wordpress website development course


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wordpress website development course

Continue to sharewordpressBuilding tutorial,Today, let's talk about how to use it.wordpressMake an English website、Foreign trade website。In China we usewordpressThe construction of the station is used in Chinese,What to do is also a Chinese website,actuallywordpressThe construction of English website and the Chinese website is not too big.,The biggest difference is just the language。

Next Yue RanwordpressConstruction site gives you a simple sharing onewordpressForeign trade website construction、English website construction method。

step one:Buy domain name

If you want to consider the siteSEOoptimization,So, you must use a separate top domain name.。If you don't consider the siteSEOoptimization,Then you can use the secondary directory or secondary catalog to create English foreign trade website。

Step 2:Buy a virtual host/server

If it is a separate deployment of the English foreign trade website,Then you need to purchase virtual hosts or servers separately,If the main users are foreign,Then you need to buy Hong Kong or foreign wires.,Pay attention to it when you purchase,Don't buy a domestic,In this way, foreign users are generally can't be opened.。

Step three:InstallWordpressprogram

Whether it is an English website or a Chinese website,We usewordpressThe main program is the same,All inwordrpessOfficial download,It is a multi-language。

(WordPress Website Development Course)

wordpress website development course(WordPress Website Development Course)

The basic installation of the website is the same as the Chinese website,Only need to choose English when language is selected。

(WordPress Website Development Course)

wordpress website development course

If you don't choose English during the installation process,So you canwordpressConstruction station background-set up-Modification in convention,You can modify the language to English in the site language selection.。

Step four:choose oneWordpresstheme

Next, we only need to choose the theme for the construction of the English foreign trade website.。English theme abroad,But use a bit complicated to use,Matching plug-in,Ordinary users will be difficult to use。domesticwordpressTheme is actually in Chinese,But it is also supporting Chinese,We only need to modify the content into English when we build a station.,Other website construction work is almost almost。

(WordPress Website Development Course)

Step four:Done

English foreign trade website construction needs to do English content,If you want to make foreign users have a good browsing experience,Then you need to carefully make content,It is best to write relevant foreign trade people.,It is best not to move directly to the content of the Chinese website.。

(WordPress Website Development Course)


The above is the content of the English foreign trade website,Just a simple introduction,In fact, many other work needs to be done during the construction process.,It's not fine here.,Willful,An article will not be clear。If it is a personal site,Can find related tutorials,Practice slowly;If it is a businesswordpressEstablish a station,So you can find Yue Ranning Station,You only need to prepare relevant information.。