website development roadmap


NetEase took the lead in making success on the game business。Today,Netease digs to the game on the roots of the portal、E-commerce equation,Become a market value300$ 100 million。2017year,Netease Revenue83One hundred million U.S. dollars,Game proportion67%、E-commerce proportion21%、Mailbox and other accounts7%,The advertising income brought by the portal is only3.7One hundred million U.S. dollars、Account for less than5%。

  Sina has also made a lot of try,Finally, I hold this thigh on Weibo.。2017year,New War15.8One hundred million U.S. dollars,The advertising income brought by the speculative portal3Billions of US dollars,Compare19%。

  Sohu has been tossed for many years,Now formed four major business,Sizes(Swim)、search(Sogou)、video(Sohu video)、Information Flow(Sohu News)。2017year,Sohu revenue18.6One hundred million U.S. dollars,Brand advertising income(Contains Sohu video and Sohu News)for3.14One hundred million U.S. dollars,Aspect17%。

(Website development RoadMap)  Means of,The portal has already been named,Traditional business places in their respective systems,From income,I don't even increase in long-term, there is still a retroactive scene.。


  My personal understanding is,Originally from netizens to the Internet world,Portal may be the way。But Baidu's rising melon has taken the original search user.,Tencent、Taobao、Youku surrounds social intersection、E-commerce、The video has built a new pathway,58City、Car home、, etc.、Segmental vertical portal,In all fields, challenges for large and full portal models。The most deadly,Moving era,channelAppchange、Detriment,Mobile phone manufacturers have built a new wall between the portal and the user.。

  Channel capabilities are emerging Internet giant score,Content ability faces more and more vertical website challenges,The portal is not fading。Once portal,Ground is increasingly contracted,Only the news aggregation left,But in front of the new entrance, I still can't stand the latest territory.。


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