agreement for website development a nd hosting


(Agreement for Website Development A Nd Hosting)Website managed service agreement

one、The rights and obligations of both parties

(1)User website must strictly abide by the country,Local relevant departments issued by laws and regulations,And get licenses issued by relevant management departments,Legal responsibility due to violation of relevant laws and regulations,Responsible by the user。

(2)User website service content must strictly abide by relevant national information security,Legal of intellectual property rights、Regulation,Therefore, disputes or legal responsibilities,Responsible by the user。

(3)In addition to the user's special requirements delay opening service,The company from the date of money_________Open domain name analysis for users within a working day,Virtual host,Group mailbox,Host hosting service。exist_________Submit a domain name registration application within a working day。Service period is calculated from the date of opening。

(4)After the expiration of this agreement,Both parties continue to cooperate and have no objection to this agreement,This protocol is automatically labeled,Users should renew service charge in time。The payment standard is subject to the service price at the time.。If the user is delayed_________Working day,The company has the right to suspend service。Post-suspended_________Not payment within a working day,This agreement will be automatically released。The service period of the service fee contained service is calculated from the end of the last service period.。

two、Agreement modification

In the expiration of the protocol,If both parties think that certain terms need to be modified,By then, both sides are respectively signed。If users need the company's other services during or after the expiration,Both sides signed a supplementary agreement。

After signing this agreement,Consistent with both parties,Can change this agreement,However, it should be confirmed in writing.。The following scenario is calculated according to the following cases.:The two parties negotiated unanimous changes this agreement;Agreement agreed or other deadline required by laws, regulations。

(Agreement for Website Development A Nd Hosting)three、Agreement is released,Termination of breach of contract

(1)This agreement terminates in the following cases,Both sides are not responsible,But the termination should notify the other side in writing.:Party parties disappeared,Such as bankruptcy;But restructuring,Name change or consolidation with third parties, etc.;Due to force majeure, this agreement is uniformly released in this agreement due to force majeure.;According to the law、Situation of regulations termination。

(Agreement for Website Development A Nd Hosting)(2)After the agreement expires,If the user does not pay the renewal amount on time,Then both parties agree to the implementation of this agreement。The company will stop service。

(3)For server hosting,After the termination or release of this agreement,Users should_________Make a server and an affiliate equipment within the day,Otherwise, the company has the right to dispose and lose any responsibility for the loss or damage to the server and the auxiliary facilities.。


Any action did not exercise his rights or not to take any action on the other party's default behavior,Should not be considered as a given abandonment or abandonment of the accountability or obligation。Either place Abandon any rights for each other,Or give up any fault to pursue each other,Should not be considered to give up any other right or investigated any other fault。All abandonment should be written。

Fives、Interpretation of the agreement,applicable law,Effective conditions and other

Device of the protocol,The invalidation of the termination or this agreement does not affect the explanation of this agreement on the agreement.、Default responsibility、intellectual property、applicable law、Limitation of Liability、Compensation and dispute resolution related conventions。

Connection of this Agreement、Effectiveness、explain、Performing and controversial solutions apply to the law of the People's Republic of China、Regulation、Telecommunications management department regulations and specifications for computer industry。

(Agreement for Website Development A Nd Hosting)If any provision of this Agreement is determined to be invalid or unable to implement according to the applicable existing law,All other terms of this agreement will continue to be effective。In this case,The two sides will replace this agreement with an effective agreed.,And this effective date should be as close as possible to the spirit and the spirit and tenet of this agreement.。

The understanding and explanation of this agreement should be based on the purpose of the agreement and the idea of the text and the understanding and practice of the industry.,And the provisions of this Agreement and the relevant accessories should be understood and explained as a whole.。The title in this Agreement should not affect the explanation of this agreement.。

six、Ben this agreement is in two copies,Signorious,Has the same legal effect。Accessories related to this Agreement,Application form,Have the same legal effect as this agreement。



(Agreement for Website Development A Nd Hosting)unit(Official seal):_________

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