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Financial Stocks News:Real Estate Developer, the most expensive apartment in New York·Barnit(Gary Barnett),I'm selling the latest and largest Manhattan mansion project under His MajestyOne Manhattan Square,First of all, it is Asian buyers。Item,One Manhattan SquareThe price of the apartment is far lower than that of Benite“Rich area”Price of tower apartment。

zeckendorf development website

(zeckendorf development website)Gary Barnett

In the interview,Barnit revealed,My own New York leads luxury property development companyExtell Development,It will start to sell in the overseas market and located in the East East District of Manhattan800Multi -sets,Among them, China、Malaysia and Singapore。These apartments belong toOne Manhattan Square,The latter Gundam80layer。Until the beginning of next year,One Manhattan SquareOnly will it be sold in the US market。

What needs to be pointed,The prices of these high -end apartments will not be recorded。Banit estimates,One Manhattan SquareThe price of most apartments will be at the price100Wan dollars to300Between 10,000 dollars。In Manhattan,Insufficient apartment supply in this price range。includeExtellReal estate developers, including,They will focus on the larger and more luxurious apartments,What is locked is those who think that New York real estate is“Investment paradise”Super rich buyer。

According to reports,Barnit has sold the most expensive apartment in New York。Specific data show,2014year,Mysterious buyer spent1.005Buy 100 million dollarsExtellBuildOne57The top -floor apartment of the building,Leave the ground306Meter,Area1.110,000 square foot(Appointment1021Square meter),Creating the most expensive transaction in the history of London apartment transactions。

Building prosperity

Other real estate developers flocked up。current,At least eight major residential real estate projects are aimed at the rich,Among them, Zengdorf Development Company(Zeckendorf Development Co.)of520 Park Ave、Wo Nuoduo Real Estate Company(Vornado Realty)of220 Central Park South,as well asExtellAnother tower built。Currently,These eight major residential projects are all under construction。

zeckendorf development website

252 South Street Source: Extell

according toMiller Samuel IncandDouglas Elliman Real EstatePublished data,In the third quarter,Manhattan's overall housing price touch the record high,Rate to per square foot1497Dollar。

Although luxury projects can still bring profits,But many buyers, including Asian buyers, need more cheap real estate。

According to reports,ExtellHas been hired to complete the global management enterprise, to completeOne Manhattan SquareInternational market sales work。11month,ExtellHezhong Liang Film will be in Beijing、Hongkong、Shanghai、A series of exhibitions such as Singapore and Kuala Lumpur are held。

As a top house、Business、retail、One of the hotels and multi -purpose property developers,ExtellMain business in Manhattan,Its property is high -end design、Well -known space and first -class entertainment facilities。