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(Website Design and Development C OMPANY IN USA)Through「today in History」,From the past,From now on, you can change the future。

Today is 2022 year 3 moon 2 day,exist 1983 Year today,The first digital music record in the world,I have changed the music industry in the next 20 years.。CD memory、Recordable disc to DVD Blu-ray,from 40 The first of the Philips factory near Hannover, Germany CD to date,worldwide CD Sales have exceeded 2000 100 million。In the era of high-speed Internet,You will also collect at home CD and DVD CD??Looking back in computer history 3 moon 2 day,See what key events happened today.。

1957 year 3 moon 2 day:IBM Chief engineer Mark Dean born

website design and development c ompany in usa

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(Website Design and Development C OMPANY IN USA)1957 year 3 moon 2 day,American inventor and computer engineer Mark·Dian(Mark E. Dean)born,He developed ISA bus,Leader IBM Design team to make 1GHz of Computer processor chip。Be 1981 Annual release IBM Common creator of personal computer,He has nine items PC Three items in patents,Therefore obtained“PC Father”Nickname。1995 year,mark·Dian was appointed as the first African American IBM researcher;2011 year 8 moon,Dean wrote in his blog,He now uses a tablet instead of PC。

Denborn is born in Jefferson, Tennes。When he is young, it shows the enthusiasm for technology and inventions.,He and his father have built a tractor from scratch.。1997 year,He is included in the National Invention Manager,In 2001 Annual election is academician of the National Academy of Engineering。from 2018 year 8 Month to month 2019 year 7 moon,Dexas University Tickle Temporary Dean of the School of Engineering and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Tennessee University John Fisher Special admission before this,He has served as IBM Chief Technology Officer in the Middle East and Africa,As IBM vice president。Den is the first one IBM Researcher's African American,This is the highest level of technology excellence in the company.。

source:Wikipedia、Baidu Encyclopedia

1995 year 3 moon 2 day:Yahoo company officially established

(Website Design and Development C OMPANY IN USA)1994 year 1 moon,Two graduate David at Stanfo University·Ferro(David Filo)Yang Zhiyuan(Jerry Yang)Created a name“Jerry's Network Guide”(Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web)Website。Jerry's Network Guide is a website information.,A customizable database,Aim to meet thousands of、Just starting the needs of users using network services through the Internet community。They have developed customizable software,Help them find effectively、Identify and edit the information stored on the Internet。

(Website Design and Development C OMPANY IN USA)1994 year 3 moon,“Jerry's Network Guide”Rename to“Yahoo!”,Yahoo The meaning is“Another hierarchical、Informal prophecy”(Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle),But David·Ferro and Yang Zhiyuan explained different,They choose this name because《Gulliver's Travels - “Huizhen”National tourism》middle Yahoo(Yatu)explanation of,Fed with intelligent horses,It is the same as the meaning of people with humanity.。As of 1994 End of the year, has received 100 Ten thousand clicks,Ferro and Yang Zhiyuan realize that their website has huge commercial potential,In 1995 year 3 moon 2 Officially officially established company。

(Website Design and Development C OMPANY IN USA)1996 year 4 moon 12 day,Yahoo company's first public offer,Per share 13 Dollar price sells 260 Universal,Fundraising 1 100 million 3380 Million dollars。Since then,Yahoo has become a famous American Internet portal,20 One of the creators of the Internet miracle at the end of the century。Its services include search engines、e-mail、News, etc.,Business all over 24 Country and region,More than the world 5 Billion independent users provide diverse network services。It is also a global network communication、Business and Media Company。

website design and development c ompany in usa

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Like many network search engine companies,Yahoo gradually uses your own advantages,Developed into a portal。exist 90 At the end of the year,Yahoo!、MSN、Lycos、Excite And other numerous portals have achieved rapid growth,These portal companies extend their service content through M & A companies,I hope to increase the time when the user stays at the website.。In the next few years,Yahoo continues through the acquisition of expansion business;Whenever Yahoo M & A company,Company often change some related terms of service。for example,Unlike the original M & A company,Yahoo claims to be content in their servers,Have smart property rights,This move makes Yahoo's Many M & A controversial,It also caused existing users to do not welcome the results of these M & A cases.。

(Website Design and Development C OMPANY IN USA)2008 year 2 moon 1 day,Microsoft announces plans to plan 31 Dollar,Total 446 $ 100 million cash and stock,Acquisition of Yahoo all has issued ordinary stocks,If you mean success,This will be in Time Warner M & A US Online(AOL)Since the second largest acquisition case in history。But Yahoo is not satisfied with Microsoft's acquisition plan,Think it is underestimated Yahoo。At the same time, Yahoo is trying to alliance with Google.,Use this as another choice for Microsoft acquisition。6 moon,Yahoo and Google reached a ten-year agreement,Full termination with Microsoft dialogue。2009 year 7 moon 29 day,Microsoft and Yahoo have announced signing a ten-year search cooperation agreement,Authorized Microsoft uses Yahoo search core technology,And the two companies share the profits brought by the advertising business。

After missing Microsoft this opportunity,This is more embarrassing.,CEO Yang Zhiyuan also resigned。2013 year,China Yahoo is published in the home page,based on 2012 Alibaba Group and Yahoo United States agreement,Yahoo 9 moon 1 No longer provide information and community services。this means,China Yahoo's main business will stop working。arrive 2015 year,Yahoo announces that it will close the Global R & D Center located in Beijing.,At the same time 350 people。2021 year 11 moon,Yahoo closes all business in mainland China,Users will not be able to use from mainland China Yahoo Product and service。use Login website will show an announcement for stopping operations,In English、Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese Demonstration。Why do you think Yahoo is from an Internet giant to today's ending??Welcome to share your true burns in the review area。

source:Wikipedia、Baidu Encyclopedia

2002 year 3 moon 2 day:Excite@Home Apply for bankruptcy

ExciteBy IAC Operating US portal,Provide a variety of outsourcing content,Including news and weather、Yuan Search Engine and User Homepage。In the United States,Excite The main homepage has always been a named My Excite Personal start page。Excite exist 2021 year 8 moon 31 Operation before the day Excite Mail Web Mail Service。initial Excite company was founded on 1994 year,Two years later。Excite exist 1990 Once the age Internet Hot website,Main portal Yes 1997 Year Visits Sixth Site。Company and broadband provider @Home Network merge,Be called Excite@Home;But in 2001 year,Two companies bankrupt together,In 2002 year 3 moon 2 Japanese officially applied for bankruptcy protection。Excite Portal and service iWon and Ask Jeeves Acquire,The popularity of the site has also fallen sharply。

website design and development c ompany in usa

Graphic source:CSDN Download from Oriental IC

1999 year,Excite and @Home Network by 67 Yili dollars。@Home High-speed Internet services and existing portals Excite Search engine and portal combination,Turning to a personalized portal in the merger。New company is named“Excite@Home”,This merge is advertised“ 21 Century New Media Network”。After the merger,Excite The department acquired iMall And online greeting card company Blue Mountain Arts。Excite Also acquired photo sharing companies Webshots。However,Excite and @Home The merger is far from expected。Online advertising income sharply,Wired network ISP Continuous growth。

Excite At 1996 Year purchase search engine Magellan At 2001 year 5 Monthly closed。2001 year 6 moon 11 day,Excite@Home Announce it from Promethean Capital Management and Angelo Gordon & Co Raise 1 Billion dollar funds。Part of the transaction is,if Excite@Home Stock is taken by NASDAQ,This loan will be replenished immediately,Eventually failed。

2001 year 9 moon 13 day,Excite@Home Will Blue Mountain Arts Sell American Greetings,The price is less than two years ago. 5%。2001 year 10 moon 1 day,Excite@Home Apply for the Bankruptcy Court of California North District 11 Chapter bankruptcy protection。The company's remaining 1350 Name employees were fired in the next few months。Part of the agreement,@Home High-speed fiber network access will be sold AT&T company,@Home Liquidating Trust become Excite@Home Inheritance company,Responsible for selling all the assets of the former companies。2001 End of the year,Founder of the company 240 Wan dollar cash purchased from the bankruptcy court Webshots assets。

Despite the bankruptcy,but Excite In fact, there is still a lot of clusters in that year.,Excite The website continues to attract many visits,Keep second only AOL Time Warner、Microsoft and Yahoo's fourth place。Excite Never try to restore popularity,However,It is still more important in Japan。Excite Japan Headquartered in Tokyo,At 1997 year 8 moon 4 Japanese cooperation with Ito Loyalty。Excite@Home Rear,It is Iozhong's business income. Excite Japan Big shareholder。

(Website Design and Development C OMPANY IN USA)

【Welcome contribution】Intersection,Can be happy。Computer science development,There are many essential events、figure,Welcome all friends to build together「today in History」,Submission 。


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