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(website developers in goa)China News Service Goa10moon14Nippon Electric (reporter Zhou Rui)If you want to list a few tourist attractions in the world that are not well known to Chinese tourists,Goa, India, with the upcoming BRICS summit, is undoubtedly one of them。

(website developers in goa)Long and narrow distribution along the Arabian coast、have“fantastic”The beaches of Goa are the smallest in India though,But per capita income is three times the national average。

(website developers in goa)over the past year500Thousands of tourists visit Goa,Among them, foreign tourists account for less than 20%,Chinese tourists are even fewer。

from the outside,An important consideration for India to host the BRICS summit here is to show Goa to the world。The summit time coincides with the opening of Goa's golden tourist hour(10month to year4moon),The summit venue was also selected in South Goa, which is famous for its beaches.。

The locals cherish the opportunities brought by the summit very much。Chief Minister of Goalaxmi-kant ParsekarExpress,The BRICS summit will be a milestone in Goa's development,“Goa-named manifesto reached by leaders,Not only can the city be recorded in history,It will make Goa known to the world”。

Parsekarfrankly,road widening、Landscaping and security work are the top three challenges for the BRICS summit in Goa。In fact, these problems can be seen as soon as you step out of the Goa airport.:There are still a lot of areas under construction on both sides of the road from the airport to South Goa,On the roads that are not wide, there will be cattle passing through from time to time。

But Goa's efforts to build momentum for the summit are everywhere。The airport has a large number of signs of the BRICS summit,There is even an introduction“The first BRICS summitU17football match”'s poster。

A lot of billboards related to the summit were erected on both sides of the road outside the airport,taxi driver introduction,just the night before,Workers are still working overtime hereLEDlamp。

On a utility pole in the middle of the road,Photos of the leaders of the BRICS countries follow“BRICS”Sequential loop suspension,The decorative art of the photos is also very elegant。For example, the border of the photo of Chinese President Xi Jinping is filled with Chinese red.,Above the photo is Chinese“Hello”two characters,Below the photo is a silhouette of the Temple of Heaven。

Although there are not many Chinese faces in Goa at present,But to be a world-class tourist destination,Goa naturally will not ignore Chinese tourists who buy all over the world。

chief secretary of goaR.K.SrivastavaExpress,local will do the best“Friendship of Landlords”,Make sure the summit is unique、Wonderful and unforgettable。Goans look forward to the arrival of Chinese VIPs,Hope to receive more Chinese tourists and entrepreneurs。

President of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and IndustryHarshavardhan NeotiaAlso stressed the importance of attracting Chinese tourists,To increase business opportunities,First of all, it is necessary to increase the exchanges between people。If such a concept is established,more business opportunities。

In fact,Goa has no shortage of Chinese elements,Advertisements for Chinese smartphones are everywhere on the street。Local tourism operators have also found historical ties to China。

According to reports,Tang Ruowang、Nan Huairen、Matteo Ricci and other Western missionaries known to the Chinese people have all left their footprints in Goa。The relatives of Dr. Kotnis who died in the Anti-Japanese War in China still live in Goa。

a former Portuguese colony,Goa still retains a large number of castles and churches built by the Portuguese back then,In order to give Chinese tourists a more intuitive impression,Some locals describe their city as Indian“Macao”。

Close cooperation between China and India in tourism is also a big plus for Goa。2015Year and2016year,India and China successively held each other's first“tourism year”Activity。

Shao Feng, head of China's largest online travel website Ctrip's regional hotel business in India, told a reporter from China News Agency,This move provides a great policy boost for the tourism exchanges and development between China and India。for example,After the release of Indian e-visa,Not only shorten the customer acceptance period2sky,Materials are greatly simplified。2016first half of the year,India's hotel bookings on Ctrip's platform grow year-on-year150%。

However, Shao Feng also pointed out,The main destination of Chinese tourists to India is the Taj Mahal、gate of india、Traditional sights such as the Ganges,The per capita travel price is9000RMB to12000Between RMB and RMB,Consumption power is obvious to all。Goa is still a relatively small tourist itinerary.,And most tourists book itineraries with group tours。

Ctrip said,Goa wants to really attract tourists from all over the world, including China,The future also needs to start from the travel safety、Information ID、Convenience of transportation and other fields,Further enhance the tourist experience。(over)