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(Website Development Services India)website development services indiaIf you want to buy something in the Internet,After searching for a long time,The page always shows the goods not related to it.,At this point you are likely to give up the purchase,Or think this website(Shop)Go to other websites without selling this type of goods(Shop)In。

from this angle,The search function of the e-commerce website is very important,If you can't provide a precise search result for customers,It will greatly affect the order rate of customers。

(Website Development Services India)Two IndiaITEngineers saw business opportunities,Designed to develop a personalized search engine for e-commerce website services。Many e-commerce websites use this search software,Greatly improves the conversion rate of the website。

Hugo net《India Times》6moon10Daily report learned:The situation of Indian e-commerce red fireITEngineer Pavan and Kuma are quite excited。They saw business opportunities,It is considered that the e-commerce website urgently needs a tool that can communicate closely with customers.。In order to develop this tool,Two people resigned,A heart thinking to study this software。

Subsequently,The two jointly created a nameUnbxdJoint venture company。Ho name productUnbxdAim to pass search、navigation、Product recommendation function helps website improve conversion rate(Customers from browse to the order ratio),At the same time, you can also help e-commerce sites to get a search record in the station.。

Pavan:“we are at2011Introduction to the first product,Its main feature is to help online buyers find their favorite goods.。Our software can be applied to the e-commerce website,Help the website to track customers' search records。”

(Website Development Services India)“Our first customer is a coupon and a discount。now,Our customers includeTrendin、CBazaar、RedMartWait。RedMartIs a online food retail website,Previously usedSolrsearch engine,But customers will always find unrelated results,Customer experience is poor;also,its APPNo search function。but,Using ourUnbxdSearch software,Users can use their own target price、Accurate personalized search。for example,A customer wants to buy edible oil,As long as the customer chooses its own‘Happy’,UnbxdProduct recommendation platform can help him quickly find the kind of edible oil。also,We are for the siteAPPSearch function。”UnbxdHead of the company's digital marketing departmentYamini SharmaSay。

RedMartcompanyCTO Lingappasay:“UseUnbxdPersonalized search engine,Customers can search for related products in our website,Therefore, our website's conversion rate is rapidly improved.。”

In the past year and a half,UnbxdCompany is committed to developing software,Only6The market expansion behavior began month ago。Understand,IDG VenturesandInventus Capital PartnersTwo investment companies have recentlyUnbxdCompany invested200Ten thousand U.S. dollars。UnbxdThe company's ambitious goal,Interested to expand the international market。(Compile:Wu Yishui)

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