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Today we are going to tell the story of a successful person...

This uncle who walks a lot of dogs at the same time is calledRakesh Shukla,This year45age,

is a software engineer in Bangalore, Silicon Valley, India,Also the company'sCEO...

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We're not going to tell a story about a domineering president, Xuan Chong,

Because of the dogs he walks,All the stray dogs he rescued and adopted...

(website developers in bangalore)RakeshUncle is famous in Bangalore,But not because of his awesome software company。

Instead, he established the most advanced stray dog rescue center in India.,

and himself,because of the rescue700Multiple unaccompanied dogs,

(website developers in bangalore)affectionately known as“dog dad”...

OneITelite,Shouldn't the usual routine be to take office?CEO,Marry Bai Fumei,Buy a luxury house and drive a luxury car,Are you on the peak of your life??

whyRakeshThe uncle tied the rest of his life with so many stray dogs?

everything has to start from10from a year ago...

(website developers in bangalore)at that timeRakeshUncle is indeed thereITRunning wildly on the usual path of the elite,

Early realization of the dream of many people in life....

10years ago,flamboyantRakeshUncle established his own communication technology outsourcing company The Writers Block,

company inRakeshRapid development under the leadership of,Repeatedly successful。

today,This company's business partner is already Intel,Microsoft,Oracle and other well-known industry giants。。。

(website developers in bangalore)successful career,substantial income,the next few years,RakeshStart traveling around the world,buy a famous car,buy a mansion...

After a period of willful and rich life of local tyrants,

Rakeshbut started to get confused:

“I have luxury cars and watches in my life,lived a luxurious life,I also traveled many times to see the world,

but i'm not happy...”

bewilderedRakeshuncle,I didn't know what to do in the future...

until one day,He met the man named in his lifeKavyadog,a big golden retriever...

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That dayRakeshgo home as usual,But found in the corner of the door,Curled up with a miserable stray dog。

Rakeshlook at her,greet her,she also lookedRakesh,but a little scared,dare not come forward...

(website developers in bangalore)it's golden retrieverKavyaThat cowardly look,between the calcium carbide flares,swept awayRakeshConfused,Light up his life...

that moment,He suddenly had a sense of life:

“why am i here?what else can i do?”

In the dark,He was vaguely aware of the direction of his life。

he is in it,I finally found my happiness。

that day,He adopted the stray dog Golden Retriever who changed his life without hesitation,nameKavya。

3months later,He met another stray dog on the street,Adopted again without hesitation...


As if the door to a new world was opened,

from now on,RakeshOpened the runaway mode for adopting stray dogs...

next few weeks,Whenever you meet a stray dog,He'll take it home for adoption...

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(website developers in bangalore)a long time,The house is crowded with dogs,Not only normal life is affected,The wife also began to have opinions...

But none of this can stopRakeshPassion for helping stray dogs,

He took the dogs to the company's premises,clear the top floor,Built a temporary stray dog shelter...

RakeshAlthough the uncle has been helping stray dogs by himself,But he's not rambunctious either,

on the contrary,He made full use of his professional expertise,Combining rescue of stray dogs with his own Internet...

2011year,RakeshThe Voice of Stray Dogs was established(The Voice of Stray Dogs)such an organization,

(website developers in bangalore)Aims to rescue stray dogs and other unaccompanied dogs in Bangalore,

This organization not only has a website,big data analysis,also usedGPSpositioning technology,Keep up with the trend of mobile Internet,The correspondingAPP,

(website developers in bangalore)Now it has become the world's largest stray dog rescue platform...

these jobs,letRakeshbailouts become more efficient,

but,With more and more stray dogs being rescued,The top floor of the company can't accommodate it....

(website developers in bangalore)then,arrive2012year,Rakeshsimply in a town near bangaloreDoddballapurbought a piece of land,

A special shelter has been built for these dogs,

RakeshSince then, it has become a life mission to rescue dogs.....

RakeshUncle's stray dog home used to be a farm,

pleasant weather,nice environment,Dogs can live a free and peaceful life developers in bangalore

(website developers in bangalore)enough food to feed them every developers in bangalore

(website developers in bangalore)There is also a large activity space for them to play and developers in bangalorewebsite developers in bangalore

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the luckiest,There is a kind-hearted uncle who takes care of them meticulously。。。

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Take a dog's dog more and more,RakeshI can't get a person.,

He is now hired10personal,Cooking,Cleaning,Have a dog,There are also special veterinarians。

Since most of the dogs in the accommodation are abandoned or stray dogs,

so,Just arrived at the dog,Most of them are hurt,Some even dropped disability,

butRakeshUncle is a colleagren,Do everything possible to treat them,Work hard to restore health...

Some dogs lose their vision...

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Some people have been hit when they...

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Some lack a eye,Leg...

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This Saint Bernard,Because the kidney is not good,Take some drip every day。。。

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Dog dogs that have been treated and restored,Although the body can't be restored to the original,Still becoming lively...

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Look at these bad life, still fresh life,

RakeshUncle said:

“I am the last destination of these dogs.。

They are not cute in the eyes of ordinary people.,Many diseases have been sick,No one is willing to pay them,

But they are my life。”

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these years,In order to take care of these dogs,RakeshUncle's real investment a lot of financial resources。

(website developers in bangalore)Now there is a total of it.735Dog dog,

Eat every day200Kilogram chicken plus200Kilogram rice,Counting an average day of overhead is650arrive750Dollar...

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In addition to food and artificial,Dogs also need continuous pharmaceutical and treatment,And rescue new dogs also need to invest many financial resources,

In the past three years,RakeshUncle spent a total100Million dollars,These spending95%All is his self-pocket...

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However,There is a lot of money in terms of matter,The criticism of the outside world also makes him feel pressure,

(website developers in bangalore)Since he established a stray dog shelter,Sound of various criticisms…

Some people say that he is full.,Some people say he should donate money to people who need help.。

RakeshUncle lives these pressures,

Not only continue to advance his rescue centers and platforms,The source is constantly sent to the newly rescued stray dog to the shelter.,

(website developers in bangalore)Record program,Calls for the society and the public to pay attention to the problem of stray dog in the city of Bangalore。

website developers in bangalorewebsite developers in bangalore

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(website developers in bangalore)Ten years,RakeshFrom the big president of the wind, Zhengmao,Uncle became two whitening,

But he is proudly“Dog Dad”This title,

In his face,He always claims to be a dad of dogs.,The title of these dogs is always a daughter and son....

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Wandering dogs in rescue Babyarore,RakeshUncle still did not stop his footsteps,

He strives to seek cooperation with more public welfare organizations and social institutions,Continue to advance his mission,

His future goal,Is all about the rescue class Calor5000Wat...

Everyone saidRakeshUncle saved the wandering dog,Gave them a warm harbor..

But perhaps,

Dogs also letRakeshUncle finds the new meaning of the harbor and life of the soul。


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Be paranoid:This few days often see the news that colleges and universities killed stray dogs,See this heart is warm

POGGY-:Dog is rich I hope that the uncle is good, and it is better to have a good news. There are more funds to help these cats and dogs

twelve_Vaga:This is love dog people。

Summer:Money earned,Anyway, I didn't pay a burden on the society.,Willing to help that species is his business,Criticism has the ability to make money to make money。

(website developers in bangalore)EDIFIERRRR:May the kind people are treated gentlely by the world

Eating earth orange:This is the appearance of angels.

Irelialoveu:Wandering animals really need to implement sterilization,Otherwise no one is willing to adopt, and their reproductiveness will really bring endless disasters to humans.

Echo--phoenix:I am in my heart. He is doing 我也会努力 I will also work hard.

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