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Because this time is the development of the new platform for Subso Soft Wen.,Therefore, Lu Songsong wrote some experiences developed by the website today.,For reference。In the future, everyone will move the new website.,There is a reference basis,What did I do?,When to do,Will be listed,I hope this article will help everyone.,Even enough。


There were many friends with many friends as early as the beginning of the year, and it was not enough.“atmosphere”,Although it can't understand“atmosphere”Profound meaning,But it is also clear that this page is very old.。At the beginning of the year,I have already determined:Revision。

90%The survey basically has no eggs

Since it is determined to revise,Then the first step is definitely the user investigation,Ask other people's opinions。But I will warn myself for many years of experience in the website.:90%The survey basically has no eggs!Because the user doesn't know what he wants.,Until you put things in front of him,The opinion will follow。So this time this time it works.,I have never done any investigation.,More is the opinion of our customers.,What function needs,Those who are not easy to use,Those placesBUG。The new platform you see now,Basic is your own ideas。

Everything is ready,In place

After the initial idea,The rest is to organize your own ideas and needs and write it into the document.。Because this thing will change over time,So the document has also changed several editions。We are very small and small companies,No strong technical strength,The main development work is still necessary to participate outside,I never deny this.,All finding a reliable programmer is very important。

So how do you find a deserial programmer??This is the same as the marriage,Be in fate,Second, the income accumulation of the previous year。

two、Development work

we are at9Enter substantive development work in the beginning of the month,The first is to build the overall framework,Of course, there is no me.,The specific functional development is completed by programmers development.。

But fortunately, we found a very reliable programmer.,Can say a top three。Whether it is responsibility or technology, it is first class。

Simple two examples:

First:After the demand document is proposed,Many problems actually I didn't think about it.,And some functions are completely added.,Such as loosely“Bind WeChat service number”Function,At first I didn't put forward this function.,He said that now I'm going to WeChat public.,I will give you a“Binding WeChat function”In the future, customers can view orders prompts in WeChat.。“Administrator privilege assignment”“Account application”“customer serviceQQautomatic allocation”It is also his active proposed。

the second:The overall function frame is open for half a month.,In the eyes, I will go to the 11th National Day holiday.,I want to take a break.,Play game with children,Results this brother1The number starts to contact me in the morning.,Start a questioning demand。Remember2That night,Several people have made the computer in front of the morning1Point,I am downtown on the chair.,The head came from the computer.,Only when he is in timeQQLast word“This function is good.”,from1Arrive8Everyday。

three、Test phase

(Website Development Springfield Mo)Although I developed my participation,But the test website is still more experienced.,In order to ensure that the website is as small as possibleBUG,Every page I have repeatedly click,Every step is a process。This work is relaxed,In fact, very charged,Because you have a click,Do you want to change your thoughts,You are just a regular user,What should I do if I should?。And repeat it several times。

Continuously write8Revised a document

(Website Development Springfield Mo)The best way to communicate with programmers is to write documents.,existQQ、Instead of talking in the phone,It can be clear in the document clearly clear your ideas.。Test usually starts from the homepage,One page of a page Click。Measure a page,A。But fortunately,Subconstro-soft interface is not a lot,A total of front desk8Page,User background15Page。

that's it,Starting from National Day,I wrote continuously.8Revised a document,Dozens of pictures per document,Per document1000Multi-word,Also contain text on screenshots。Fortunately,All this platform development,I only heard the programmer.“Confirm”,All other problems are all resolved。

In the test stage,I also finally understood that my technology is so lost.。Initial changeHTMLwhen,Generally changed firstCSSRe-changeHTMLdocument,I found later,These years of popular templates are all frame templates,CSSAlmost all of your desired style sheets in the file,You only need“Review element”,Post this code toHTMLI can。with10Before the year, the previous period is completely two concepts!

It is these detailed tests.,See some questions you will encounter when considering the customer,I have made a question mark on the webpage.,Slowly form a small helper center。

website development springfield mo

(as the picture shows,The words inside the question mark are all I write a word.)

Of course,This page of this web home page,Also changed past ideas,It used to be based on product introduction,And this time is in people-oriented,Introducing customer service,So everyone can see the introduction in any page.,At the same time, I can also see my comments on all customer service.。

website development springfield mo

(The review below the customer service is also a play.)

Four、Official migration

(Website Development Springfield Mo)Maybe I am afraid of impacting user experience,Maybe for many years habits,After the program is completed,We finally selected10moon29Day morning migration website(PS:2016At the beginning of the early Lusong blog, it was also in the early morning.)。

Everything is ready for work,Database migration、The migration of the program we took three times,Make sure that the night can be completed。Of course, this is also facing a most important issue.:

It is sleeping or changed the next morning.BUGThe problem?

(Website Development Springfield Mo)After many times, it is a struggle,We finally decided:Sleep early!

to be frank,Because preparing is too full,Migration is very smooth,We are in the early morning1Point is basically migrated,We went home to sleep early.。


Although repeated test,But after all the best。When developing a new platform,I also regularly publish some development progress messages.。so29No(Sunday)Morning,There is a customer running to send a postage and picking the wrong,We are also very embarrassed。

The most important thing is that there is an order status problem with capital errors.,There are several customers who have problems with accounts.,Make us all from all abnormal accounts,

(Website Development Springfield Mo)website development springfield mo

This work continues until11moon3End,The follow-up work of migration continues4sky。When the colleague is sent to me, I sent a sentence.:“All the manuscripts of all new and old systems have been processed”,I know the follow-up work of the official migration of the website is also completed.。

Just like in the previous article“Brand new loose soft text platform online announcement”As mentioned in,We have a new platform for the new platform.,Can say that you want to know,If you want it, you have explanation,I still don't know how to understand it.!

Written in the last:

During the development of the Subso Soft Wen New Platform,I played a tester's work,Go to the web page from the perspective of the user,Experience the function from the customer's angle,Finally, in the improvement of the manager's background function。This article does not constructive advice in technology.,But some experience in the test will hope that there is a little helping to everyone.。Although this is a new website,But I have already seen it.。after all,Impression is not a general profound。

Do you still appreciate the new and old boundaries!

The above is the old interface,The new version of the following。

website development springfield mo

website development springfield mo

source:Lu Songong blog,Welcome


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