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China Airlines News:Federal Aviation Administration(FAA)Recently awarded a value16010,000 dollars contract,To promote the drone traffic management of Griffith International Airport(UTM)project。The project will beCAL AnalyticsCorporate5Team development composed of a commercial company。The development team will develop a unified integrated emergency management platform for drones(CMP),To solve in New YorkUASThe specific safety and risk of running drones in the test site。

website development syracuse ny

The system integration of the final product will be consistentCAL Analyticscompany leader。New York State SyranusResilienXThe company will provide health monitoring and fault relief software。Cyber security components will be from New York State RomeAISCompany provides。New York State SyranusTruWeatherWill provide micro -weather services。Canada OttawaKongsberg GeospatialCompany will beCMPProvide overvoving distance range(BVLOS)Airspace visualization function。

Complex integrated system(If unmanned driving traffic management)You need to rely on a large amount of data from various sources to make decisions,This usually involves hidden safety hazards in reality。The emergency management platform will provide important protection agreements and situation perception,Remind the operator when faulty and bad weather conditions,To help ensure the safe flight of the drone。