website developers in mumbai


website developers in mumbai

【Hunting network(We chat number:ilieyun)】6moon23Day report (Compile:Ye Zhanheng)

Social network in MumbaiVoxWebgot100Wan dollar seed round financing,Investors are unknown。

This is it2015year12Monthly35The first investment obtained after Wan US dollar seed round financing。It plans to use this fund to further optimize its own technical platform,And expand your team。

VoxWebDepend onYash Mishrawas created on2014year,This founder graduated from Indian Institute of Technology,Once in Jimorgan Datong, the study analyst。VoxWebIs a mobile priority social network,In addition to mainstream social functions,It also makes you upload“Sound”Photo(OrVoxie),The length of the speech is up to11Second,You can also match the text subtitles。These voice photos will have an orange underline,You just need to touch it.,It will play recorded sounds out。

This social network claims already has50Ten thousand users,Most from India5Main city,Additional97Country(Including the United States、United Kingdom and Japan)。

“We alreadyVoxWebdeveloped6Item new function,To make sure it develops in the next three years。”MishraTell foreign media。

(Website developers in Mumbai)This product isSnapchatSome similar,The company's early investors includedPayUExecutive Director in IndiaJitendra Gupta。exist2015year,This executive layer invests in this company10Ten thousand U.S. dollars。

(Website developers in Mumbai)at the same timeVoxWebAlso established cooperation with many government departments。“Many politicians and celebrities are usingVoxWeb。For young groups and perspective media users,This is an efficient and attractive interactive way。”

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