accessible website development


(Accessible Website Development)可操作

Operable,使用者一定要能够操作界面(User interface software and navigation function should operability)。

(Accessible Website Development)容错性

Users must be able to operate interface,常用的元素、The interface cannot be required to ask the user unforgettable interaction,避免用户因为惯性而操作错误。

accessible website development

Maximum reduction in adverse consequences due to operation errors

(Accessible Website Development)对比度是构建视觉层次最重要的手段之一,Common element。在网页设计中,The layout should follow certain user regularities,尺寸控制、Avoid users to operate errors because of inertia、位置调整也都能表现出对比度。

(Accessible Website Development)Website design barrier-free interaction design

信息及使用者界面元件应以使用者能察觉之方式呈现,What points need to do。