complete,But it works against humanity,Because it does not mark the content and depth of the research report。


Many folk gods,Some analytical research papers are well written,But there are also a lot of logic that are not rigorous enough,So it needs to be checked。

(web developer personal portfolio webs ite)5、almond

can be used to viewAshare.Listed company financial information,It saves us a lot of calculation process,However, the data of some Hong Kong stocks in Li Xingren are not comprehensive,All are suitableAstock buddies。

There are similar sites,But the website with more content is called Investor Data Network

6、straight flush

You can filter some simple、Companies with roughly similar main business。

7、ask for money

According to the search criteria you enter,Provide you with corresponding data feedback,For example, you can directly search,ROEContinued growth over the past three years,Continued growth in revenue over the past three years, etc.,You can filter out a simple stock pool,Find companies that are good at your industry,to analyze。


You can learn some knowledge about financial derivatives here,It is also a very good website for inquiring about Hong Kong stock information.。

9、Comparable company enquiry

Data comparison of global comparable companies,The biggest use is to see the valuation quantile of your own stock from a global perspective。


It is necessary to inquire about the company's equity relationship,It can also determine whether the company has related transactions

(web developer personal portfolio webs ite)11、look at the financial report

(web developer personal portfolio webs ite)“see pictures and talk”'s financial reporting website,without you- -Zhang Zhang to find data,you don't need to calculate。You want to compare data from different years for the same company,or data from different companies,It will use various intuitive pie charts、Histogram is displayed,Convenient and efficient。

If the above financial data does not satisfy you,read directly.The annual report of a listed company is the best choice。The following website can satisfy you

three、In-depth analysis of stock websites

(web developer personal portfolio webs ite)1、www.cninfo.com.cn

Can view quarterly reports issued by listed companies、annual report、inquiry letter、repo、Underweight、prospectus, etc.,Lots and lots of content,

The only downside is that you can't find it2004Year-old prospectus,It's a pity,But overall。

2、Shanghai Stock Exchange easy

Can view the Shanghai Stock Exchange.All public information of listed companies,A lot of old information can also be found,You can also check the policies of the Shanghai Stock Exchange(About the Science and Technology Innovation BoardXXanswers to questions)

3、Shenzhen Stock Exchange

You can view all public information of companies listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange,The ancient prospectus that can't be found by cninfo,can be seen here。

4、Hong Kong Stock Exchange

(web developer personal portfolio webs ite)Can be viewed in Hong Kong stocks.Public information of listed companies,Small partners who want to invest in Hong Kong stocks,Various company profiles can be found here。

5、Asdaq Financial Network

(web developer personal portfolio webs ite)You can view new Hong Kong stocks.Relevant information before listing,Want to study Hong Kong stocks and make new friends,Follow this website。

Four、Industry data

If the annual report is not enough for you,want to dig deeper,The following website is required to view country-level data,and industry data:

1、National Bureau of Statisticsstats.gov.cn/

You can view the changes in various domestic macro data,E.g: GDP、 CPI、PPI、 CMI、 urban employment、Foreign exchange reserves and other industry data(Most of the macro data in the research report comes from here)。

2、Sina Finance-China Macroeconomic Data

Information available here,National Bureau of Statistics can find,But the data here is aggregated,although.Not as comprehensive as NBS,But better than intuitive。

3、People's Bank of China

can viewM1、M2、M3data growth rate,You can see the yields of treasury bonds with different maturities,You can see the deposit and loan status, etc. column financial data。

4、State Foreign Exchange Administration Website

(web developer personal portfolio webs ite)You can see the external financial assets and liabilities,break even,foreign exchange reserves, etc.。

5、China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission

(web developer personal portfolio webs ite)The corresponding data of insurance can be inquired,Data on the insurance industry can also be found,Can be used to analyze the insurance industry,Can also analyze insurance products。

6、Ministry of Finance

Can view central financial data,and local financial data。

(web developer personal portfolio webs ite)7、Roland Berger

You can view in-depth industry analysis reports for various industries,The content is very professional,But many are in English,need better english

language foundation。

(web developer personal portfolio webs ite)8、Penguin Think Tank

You can view the emerging data report of the Internet industry,and the pan-entertainment white paper,Emerging industry content is very solid。



There is a large amount of industry data aggregation,including consumer products、Payment industry、logistics、White papers on the gaming industry, etc.,However, some reports require a fee。

10、Quest Mobilequestmobile.com.cn/There are a large number of very Internet industry reports,Include mobile social、health and beauty、medical service、digital reading、Analysis of many industries such as education and learning,If you study Internet companies,Do not missQuest Mobileindustry analysis report。


想要查询理财、Want to query financial management、债券的资质状况,insurance:


Bond qualification,银行业信息等。

2、You can see here

(web developer personal portfolio webs ite)可以查看银行理财产品的资质状况,China Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission。


Can query the qualifications of insurance companies、地方债、Banking information, etc.,更有各类债券的深入分析。

(web developer personal portfolio webs ite)4、China Financial Network

可以用来查看新债的发行以及.You can view the qualifications of bank financial products products,非常方便。

(web developer personal portfolio webs ite)5、And detailed regulations

和集思网“China Bond Information Network,可能是新网站吧,You can view the national debt,很多内容都是免费的。

Local debt