website development tagline


Website production promotion website title,Key words,What is the writing skill??One of the biggest mistakes just starting to do the website is to skip competition research.,Do not plan a good target keyword, start doing a website。Write a website title、Key words、The description is also very critical,But not everyone knows how to write。Let's take a look。

one、Website keyword selection

first,We need to analyze the website keyword,Accurate positioning website keyword,Mainly engaged in two aspects。

1. Through analysis of keywords of peers competitors,Webmaster tool、5118Wait。

2. Collect user search keywords and classify,Baidu pull、Baidu-related search、Baidu index, etc.。

(Website development tagline)two、Website title

TitleLabel, website page title,At the same time, it is also a place in the page.。Title label settings are generally80Character,If too much will result in a hidden part of the search results。

Key keywords in front of the title,</span>titleKey words layout up to more than3indivual,Otherwise it will be considered a keyword stacking,Is serious cheating in the process of website optimization。Keywords should choose the highest index、The biggest written in the difficultytitleFront,And press。And keywords should naturally appear in the description。

three、Website description(description)set up

DescriptionThe label is a web description we often say.,Introduction shown in search results, is generally web description,Can tell people what the main content of our page is?,Help users better discover their needs。Description Although it is a refining page content,Make a brief analysis,But also contain keywords。Only in this way,Users can have more match opportunities in search。Description tag is usually200Character。

(Website development tagline)Four、Site description

Key attention to the company's main product keyword、Business keyword、Company scale, etc.。And it is recommended to add a contact after the first sentence.,Mobile phone number、We chat number、QQEqual。Once the record is successful,Will be reflected on the included list page;

Fives、Website keyword

As the name suggestion,KeywordsTags are keywords on the website page。The role of keyword is mainly telling the search of the crawler page mainly pays attention to these keywords.,Users can also match this page when searching。And keywords' labels set as much as possible to increase the correlation of each section of the page in this page。Key words label settings are generally100Character。

1、Website keyword(keywords)Choose

Our keywords can be divided into subject、Second words and long tail keywords。We usually put the subject in front of keyword settings。We usually put the secondary words in the middle,Place the long tail in the final,Or placed on a page。How can I find a long tail??We can use the keyword analysis in Baidu bidding,And Baidu search engine drop-down box and Baidu index。

2、Website keyword(keywords)Writing rules

Keywords usually comma in English</span>“,”Vertical line“|”,E.g:Major keyword、Long tail key、Product keyword…Or main keyword|Long tail key|Product keyword。

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