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(Abu Dhabi Development Holding Compa NY Website)source:Economic Daily

(Abu Dhabi Development Holding Compa NY Website)In recent years,Chinese companies have increased in UAE investment。in,Only the capital Abu Dhabi is distributed80Many Chinese companies,Business coverage financial services、Catering、Chemical industry、Construction and other fields。Currently,Abu DhabiGroup 42company(G42)I am deeply cooperating with China National Medicine Group in the field of new crown vaccine development and production.,And launch the production line project。

(Abu Dhabi Development Holding Compa NY Website)“The epidemic does not block the footsteps of the cooperation between the two countries。”Director and CEO of Abu Dhabi Investment Office Tarick・Book・Hendi said in an interview with economic daily reporters.,“In addition to the medical industry,The cooperation between the two sides in the energy field is also accelerating advancement。Previous,Abu Dhabi National Oil Company transferred some oilfield franchise to China Ocean Petroleum Group Co., Ltd.,Explain that both economic cooperation is very close。”

In Tarlic,Abu Dhabi's efforts in business environment is a major reason to attract Chinese companies.。

recently,On the basis of continuing to promote various explorations,Also launched“Abu Dhabi Prosperous Plan”。The plan is mainly from long-term visas.,Will be financial services、Information communication technology、Health service and biopharmaceutical、Entrepreneurs in agricultural technology and tourism、Investors provide5Year or10Annual visa,Strive to limit the visa restrictions of foreign workers,Help international talents integrate into local life。

at the same time,Abu Dhabi government also takes a number of measures,Simplified companies“Land”process。for example,Implement“Quick license”plan,That is, most industries are registered online、submit application,Get a business license as soon as possible,Business activities。

(Abu Dhabi Development Holding Compa NY Website)Tarik also said,Abu Dhabi will provide systemic support for companies。“Investors can both through the Abu Dhabi Investment Office(ADIO)Government allowance and partial refund to receive financial support,You can also through Abu Dhabi development holding company(ADQ)And Abu Dhababad Development Company(Mubadala)Ecosystem participants carry out equity investment。also,ADIONon-financial incentives will also be provided,For example, help companies get facilities、Supervision assistance in visa and other aspects。”Tarick said。

“In terms of business convenience,Abu Dhabi is ranked worldwide12Position,Leading a lot of major cities in the world。”Tarlic is also specially mentioned,Abu Dhabi will continue to provide incentive measures for companies in the free trade zone,For example, allow foreign capital100%Company ownership、Tax and fee、Provide low-cost operational environments,etc。

Reporter noticed,This year1moon,China's Ministry of Commerce announced our company“All the way”Investment situation in relevant countries and regions。in,Non-financial direct investment is mainly concentrated in Southeast Asia,UAE is less、Located in the Middle East“Main investment”。This shows,The economic cooperation and development of the two countries is good。Tarik believes,under such a circumstance,Abu Dhabi, one of the Easte Center of UAE,Confidence continues to advance this relationship in-depth development。

“Abu Dhabi is open to all industries。We hope that investors from all walks of life can expand their business.。We will continue to strengthen cooperation with Chinese companies,Help these companies in Abu Dhabi and the entire region、market development。”Tarick said。(Economic Daily-China Economic Network reporter Qiu Lina)