front end developer portfolio website


This is the newcomer to learn the front-end development of the newbie development.,Take away without thanks

1.MDNDeveloper document URL:MDN Web Docs

2.CSSTutorial:LearnCSS - Small white tutorial

3.nodeChinese website:Node.js Beginner's guide - CNodeTechnical community

4.JavaScriptTutorial network:

5.webDeveloper essential kit(Fast tapping code):

6.Common color matching table:Web design common color match table - Color matching | Toolbox for small shadows

7.Alibaba Tagan:Iconfont-Alibaba vector icon

8.webDeveloper essential kit(Fast tapping code):

9.Google browser plugin download address: ChromePlug-in(Google browser plugin) - supplyChromeExcellent in the storeChromePlug-in recommendation and download service

10.ES6getting Started(Yan Yifeng):

11.SMS verification code interface:【SMS verification code】_SMS verification code platform_SMS verification code interface_software-SUBMAILSai Yun Communication

12.Rounded map plugin:SwiperChinese website

(Front End Developer Portfolio Website)13.Magnifying glass plugin:

14.Responsive waterfall flow plug-in:Responsive waterfall flow plug-inminigrid.js

15.Code cloud code hosting platform:Code cloud Gitee — based on Git Code hosting and research and development cooperation platform

16.githubCode hosting platform:Build software better, together

17.SVNCode hosting platform:SVNBucket,freeSVNserver,Code hosting,SVNHost,Unlimited private,Unlimited member

18.SVNCode hosting center:SVN China Source Code Hosting Center-SVN Subversion Source code hosting

19.Ali Cloud:Ali Cloud-Shangyun is on Alibaba Cloud

20.Tencent cloud:Tencent cloud - Industrial intelligence Yunqi future

21.htmlChinese website:fromhtml、cssarrive js,WEBFront-end development online learning video tutorial - htmlChinese website

22.ReactOfficial website:

23.ReduxOfficial website:

24.React Router:

25.VueOfficial website:

26.NodeJSOfficial website:Node.js Chinese website

(Front End Developer Portfolio Website)27.WeChat developer platform:Small procedure exchange area | WeChat open community

28.Nail developer platform: Nail open platform

29.Baidu map developer platform:Log in to Baidu account