website development and maintenance a greement


Internet maintenance and operation agreement

Develop rural information construction,Promote agricultural growth、Farmer income。First、Both Part B is in good faith、Co-construction、Principles of mutual benefit,Approved by friendly negotiation_________County(city)Implement_________project,Long-term maintenance and operational matters for household network,Decompose the following agreement;

one、Party A 's responsibility and obligation:

1.Be responsible for_________Internet construction and maintenance management of the center website:

2.Be responsible for providing_________Internet base station platform and help management unit installation and commissioning:

3.Responsible for establishing and maintaining the management internet information database,And remote detection、Publish information and system update;

4.Responsible for technical training for Internet maintenance management personnel:

5.Responsible for organizing coordination related parties to effectively develop and utilize information:

6.Responsible for editing and printing rural information Internet inquiry guide。

two、Party B's responsibility and obligation:

1.Responsible for daily management and maintenance of the Internet platform:

2.Use local agricultural information to enter the information library and daily dynamic information to enter the information library and daily dynamic information.:

3.Responsible for local manual consulting services and continuous expanding users。

three、Profit Distribution

(Website development and maintenance a Greement)1.The information charging standard for the Internet fixed user is_______Yuan/Household,The next month after installing and opening_______year_____End of the month,All from Party B。

2.from_________year_________moon_________Day from day to,Both Party partitions the average distribution of the Internet information fees,Accounted50%。

Four、After the platform is installed and debugged,If Party B wants to send technical personnel to provide technical support and maintenance,Party B is responsible for the travel of Party A technical personnel、Traffic and accommodation costs。

Fives、Party A has all the intellectual property rights of the Internet。

(Website development and maintenance a Greement)six、This Agreement takes effect from the date of signing the seal of both parties.,The termination agreement needs to notify each other in writing a month.,The renewal agreement also needs to notify the other party one month in advance.,This Agreement has not been exhausted,Solved by both parties friendship。

A-Party A(stamp):_________Party B(stamp):_________

(Website development and maintenance a Greement)represent(signature):_________represent(signature):_________


Internet Information Announcement Service Agreement

serial number:_________

client's name(A-Party A):_________

Information announcement unit name(Party B):_________

Party A is a promotion of corporate identity,Product or service,According to Party B Internet Information Announcement Layout and Fees,Combine on Party B website announcement information,According to the People's Republic of China《Internet information service management method》Relevant regulations,Sign this agreement by both friendship consultations,And comply with。

First one Information Announcement URL and Form

1.Information announcement media is Party B website:_________。

2.Information announcement form:Banner banner information announcement,Graphical link release,Jump out of web page or other form of information announcement;

Second Information announcement document

1.Party A must announce the information three days before the information announcement,GraphicsgiforjpgDocument format is provided to Party B;

2.Party A can entrust Party B to design and produce information publication,Decided by Party A to adopt the information of Party B for its design and production,After paying the design and production cost,The copyright of this information announced by Party A。

Third article announcement

1.During the information announcement period,Party A replacement of its Internet information announcement graphics must not exceed three times;

(Website development and maintenance a Greement)2.During the information release period,If Party B updates the website and makes Party A information announcement to ensure Party A information announcement graphics and new websites are equally important;

Fourth Information announcement time and cost

1.Information announcement time is:_________year_________moon_________Until_________year_________moon_________day;

2.Information bulletin fee:

Information announcement graphic design production fees:_________Yuan

Information bulletin fee:_________Yuan/moon

other fee:_________Yuan

Article 6 Payment method and deadline

1.Information Announcement Entrusted Design and Production Expense Payment

(Website development and maintenance a Greement)Party A must be signed in this agreement_________Cash within the day,Bank transfer or checking way to Party B;

2.Information bulletin fee payment

Party A must be signed in this agreement_________Cash within the day,Bank transfer or checking way to Party B pay the monthly information announcement fee;

Party A is overdue for information announcement,Party B has the right to stop providing information announcement services to Party A;

Seventh Guarantee and responsibility

(Website development and maintenance a Greement)1.Party A must ensure that the information announcement provided does not violate the People's Republic of China《Internet information service management method》,Do not violate other relevant laws、Regulations and regulations,Do not violate social public morality,Do not infringe in violation of legitimate rights and interests;

2.Party A did not fulfill the guarantee of Article 7 first,Legal responsibility such as compensation loss by Party A;Party B retains the right to retrieve the economic losses to Party A;

(Website development and maintenance a Greement)3.To ensure the normal operation of the website,Party B needs to stop the website regularly or does not regularly,Therefore, the server caused by the situation is normal interruption.,Party A should be understood,Party B does not assume any responsibility;Party B is obliged to avoid the server interrupt or limit the server interruption time within the shortest time;

4.Default or release delay due to force majeure,Both parties are not responsible for liability。

eighth Termination and relief of the protocol

1.This Agreement is expirated or the Internet information announcement reaches the actual time agreed.,This Agreement is relieved;

2.This Agreement cannot continue to perform due to force majeure,This Agreement is automatically terminated。

Article 9 Dispute

Party B shall dispute in the terms of this Agreement.,Resolved;Negotiate,The two sides can apply for arbitration to Party B or file a lawsuit to the people's court where Party B is located.。

Tenth other

Party A commissioned Party B design Internet information announcement,Both parties should sign another agreement as an accessories of this agreement.,Have equal legal effect with this Agreement。

This agreement_________share,Both Party B_________share,Effective after signature,It has the same legal effect。

A-Party A(stamp):_________Party B(stamp):_________

Representative(signature):_________ Representative(signature):_________