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Page design is an important part of website construction,It is also a link to determine the visual effect of the website。By analyzing the user's browsing habits and needs,Simple and intuitive pages are more popular,But the simple and intuitive design is not so simple。How to design a simple and intuitive page??

(website under development page)website under development page


Simple color selection and application,Not only will it not increase the complexity of the page,on the contrary,It can also help divide the interface function template,Make the interface simple without losing visual charm。Simple color or color scheme selection and application,Improve interface Visual attraction Simple interface design style does not mean colorless or only uses one or black and white colors only monotonous。In fact,Even simply use a color,Combined with color gradient,Changes in saturation and transparency,It can also make the entire web design simple and very visual effect。In minimalist web design,Can try one,The choice and application of multiple colors and the same color system,Simplify the interface design,Improve visual attraction。

Use consistent alignment

Left -handed alignment,Center,Still be aligned by right,Try to implement this method in the entire design。The selection of this method of alignment is not just the alignment of the text itself,It also includes the alignment method of various other elements。Left and right alignment are the two most common methods of alignment,Because these two are the most readable typesetting methods。When typing for a longer text,Left -to -Qi is the preferred option。