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  Australia has always been the best destination country for students and immigrants in the world,Super educational resources and pure natural pollution-free natural environment are always eagerly sought after by the world。It is worth noting that,in recent years,The eyes of international students are gradually shifting from the eastern cities of Australia to the west coast of Australia,Focus on Perth, the capital of Western Australia。

(website development in perth)  Why more and more young people are gradually attracted to Western Australia?It is clear,Perth's urban competitiveness advantage is emerging,This is closely related to important new policies in Australia and the inherent charm of Western Australia。

website development in perth

  Regional AreasPolicy concessions are better for young people

  2019year11moon,The Australian government has announced an expansionRegional Areasdivision list,Perth joins Gold Coast in the region,This is undoubtedly a huge benefit for the majority of international students,Therefore, more and more young people choose to study abroad in Perth。

  The Australian government wants to encourage international students to study and live in designated areas,As long as you have lived and studied in a specific area for at least two years,you can get extra in the immigration score test5Minute,Increase success in getting AustraliaPROpportunity。and,existRegional AreasInternational students studying can also receive an additional year of graduate work visas(Post-Study Work Visa, short namePSW),This means that students who choose Perth will be eligible to stay there for an additional year after graduation,Equivalent to international students can gain more local job opportunities and life experience。

  The most Australian style、most inclusive、the friendliest

  Australia is the sixth largest country in the world by area,Due to geographical differences,Each state has its own distinctive character and temperament。Speaking of the most stylish states in Australia,That must be Western Australia:

  compared to other states,Western Australia's most lonely independence、most peaceful,on the verge of the Indian Ocean,Make it have a full of flavor of the ocean。

  Sands facing the beach、white sand,Naturally imagine the colorful underwater world......

  Clear water and blue sky,Breeze Seabird,In the seemingly quiet Western Australia,People can hear the melodious sound。

  Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is known as a globally friendly city,local folk customs,Friendly attitude towards overseas students and foreigners。Another well-known honor,in the past13years,Perth is consistently ranked as one of the top ten most liveable cities in the world。

  lowest cost of living、Best value for money

(website development in perth)  Perth like the rest of Australia,Provide world-class educational programs to students around the world,But in terms of cost of living,Prices in Perth are lower than in other Australian cities,This means international students can enjoy a lower cost of living in Perth,Alleviate financial pressure。

(website development in perth)  refer to a set of data:published by The Economist Intelligence Unit2017Annual Global Cost of Living Survey shows,In the ranking of the world's most expensive cities to live,Sydney comes in14bit,Melbourne's first15bit,Brisbane31bit,Perth is in the49bit。for young people,Perth is definitely the cheapest to study、One of the best value for money cities。

  Ancient heritage and youthful boldness coexist

  once upon a time,Perth is so in the eyes of people“Um,a sense of age......”,After all, Perth has been more deeply influenced by British immigrants and British culture than Sydney and Melbourne.——The immigrant groups in eastern Australian cities are dominated by Chinese and Southeast Asians,Perth has a large group of migrants who migrated to Australia earlier from the UK and South Africa,And deeply influenced by British culture。Victorian houses are everywhere in Perth,Every street and every alley reflects the light of history。

  but young colors,Also due to the government's urban public art program,And wantonly dumped in this city。

  as“God's palette is overturned”like that,PerthCBDalleys and backstreets,Has been activated by a large-scale street art mural,Old neighborhoods contain fresh and vibrant graffiti,moment,The elegant temperament of the city is more youthful and fashionable,even bold,without any inconsistency,Instead, bold colors are avoided to be flashy。

  The rejuvenation of urban temperament has also caused more young people to pay more attention to Perth,The city already has an excellent reputation among young students。

  Perth keeps growing,She not only precipitated the incomparable connotation of others,stay alive again、keep pace with the times。

  Hope in Perth's future,I can see the back of you struggling to climb the ivory tower when you are young,Or enjoy the sun, moon and stars with all the creatures in this city。