website development service agreem ent


Website service protocol

 A-Party A:_________

 Party B:_________

(Website Development Service Agreem Ent) First、Both Partcha after friendly negotiation,Now_________Member service matters reach the following agreement:

 First one Party A must register as Party B member according to the registration procedure specified in Party B。

(Website Development Service Agreem Ent) Second Party B charge members are divided into primary members、Intermediate member、Senior member three levels、Four service portfolios,Different members have different rights in the services provided by Party B,Party B will provide the corresponding service item according to the membership level selected by Party A。Party A selection of membership services combined with Party B(Senior member、Intermediate member、Primary member),Member service period is_________year,Every year member service fee is RMB_________Yuan,total_________Yuan。Party B provides services for membership levels of Party A chosen(See attachment member service list details);

 Third article Party A signed the day of the agreement,Provide Party B, company information and products/Service information,And guarantee the authenticity of information or information provided to Party B,After Party B received the information provided by Party A,Provide member service within the agreement。However, because Party A is provided to Party B, the information is lost or published in Party B、The right to violate third parties during use,Party B does not assume any responsibility。

 Fourth Party A should be confirmed by Part B after accepting service.,Or in two working days after payment, Party B will propose written or telephone objection to the service.。In this period, a written or telephone objection is not proposed.,Accepting Party B from Party B from Part B。

 The fifth The information services provided by Party B are only for Party A,Without written by Party B,Party A shall not transfer the information of the member service to any third party or for other commercial purposes.。

(Website Development Service Agreem Ent) Article 6 After-sales service

 Party B provides high quality phone hotline services for Party A,Consult services for Party A member service projects in time。

 Seventh payment method

 Party A guarantees that the relevant payment of the above table is summarized in Party B within two working days after signing this contract.。

(Website Development Service Agreem Ent) eighth Change

 Party B has the final interpretation of the change of the membership system。

 Article 9 Default responsibility

 Due to the default, the agreement has caused economic losses to the other party,Should be followed by this agreement《People's Republic of China Contract Law》Compensation。

 Tenth Responsibility

 Because of the unpredictable factors, network interrupts cause Party B not function properly.,Party B does not assume any responsibility。Loss caused by the legal causes of force,Both parties do not bear the liability of breach of contract。

 Article 11 Dispute Resolution

(Website Development Service Agreem Ent) All matters in this agreement apply to the law of the People's Republic of China。Any dispute arising from or related to this agreement,Please_________Arbitration Commission for arbitration。

(Website Development Service Agreem Ent) Paragraph 12 This Agreement has not been exhausted,Both friendship negotiations solved,And confirmed both the supplementary agreement,Attachments and supplementary agreements for this Agreement have equal legal effects with this agreement.。

 Article 13 This Agreement is in a normally,Both Party B holds a copy,Effective from the date of signing,Validity period_________year。

 Article 14 This agreement_________year_________moon_________Day_________sign。

(Website Development Service Agreem Ent) A-Party A(stamp):_________ Party B(stamp):_________

 Representative(signature):_________  Representative(signature):_________