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I want to write something.,But I feel that I want to write is another big interlacy.,Still not writing first。This form is my research、By learning the same time,For reference。

Another purpose for doing this form is:Today's impetuous atmosphere,Self-discipline,Buy traffic and other means more and more users,I hope to popularize the knowledge。I have a paid professional account for several big data websites.,If you are interested in data on a website,You can also contact me,I can help you see。

(Website developers Washington DC)Precautions:

All data is open,Everyone can inquire,Don't contact me because of data,I don't do data statistics

This form intercepts the data I think important,Not all

(Website developers Washington DC)In order to give the face of the latter platform,Hidden100Afterward

(Website developers Washington DC)This is just a few platforms I know.,Not included all Washington DC website platform,If you don't know if you welcome any welcome to tell me,I am happy to join the form,And continue to update

All data cutoff2017.5.12

Platform traffic represents the value of the platform,But not the only indicator,for reference only

website developers washington dc


The main parameters are,Monthly visual volume,“Single access time”as well as“Page number/access”

(Website developers Washington DC)Single access time,Refers to each user to access the website,Stay time,Generally in dozens of seconds, let's take a date, then the content is then closed.,The longer the time, the more attractive content of the website.

Page number/access,Refers to the number of pages per visit,General and“Single access time”Propagate,But there is no proportion。These two data roughly represent the integrated strength of this website。The general information class website This data is normal.,Because most traffic comes from sharing and search engine single traffic

(Website developers Washington DC)Search engine exhibition、Social network sharing generally determines the size of the visitor,Also a website quality indicator

googleAnd Baidu's inclusion is generally watching the content of this website,See if the reference value is not high.。