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“Ningbo Xingyuan Design”It is a chain brand of the educational education,China Digital Art Design Training Pioneer,Huangpu Military School of China Digital Art Design Talents,China design industry、teaching、R & D seamless joint model unit,Tongbo、Source、Ji'ao Acta 3 National Corporate Authorization Cooperation Training Center,At the same time, China Employment Technology Guidance Center authorized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Training。With years of teaching experience,Cultivated a large number of industry talents for many domestic and foreign cultural and creative enterprises.。Xingyuan design is currently in Ningbo500Home companies establish long-term talent transportation cooperation,Free employment for excellent students,Realize learning——Employment——High-paying service。

Web design training target:

Through learning, students learn about creative methods、Design method、Project process and other designs should be available,Make students with independent completionWebSite design capacity。Can engage in the art design of the website after learning、Page development production、interface design、Stream media design, etc.。

Web design Employment position:

Web art designer、Software interface designer、FlashAnimator、Flashadvertising designer、Flashgame designer

Xingyuan web design learning content:


Frame-by-frame animation、Sports animation、Deformation animation、Sound animation, etc.;Painting skills,Plus unique idea,Can make multimedia web animation、MTV、Short drama、Teaching software, etc.。

DreamweaveSite management

Create a document、Set text format、explainHTMLandavascriptScripting statement,Create a dynamic web page,CSSStyle usage skills、Make a wonderful text web page and graphic mix、Frame web page、Form page。


Web graphic image Optimize web images,Cook button、Drop-down menu、Web log logo、Web title、Navigation strip andLOGOMake。Method of making various constituencies,Image color and tone adjustment,Image basic editing command、Various drawings and modified tools,Layer,Method for adding text to layers, Optimize web images,andDreamweaveWith the use of,Making beautiful webpage。

Web design art design principle and practical strategy

(Website development training online)General procedure for web design and production,Style positioning,Layout,Lines and shapes,Color match and use。Master a designer should have designs and artistic thinking,And rich practical experience and design skills,Let you be in the actual project,Unique style。

PHPDynamic web design application

PHPDynamic web design overview,PHPEmbedded statement,Object and Number,Object-oriented programming, etc.。Database application development,Accessdatabase+MYSQLdatabase!Understand the overall management of development websites,maintain,Process and regulation of front and faster procedures in construction;Further master the development and production of the background process,Thereby the website has more exciting practical customer features。From the perspective of web design work,Explain multiple practical projects related to actual work。