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2022year3moon21day,National Energy Administration, etc.《“Fourteen five”New energy storage implementation plan》,This official file is2The content of the document disclosed in the mid-month。The program mainly includes energy storage development(1)Technology route、(2)Industrial chain layout、(3)development Goals(Support new power system)、(4)Development path(Exploring energy storage market chemical mechanism)、(5)Management system(Policy guarantee)Wait。The energy storage is the post-cycle sector we have recently recommended.,Industry growth rate is expected to accelerate up(Introducing the initial stage of commercialization)。(1)Core growth angle,Focus on the value of the value of value(Battery and energy storage inverter link costs are relatively high),Ningde era、BYD、Sunshine power supply, etc.;(2)Deterministic angle,Short-term overseas family reserves better,Secondary curve for medium and long-term payment of power side energy storage,Peng Hui energy, etc.;(3)Elastic perspective,Independent accumulation、Flexible companies include Penghui Energy in the battery sector, etc.,German shares, etc. in the field of inverter。

This program focuses on explanation(1)What type of energy storage system do we need?;(2)What role can be provided by the energy storage system?;(3)How can I improve the economics of the energy storage system?。

2、Technology development direction of the energy storage system——Concern new technology、safety technology、Regulation technology

The market is most concerned about electrochemical energy storage.,However, it is clear that the storage technology in the program contains not only lithium-ion batteries.(Sodium ion battery),You need to focus on liquid flow cells、Compressed air、hydrogen(ammonia)New energy storage technology such as storage capacity,Policy encourages diversified technology development。

At the same time, two key requirements for the energy storage system,First is the whole process safety technology(Fault diagnosis and warning, etc.),Second, smart control technology(Distributed energy storage synergistic aggregation),Resolve high proportion of new energy access to control problems。

3、Effectiveness of the energy storage system——Cross-regional delivery、Power grid stabilization、Reduce energy cost

On the power side,(1)Promote system friendly new energy power station construction(Energy storage system guarantees new energy efficient gas use,Enhance new energy and netizens and capacity support capabilities);(2)Support high proportion of renewable energy delivery(New energy across provincial regions);(3)Gobi and other photovoltaic wind development;(4)Sea wind power development invented;(5)Conventional power regulation(Peak FM, etc.)。

On the grid side,(1)Safeguard the security and stability of the grid(Peak、FM、Regulation、Accident standby、Climb、Black start);(2)Increase power grid weak area;(3)Delay/Alternative transmission and transformation investment, etc.。

On the user side,(1)Distributed function system construction(Reduce energy cost);(2)Enhance user adjustment capabilities。

4、Commercial model improvement in the energy storage system——Divided energy storage cost、Exploring the shared memory and other modes

(Amhara Development Association We Bsite)On the one hand, reasonable energy storage costs need,include(1)Power grid side energy storage power station capacity electricity price mechanism;(2)Establish a sharp peak electricity price mechanism,Pull the big peak price difference,Guide the power market price to the user side。

On the one hand, we must explore new business models.,include(1)Build memory mode(One stop,Shared storage capacity trading platform,Configuring energy storage in self-built rental or purchase form);(2)Energy storage polymerization(Gover load peak,Innovation source bidirectional interaction);(3)Innovative investment operation mode(Encourage power companies and independent energy storage operators joint investment,Establish multiple complementary projects to coordinate operation,Interesting mechanism)。

(Amhara Development Association We Bsite)risk warning:New technology development super expected、Demand is lower than expected、New energy market competition plus。

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