website development software without coding


3moon17day,No-code website development platformWebflow,announced to obtain1.2One hundred million U.S. dollarsCround of financing,Valuation40One hundred million U.S. dollars。This time byY Combinator Continuitylead investment,existing investors CapitalG and Accelfollow the vote。After this round,WebflowThe total amount of financing reached3.35One hundred million U.S. dollars。

Webflowof Entrepreneurial Careers Available“Thrilling”four word description,The entire development process is as thrilling as a roller coaster with ups and downs。Webflowco-founder ofSergieI saw a technical analysis video by chance,Inspired him to start his entrepreneurial career。Due to the immature business environment, technical thinking is too advanced,causeWebflowThe verge of bankruptcy。Then get the help of nobles,Webflowonly by290,000 survived the hardest5year。

From2019year start,dormant7YearWebflowFinally cleared the clouds and ushered in the harvest season。2019year8moonWebflowgot7200Ten thousand U.S. dollarsAround of financing,Valuation4One hundred million U.S. dollars;2021year1moonWebflowgot1.4One hundred million U.S. dollarsBround of financing,Valuation21One hundred million U.S. dollars。plus the obtained1.2One hundred million U.S. dollarsCround of financing,makeWebflowhave enough confidence,Start to flex your muscles on the no-code track。

website development software without coding

WebflowCo-founder and Chief Experience OfficerSergieexpress, Funding from past rounds is still in the bank,enoughWebflowsupport4more than a year,Neither in the short termIPOplan。no code、Low-code is a rapidly growing industry,Demand is getting stronger with no signs of slowing down。The capital market's investment in us,It is precisely because of the huge development potential of no code。

(website development software without coding)

data shows that,Webflowwas created on2012year,Headquartered in San Francisco, USA,have employees400multiple。Currently,WebflowofARR(annual recurring revenue)close1One hundred million U.S. dollars,The number of customers exceeds15Wanjia,Typical customers include Dell、Mural、PricewaterhouseCoopers、Zendesk、NCR、TEDand other world-renowned enterprises。

website development software without coding

WebflowCo-founder and Chief Experience Officer Sergie Magdalin,CEO Vlad Magdalin and CTO Bryant Chou。(from left to right)

(website development software without coding)

2012year2moon22day,Former Apple Famous Interaction DesignerBret Victor,existYoutubepublished on《Inventing on Principle》technical presentations(So far regarded as no code、One of the most classic pioneer videos of low code),In-depth analysis of the principles and benefits of codeless visualization operations from the technical level,This isSergieBringing entrepreneurial inspiration and influencing it to this day。subsequently, Sergiepersuade his wife,Moved to Silicon Valley with two young kidsWebflowEntrepreneurial career。

early,three co-foundersSergie、Vlad andBryantin foundingWebflownot all smooth sailing,It can even be described as breaking the boat。Due to the immature business environment in the early stage,enterprise、Users and individual developers have poor perception of no-code development,makeWebflowwas in crisis of bankruptcy。But the three never wavered,They think no-code development will lead the website of the future、application development。

atWebflowlife-or-death juncture,ThatAdvanced development ideas have been YCombinatorfavored and incorporated into business accelerators,at the same time2014obtained in the year Accel lead290,000 seed round。WebflowIt is by virtue of this290Thousands of dollars are hard5year,At the same time, continue to polish the no-code product matrix,Cultivating a no-code education ecosystem and exploring business models。

2019year8moon,Webflowgot7200Ten thousand U.S. dollarsAround of financing,same yearARRachieve2000Ten thousand U.S. dollars。2021year1moon,Webflowagain with21billion dollar valuation,got1.4billion dollar financing。from now on,WebflowSuccessfully landed and became a strong competitor on the no-code track。

website development software without coding

product,WebflowMainly provide users with website development services through no-code methods,Covered industries including finance、logistics、Marketing、medical、e-commerce、real estate、Dozens of mainstream industries such as entertainment。In order to facilitate users to quickly build a website,Webflowprovided1000multiple security、stable template,At the same time, it supports users to carry out secondary development and customized development according to actual business.。

technological innovation,in the process of building a website,User does not need to write any code through visual operation,can controlHTML5、CSS3 、JavaScriptWait,to debug the whole development effect。also,WebflowAlso provides website hosting business for users,Also provide security protection、Page optimization and other services。

Ecological aspects of no-code education,Webflowrelease“21Day Boutique Course”,“WebflowDevelopment Lecture Hall”other educationIP。Course content includes:getting Started、layout design、Interactive Design、Template use、Website settings、More than ten in -depth courses such as page optimization。Can help companies、Personal and development enthusiasts quickly get startedWebflowNon -code development platform。

future,WebflowIt will continue to use non -code as the development technology base,Expand the scope of empowerment to help more enterprises to quickly complete digital construction。SimultaneouslyWebflowWill be active with more channel dealers、Agent cooperate,Continue to expand brand influence。