website development agreement sa mple pdf


A-Party A: (Hereinafter referred to as Party)

Party B: (Hereinafter referred to as Party B)

Party A is transmitted and self-service using the information resources provided by Party B.,Stately abide by the relevant laws of the country、Regulations and administrative rules and regulations。obey《Interim Provisions on Internet Management of Computer Information Network of the People's Republic of China》、Postshil《China Public Computer Internet International Network Management Measures》and《Interim management measures for China's Internet domain name registration》Waiting for relevant legal provisions,The information released by Party A is not in the scope of Party B legal responsibility.。In order to clarify the relationship between the rights of the two parties,Consistent with both parties,Sign this agreement。

one、Website project content:

1、Party A commissioned Party B Website project development,Party B shall be confirmed by Party A.,Party A shall not unconditionally ask Party B to modify the layout of the layout、Color and add new website features and channels。

2、Website registration domain name: ;Space usage standard: .

3、Party A shall complete the preparation of project information according to the contract,Provide necessary information,Actively assist Party B development work。

two、The total amount of the first year:For the renminbi:¥ Yuan;(capital) .

three、Party A Responsibility:

1、Party A is responsible for cooperating with Party B,During the development and implementation of the website,Guaranteed Party A personally responsible、Coordination of Both B。

2、Party A is responsible for providing the document required to develop related websites、material、Electronic version of business trademark。

3、Party A pays for Party B project according to the contract,Prepaid does not refund,Book a standard,Website is designed until Party A satisfaction。

(Website Development Agreement Sa Mple PDF)Four、Party B's responsibility:

1、Party B shall ensure the completion of the development of website projects on schedule,And responsible for the implementation of the website on the server,Make the website run normal。

2、Party B guarantees the completion of website development work according to the contract period,Without Party B, Party B may not be discounted to any other party of Party A.。

(Website Development Agreement Sa Mple PDF)3、Party B provides Party A“Website construction standard(Program book)”Same website construction standards and services。

4、Website development,Party B must provide website source programs and source code to Party A;Establish and maintain within one year in the website,Party B is updated to the website,The updated source program and source code should be provided to Party A。

5、Party B shall provide Party A for technical support from Party A to the website content update in the website establishment and maintenance period.。

Fives、Party A rights:

1、Any website domain name and space involving Party A is registered and rented in Party B,Party A has the domain name and space of the site.。

2、Party A copyright belongs to Party A,All responsibility for website content is responsible by Party A;Party A owned website production procedures and source code ownership and management。

six、Party B rights:

1、Party B is a website made by Party A,At the foot of the website, on the foot of the website.,Party A must not delete Party B's production trademark privately。

2、At Party A did not pay for Party B website production fee,Party B has the right to stop Party A website to run and refuse to provide source procedures and source code to Party A。

seven、Both parties responsibilities and collaboration:

1、First、Party B must ensure that its website has no violation of national laws.。

2、Party B is responsible for the maintenance of the website during the contract period and ensures the normal operation of the website。

3、If Party A should add new website features and channels,Party A should press Party B《Website construction fee》The corresponding function and the payment of the fee payment,And Party B needs to be part of Party A《Website maintenance contract》。

Eight、Default responsibility and controversial solution:

(Website Development Agreement Sa Mple PDF)1、This contract is signed,First、Both Part B must fully perform the obligations set out in the contract,No party may change or dispense the contract without authorization。

2、Due to default, this contract cannot be fulfilled or not fully fulfilled.,The responsible party assumes a default responsibility。

(Website Development Agreement Sa Mple PDF)3、Party A is not paid according to the contract,Party B has the right to stop Party A website to operate and refuse to provide source procedures and source code to Party A,Until the knot, open and provide source programs and source code to Party A;All consequences caused by the operation of Party A website due to contract payment, by Party A,Party B is not responsible;on the contrary,Party B is extended to the website,Daily penalty is a third-thousand-thirds of the contract amount。

4、Website acceptance completion,Party B will give the website program file and source code to Party A,Party A is privately changed from private code,Processing errors in the website,The consequences are self-care by Party A,Party B is not responsible。

5、This contract has nothing to do,Solved by both parties friendship。when necessary,Sign《Website construction supplement contract》。《Website construction supplement contract》Individual components of the contract。

Nine、Development period:

1、Website development date:Party B starts from Party A website Complete the development of the website in the sky。

2、If you have any manpower irresistible、Objective factors such as natural disasters or Party A failed to do well,Negotiate by both parties,Industry period。

(Website Development Agreement Sa Mple PDF)ten、Website quality and guarantee:

1、Party B will be developed according to relevant industry standards。

2、Party A must provide the documents involved to Party B、data。

3、After the website is running,Party B is responsible for the first year for free maintenance,And guarantee the normal operation of a one-year website system and program。

4、During development,Party A should fully cooperate with Party B,To better finish work。

(Website Development Agreement Sa Mple PDF)eleven、acceptance:Website development,Apply for written acceptance by Party B,Party A must organize signature acceptance within three days.,Such as more than three days is considered to be qualified;In6During the day, the rest。

twelve、Website renewal:

1、Space and domain name of this website year moon Effective within a year。After the expiration,Party A requires Party B for website content and image update maintenance or website upgrade, you need to sign another《Website maintenance contract》,Its cost is pressed according to Party B《Website construction fee》Charge;Party A If Party B does not require Party B, it is only necessary to pay RMB:¥ Yuan/year(Only one contract designated domain name and website space fee),Party B should be in the space and domain expire10to15Day notice。

2、If、Both Partcha no longer sign《Website maintenance contract》,Website content and picture update maintenance by Party A。

(Website Development Agreement Sa Mple PDF)Thirteen、payment method:

1、When the contract is signed,Party B pays for 100% of the total development costs of the website。After the payment, Party B will start the website development work。Party A is developed on the website,After acceptance after acceptance6Pay in the day。

2、payment instructions: .

fourteen、This contract is two copies,Both parties,Armor、Both Party B authorized representatives to sign,Valid for one year。

Party B person in charge(Signed and sealed)

date: year moon day



Party A person(Signed and sealed)_________________

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