website development terms and conditions


I don't want to build a website that belongs to myself,Can you build a website yourself??What conditions are required to build a website,Or how much does it need to invest?,Brother Liang will talk to you today,How to build a website。

website development terms and conditions

Today's information age,The website is our main channel for obtaining information and showing our own

In today's era,Whether we buy online or query information,It is inseparable from the Internet tool,In fact, the Internet is essentially composed of countless web pages,One net is also composed of many web pages。

Of course, this era of online economy prevails,Each merchant began to focus on building their own online empire。In addition to the online empire that can bring traffic,Can also interact with users,For example, Bosideng down jacket,They use the Internet tool,Follow the current trend tightly,You can intelligently guide your logistics and production lines for production。

(website development terms and conditions)so,Under the current era,Whether it is a small business or an individual,There is a position to choose your own,It is important to understand your window。

What conditions do construction websites need,How much does it need to be invested

So can a person build a website?,Or how much does it cost to build a website?。This actually depends on the scale of the website。In fact, the website is except for the webpage we can see,There are many service programs running in the background。If a large -scale website is established,For example, similar e -commerce websites are here50or100More than 10,000 budgets,This price can only be said to be made of similar surfaces。But if you just want to be a website for small enterprises to promote,In fact, a person can be done completely。If you buy a customized version,estimate500arrive1000You can get it left and right。

Then make a website,What conditions are needed?。

First of all,You only need one accessinternetComputer。Of course it can be your own computer,You can also buy the server on the cloud。General small enterprises' promotion websites,Estimated every month100You can get it within Yuan。

There are three conditions required on the software:domain name、webserver、Web page

website development terms and conditions

domain name,Just likeipAlias。Each computer connected to broadband,Will be divided into oneIPaddress。We bring in in Baiduip,You can see your ownIPaddress。ipThe address is like the phone number in the phone book。domain name,This is the name of this phone number。We can find this person through the phone number and name。Just remember to remember a bit。So if you don’t care about visiting your website through a string of digital,You can not apply for a domain name。Of course, the domain name can be purchased,more than the1The cost of the year is100Within。

and,The Internet is not a place outside the law,To strengthen network security,Your domain name needs to be recorded in the relevant departments。Of course this work,Those who buy the domain name have related services,Help you complete。

certainly,Domain names are also free,For example, use peanut shell free domain name。The disadvantage is that the domain name is long,And you need to install a peanut shell client on this machine。

website development terms and conditions

webserver:The second software condition is,Need to install a software on the computer,Callwebserver。for exampleiis,tomcatWait。These software can be understood as a web container,The webpage must be in these containers to run,Be accessed。If you want to click on the technical difficulty novice,I suggest you use itwindowsSelf -containediis,he iswindowsSelf -contained,The configuration is also relatively simple。Equivalent to configuration a mapping relationship。For example This website,To correspond to the webpage on your computer,In this way, others can access your computer through the URL。

website development terms and conditions

The webpage to be displayed:Third condition,It is also the most necessary condition,It's the web page you want to show。There are two types of web pages,One is a static webpage,One is a dynamic web page。Static web pages We can understand that I write wellhtmlTag text file。The dynamic web page is equivalent to himhtmlWeb content,Dynamically generated by the background application。Of course, if similar web pages,Dynamic is more complicated than static。If you just want to build a corporate promotion webpage,I still recommend that you use today's webpage,Simple。Such as the web three swordsmanDreamweaver,Can be designed visualized,Design web,Like doingpptandwordThe document is as simple as。certainlyhtmlThe mark language is not complicated,If everyone is interested, we will talk about it later。

Through the above steps,A website is established,In fact, there are several ways to build a station。

The first way to entrusts third -party development companies to develop。If it is a small website for corporate propaganda,How to choose a template,estimate500arrive1000You can get it in one dollar,

The second way is to use some station building tools。for examplediscuzFree forum tool,But this type of open source software is difficult。

The third is to build it by yourself,Positive websites for some enterprise propaganda categories,The difficulty of technology is not high,Need to design,So a person can do it completely。

In summary,Create a website,Have access to accessinternetServer,And there is a registered domain name,webServer and the most important web file。Of course, the recommendations and complex procedures of this website,It mainly depends on the complexity of the webpage you want to show。If you ask the web pages you are required to be complicated,Then the investment is more,Conversely, there will be few。If it is just a display of a small business,If you choose a template -class site,It is estimated that it will be up to a thousand dollars.。