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For dynamic sites,because of the scripting language,so more complicated。same,more work to do。Mainly in the following aspects:   1.overall plan   For overall planning,It can be done from the following aspects:   ①The establishment of dynamic programming language   Everyone can learn a language first,ASP, PHP, JSP. CGJ, NET.....Generally speaking,The personal website is in the form ofasp+accdatabase andphp+mysqldatabase.

animation website development

②Website column function planning   What are the sections of your website?What does your website do?For these very real problems, you need to think and plan carefully in advance.。

③root directory planning   Your website is actually a collection of files,how to plan these files,is the arrangement of the directory。A good website has a clear directory,Make it clear at a glance。This requires that daily document arrangements have certain rules and sequences that can be referenced,And then according to the required application to suit their own,that is better。

2.Database planning   After you choose the database and program,The next thing you need to do is to plan the corresponding content of the database,Specifically for what to put in the database and how to put it,These need to be carefully considered。Because the planning and arrangement of these contents is crucial,Data management related to the use of the website。

(animation website development)3.Write website backend   The content of the website and its corresponding functions have been planned before,The next step is to write a website。Write a website to write a post,It's more convenient。Get all the backend and database out,Is there anything wrong with the front desk display??so,Be sure to write the backend of the website。This requires more effort from the programmer.。

(animation website development)4.Write the front end of the website   According to the progress of the design,Next, you need to write the front-end content of the website。The content of the website has been planned in advance,All that needs to be done here is to convert the content of the web page,show it programmatically。relative to the background,The content of the front desk is equally important,There can be no missing。

5.Test and modification phase   After making,To prevent mistakes,need to be tested,The corresponding problems reflected in the process should be revised in time。If no program is done well, there will be no loopholes and no errors.,Testing and modification are essential。through yourNmultiple tests,The website should be fine。

6.Publishing of the website   web page complete,No problem,Then you need to browse for others、watch。If your web page is just for your friends to see,as learning,You can configure your own computer as a server。The website is ready for everyone to see for a long time,Then you can consider buying virtual space and domain name。Of course,Many people now choose free space and free domain name。If your website is very popular,or your website has a lot of content,Virtual space can no longer satisfy you,Then you rent a server or a hosting server is also more appropriate。If you want to make a website,If you want to be a professional webmaster,Just experience it a lot!

(animation website development)animation website development


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