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Website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection According to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the State Administration of Discipline Inspection and the State Development Bank Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team、Shanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection:State Development Bank Hainan Branch former Party Secretary、President Liu Chunsheng is suspected of serious disciplinary violations,It is currently undergoing disciplinary review and supervision investigation。

Liu Chunsheng Resume

(website in development)Liu Chunsheng,male,Han Dynasty,1952year1Moon,Hebei Sanhe,1973year9Joined the Communist Party of China on the month。

1969year3Working work,Non -in -one in Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Company、State Economic Commission Enterprise Bureau、Enterprise Department、State Council Production Office Enterprise Bureau、Enterprise Department of Economic and Trade Office of the State Council、The State Economic and Trade Commission Enterprise Department and other departments work。

1996year1Monthly2000year4moon,He has served as deputy director of the Enterprise Department of the State Economic and Trade Commission、Deputy Director of Enterprise Supervision Department。

2000year4Monthly2006year6moon,He has served as Deputy Director of the State Development Bank Credit Administration,Deputy Director of the Evaluation Administration Bureau、Director,Director of Credit Administration。

2006year6Monthly2012year2moon,As the secretary of the Party Committee of the National Development Bank Hainan Branch、President。

2012year2Monthly2013year3moon,As a national development bank infrastructure consultant。

2013year3Monthly retirement。

(The Central Discipline Inspection Commission State Administration of Discipline Inspection and Supervision of the State Development Bank、Shanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection)