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website development texas

According to foreign media reports,Texas Taylor City announced on Sunday,If South Korea Samsung Electronics is willing to invest170$ 100 million in the city to build a chip factory,The city is willing to provide large-scale and substantive property tax relief

Samsung9moon3Open document submitted by the day,The company is considering establishing a family in Taylor170Billion dollar chip factory。But Taylor is only one of the two places of Samsung considers the construction plant.。Another city is Texas Austin

Samsung also said,It is looking for other potential factories in Arizona and New York.。However,Other cities do not reveal the details of tax reduction。It is expected that Samsung's new plant will create approximately1800New job position

Taylor City announced a proposed resolution on the government website,Land for Samsung,Property tax will be10Reduce within the year92.5%,in the future10Reduce within the year90%,in the future10Reduce within the year85%。Other measures include constructing on top of the plot10New real estate tax cut92.5%,Refunding development review fee

Taylor City Parliament and Williamson County Commissioner Court will9moon8Day held a joint meeting,Discussing the incentive agreement with Samsung executives。at the same time,Taylor Municipal Council9moon9Day convening meeting,Consider in the city485On the hectare land, establish a VAT financing and investment area and tax reduction investment zone。The plot provided by Taylor market is about Austin40kilometer,Big than Austin。Samsung was purchased in Austin last year.100Multi hectare land,Currently owned142Hectare,Chip factory included in the US

Samsung is engaged in chip manufacturing business in Northern Austin.25year。If Samsung acquires Taylor neighboring land,Will make Samsung become one of the largest owners in the region

Among the documents submitted to Texas officials,Samsung,If the company decides a factory in Taylor,Samsung plans to break so soso in the first quarter of next year,In2024Production of production after the year

Samsung spokesperson said:“We have not decided to decide the location of the factory.。With Samsung continues to advance our plan,To meet the needs of global customers and growing semiconductor demand,We are still exploring multiple locations in the future.。We are continuing due diligence,And learned that some places are taking the same action。”

(Website development Texas)Taylor Economic Development Company(Taylor Economic Development Corporation)Representative and Taylor Municipal Government spokesperson refused to review,Indicates that their policy is wrong“We may not participate”Economic Development Project Review。Federal officials are trying to encourage the establishment of domestic production facilities。Officials have previously said,These incentives are Samsung170Billion dollar project is crucial(Disclaimer:Website content is mainly from original and cooperative media and third parties from the author's contribution)。All the information above this website is for reference only。This website will try our best to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided.,But does not guarantee the accuracy and reliability of relevant information。Readers should be further verified before use,And responsible for any independent decision。If any unit or individual thinks the web page or link content of this website may violate its intellectual property or contain unreal content,This website does not have errors caused for related information、Inaccurate or omission to bear legal responsibility,And write a written notice of rights or unreal information to this website in time,And provide identity certificate、Detailed certification of ownership certificate and infringement or unreal information。After receiving the above legal documents,This website will contact the relevant article as soon as possible,Verify according to law、communication、Delete related content or disconnected links。)

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