workflow for website development


  Many companies now build their own websites,before building the site,First understand the process of building a website。Zhengzhou website construction usually divides the website construction process into three stages:planning stage、Development stage and promotion stage。

  one,Website planning stage

workflow for website development

  Marketing website to be profitable,Website planning is very important,Therefore, attention must be paid to the early stage of website planning.,Effectively lay a solid foundation for the follow-up work of website development。as a business owner,You must understand what website planning is all about。actually,the content of the website、Website building system,It's all about website planning。different businesses,Website types are different。If the company's website is for the purpose of selling products,Then you can make a marketing website。at this time,Website planners need to consider what content a marketing website needs to have。

workflow for website development

(workflow for website development)  two,website development stage

  In the website development stage, you need to display the content you plan through web design.。Who does web design?Of course, the website of the artist is designed by the artist,After the website is designed,The background program to be passed converts the designed pictures or web pages into code。This is what programmers do。Zhengzhou website construction believes that both web design and web development belong to the second stage of the website development process。

workflow for website development

  three,Website maintenance and promotion phase

  After the website is developed,about to go online。The content of the website needs to be updated in a timely manner、picture、Word、sound、video etc,Here's what a website editor does,After editing and maintaining the content of the website,website to promote,attract customers。

(workflow for website development)

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