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someone said,India was China ten years ago,Opportunities are everywhere,So many people flocked to the Indian Internet market to start businesses,but

Is the Internet environment in India really as expected??

Indian4GThe network is just3.5G?

buy in indiaarpuandroihow many?

India is an English-speaking world?Half of Indians are illiterate?

Copying a product that is popular in China to India will be equally popular?

India isITIt is more efficient for a big country to hire an Indian to work in India?


big environment

Why is India so hot,Because India also has13billion people,But the mobile Internet population5100 million,There is still huge room for growth。plus16year Jio launch free mode4GThe price has dropped significantly,increased in just one year1100 million4Guser,The catfish effect drives the market as a whole4Grapid coverage,expected2020end india4Gusers will exceed4100 million。at the same time,China's mobile internet penetration has surpassed60%,So capital found a new story of growth:The Chinese market ten years ago。

(website development and maintenance cost in india)

see here,The story is beautiful, right??

(website development and maintenance cost in india)

Here are two major pits:

1、India has13billion people,but no13A unified market of 100 million people,There is no second in the world13A unified market for 100 million people。India has100multiple nationalities,Except Hindi and English,still passable24languages,We thought all Indians could speak English,But the popularity of English in India is only15%,remain41% Hindi、8%Bengali etc.。Some in India are combined by hundreds of millions of markets13billion market,also big,But and13The Chinese unified market of 100 million people is not at the same level of commercial value。

2、Can India's economy develop like China did ten years ago?,need a big question mark。

We may see a lot of articles saying,India is China 10 years ago,However, the Chinese per capita in ten yearsGDPit's indian3times,it is ... now4times,The gap is not closing,but keep growing。

If per capitaGDPonly appearance,What are the differences and differences between China and India??Here are some examples of infrastructure,Let's take a look at the problems you will encounter when starting an Internet business in India。

(1)Indian4G,Actually3.5G,slow、poor signal coverage,In a big city like Delhi,Weak network during mobile、Disconnection is the norm。But data plans in India are very cheap,So users don't care about traffic。

(2)China Railway1210,000 kilometers,India is610,000 kilometers,It doesn't look like much,But high speed railway between Delhi and Taj Mahal,India's proudest Gatimaan Express,the speed120kilometer,i.e. ChinaTHeader level;Delhi and Taj Mahal(Agra)highway between,is India's first highway,It is also the first。you are in delhi、Mumbai city area,The car was driving on the dirt road suddenly,It's not surprising。You feel,Although China was better than this ten years ago,But China also has this time,It does not matter,Demolition and construction is quick。But India is privately owned,how to dismantle?The cost is not one order of magnitude。

deadlineQ2,according toCBInsightsThe data,Fintech funding in India has surpassed China。

Why is India still on fire??Does capital know this??Because the Indian market is not that good,But there's no better market than him:Big、Fast growth、The industry has not yet formed a local oligopoly。

(website development and maintenance cost in india)The environment mentioned above,Next, share the small experience of actual landing。


In the past few years, the cost of buying in India was very low、Downloads are growing rapidly,So everyone flocked to India。rising tide,This cost is no longer low。even though,relative to the US,The absolute price is still very low。But whenARPU 0.005Dollar(concept、Not actual value)the ability to convert,ROIhard to hit,Indian Internet has become a、It's a long-term thing。


As I mentioned earlier, there are many languages in India.,There is no single market for a single language,Expand here:The language here is the real language,It is not the dialect difference between Cantonese and Mandarin.,and,even if you are in Mumbai,It is normal for taxi drivers not to speak English。

Companies that generally go to the Indian market,unless it's only for the upper class,At least Hindi will be supported,The standard is to support the above table Top6 local language。

But there is a misunderstanding,Indians know this language but they can't write this language,The actual illiteracy rate in India exceeds50%。

behind the different languages,means different cultures。When we operate in India,A problem that is often encountered is,Our Chinese employees have the ability and experience to operate,but no usersense,local employees havesense,But there is no awareness and ability of this operation,communication here/cooperation,There is a huge gap。

so,Doing business in India,The first cognitive bubble that must be burst is:India is an English-speaking world。

Indian versionXXX

(website development and maintenance cost in india)what to do in india,make an indian versionXXXBar,Isn't that how the Internet in China started in the early days?。rest assured,Everyone is smart,if you really think so,you may not be smart。

(website development and maintenance cost in india)

for example,Because bytes are hot,Currently the world including India,There are many so-calledXXToday's headlines。But the Indians,Chinese people don't like watching news as much,because regardless of English、I can't understand that much in Hindi.(Not to mention the cost of content rights and the strength of local media),short video instead、The picture is more suitable for the general public。

Actually,The first few types of product types and China have significant differences in India's consumption.,Do not simply think that China's big things、India must also be a big category。

Here is also an out-of-sea misunderstanding,Or,Innovative dilemma:Currently in India,More is the direct copy of China and the United States.,All-disc,How much typical types of typical users have not occurred yet、Cultural local innovation products。So don't want to copy a Chinese product again.,Don't mention it is effective,There is already a bunch of people.。real Local Ground gas product,Is a breakthrough in the Indian market。

(website development and maintenance cost in india)

Consumption habits

Factors affecting user consumption habits:Equipment environment、Web environment、culture、living environment,All behaviors can finally push into these underlying factors。

for example,because4GSignal unstable and Indian mobile phone general configuration low,India's tools products and casual games(Especially Non-connected games)Very strong demand。

so,Although streaming media consumption is growing,But India's music consumption is also dominated by local play.,Video playback of video products,Also occupying considerable consumption ratio。

(website development and maintenance cost in india)

although4GSignal unstable,India's package price is very cheap,Almost everyone can consume,This brings a different different from China.,India's networking mode,4GProportion90%,Wi-FiLower than5%。so,in India,Stream media consumption has grown significantly,Product design does not need to consider the user's traffic problem,Just race。

(website development and maintenance cost in india)European and American impact

Although India's smartphone market has been occupied by Chinese manufacturers,Whole internet ecology,Still dominated by the United States。

This lead body is now three aspects:

1、operating system:IndiaAndroidThe system is a non-sputum version,Any manufacturer mobile phone contains completeGoogleFull-family bucket,soGoogle search、Google Play App Store is the largest application distribution channel,YoutubeIs the largest video product。

2、media(flow):India's social market is completelyFBmonopoly,WhatsApp、Facebook、Instagram Occupted India's mainstream social market

(website development and maintenance cost in india)3、Advertising network(budget):FAN and Google Admob Monopolizes India's main advertising budget

so,In India's Internet, the sea environment is actually the same as Europe and America.,On the shelvesGoogle Play,existFANandGoogle AdmobBuy and achieve。Of course,Mobile phone manufacturers represented by China,Also gradually constructs some closed-loop flow similar to domestic,But the proportion is too small。

Indian usersAPPusage habit,Also similar to the US height,I like simple、Clear European and American product design。

(website development and maintenance cost in india)

So typical ChinaAPPProduct level and interface design are not loved by Indian users,They aesthetically preferred Europe and America。


finally,Let's talk about human misunderstandings。

We have always had a concept,India isITBig country,Silicon Valley Indian how cattle news everyone has seen a lot。but,In the real situation,India isITOutsourcing big country,NotITR & D big country。One word difference,Have a thousand words。

(website development and maintenance cost in india)in other words,Indian localITTalent,Do not have the ability of the Internet research and development,More is in traditionITOutsourcing company。

This gap,More product managers reflected in India、Operate、Market talent supply。India is very lack of local product capabilities、Talents of operating capabilities,Previous year,Everyone thinks that Indians must know India.,The cost of cost is also very low,AgainITBig country,So I am recruited construction of local operations、Products and R & D teams。Finally found,The ability of Indians in the same salary and the gap between Chinese people is too big.,1China Operation Come in India3personal。and,More management costs,Because the employment environment is in the United States,Such as union、8Hour working system、Welfare, etc.,In addition, employee thinking is different from the cultural differences.。

But many bosses feel,Then I don't understand India.,So still want to recruit,And less than a qualified person,So high salary excavation of competitive staff。This is caused,The weak local human market is very impetuous,You are in todayACompany has done a half year product manager(It is actually harming),Once you can2Be equal3Multiplication,Jump toBCompany huge investment in investment in India new business。

China's capital directly allows India's Internet employment costs soaring,Now Indians know,Chinese company people silly money,I don't shoutDouble,That is looking for you.。

Of course,It is not to say that the local team should not be established.,The local team has great help to make up for the cognitive gap.。

(website development and maintenance cost in india)but,how to use、How to manage,Requires rational thinking;Can you generate how big worth,Need to be reasonably expected。