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Speaking of the father of the programming language,I am waiting for Xiaobei really no life.,These people are in the programming industry. It is also the avatar of the Hero.,There is no exaggeration,Do not,There is no internet development today!

(Website developers in maryland)Then there is such a big giant,What is their current situation??Come,Keep up with the pace of Black Majun,Let's go together to explore。

website developers in maryland

PythonMost of the father·Van Rolumum(Guido van Rossum)inventionpythonback,He has served in Maryland National Standards and Technology Research Institute(NIST)、VirginiaRestonNational Innovation Research Company(CNRI)、GoogleWithPythonEstablish a cloud service provider of major architecturesDropboxWork,In2019year10Month announcement retirement。

But retirement is not so easy to retire,Just a few days ago,which is2020year11moon13day,Ji Duo·Van Rolosm announced the addition of Microsoft's developer sector,Becomes“Work together”。

website developers in maryland

JavaParent James·Gausslin(James Gosling)At1990YearSunCompany inventedJavaback,Working in the company20year。2010year,SunCompanyOracleMergers and acquisitions,James·Gausslin continues to stay against the Chief Technology Officer of the Client Software Group。

But how long does it take?,That is the same year4moon,James·GausslinOracleLeave,In2011year3moon29Day to joinGoogle。You think that he will go to work with peace here.?actually not。Subsequent James·Gausslin brought the recovery of the sun micro system company due to dissatisfactionGoogle(Here, Black Majun has seen thisJavaThe father's operation,I have a little friends who know the details. Welcome to tell me what is going on.(*/ω\*)),Then he jumped again.,Switch to join EntrepreneurshipLiquid Robotics。

Then the timeline came to2011year5MonthlyScalecompanyTypesafe Inc,Gausslin is hired as a company consultant。

Do you think it??Do not,This is not finished,because2016Yearn,Gausslin is still in social networking, and it has encountered age discrimination.。Ah, this year.......It can only be said that this old man's life is full of surprises.(* ̄︶ ̄)

(Website developers in maryland)website developers in maryland

JavaScriptFather Branton·Achi(Brendan Eich)1995Join Netview Company,developedJavaScriptLater,again1998Joined the,Start the whole body heart investment to the browser's kernel development。

Achi, who has been stabilized in this company,At2014Year-oldMozillathe company'sCEO,However, only10skyCEO,Aiqi is forced to resign。why?Because Ich is“Eight proposal”Supporter——Public opposition to sex marriage,Everyone's point of view is actually nothing.,But the problem is Aiqi as a well-known company.CEO,Such a speech makes the company's web browser seriously damaged,So Aiqi resigned。

(Website developers in maryland)But it does not matter,Where there is a talented person to glow,This is not,2015Aiqi is a nameBraveSoftware company,Mainly engaged in network security,And launched in the second yearBraveBrowser,Life work is not bad.。

website developers in maryland

PHPLaxi Lasmas·Lendelff(Rasmus Lerdorf)CreationPHPAfter language,Has been served in many companies,But his career is mostly spent in Yahoo companies.。2002After he joined Yahoo as an engineer, he established a close relationship with Yahoo.,until2009Yahoo。Lendelff is one of the most recent departure of Yahoolee engineers and R & D staff.,Weaken Yahoo's strong engineer team。

The above is the total content you have to share today.,More exciting, remember to pay attention to Black Majun,Those things we are full of compilation~

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