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Those things( have sorted it for entrepreneurs and investors16Starting financing incident,Among them7rise,Overseas Investment9rise。The following is the specific content——Welcome to more。


1、SoftBank China Investment Opening Finance300010,000 yuanARotation financing

Financial technology companies that provide inter -institutional trading markets have opened finance to get SoftBank China300010,000 yuanARotation financing,Open the founder and founder of financeCEOLi Xinhe Introduction,This round of financing will be mainly used for product research and development and talent recruitment,In the future, professional mature teams may be acquired。in addition,In addition to solidarity assets,Opening finance will also open up new types of assets such as gold。previously,36进行 has reported on opening finance,Introduce its product matrix and business model。2016year11moon,Open finance and releasePANO2.0Version。

2、Jinshajiang Leader,Hongcheng Capital、German Bosch Group、Bo Zhicheng followed the whale warehouse 680010,000 yuanARotation financing

E -commerce storage automation company in Shenzhen“Whale warehouse technology”,In2016year12Monthly completion680010,000 yuanARotation financing,Leaded by Jinshajiang,Hongcheng Capital、German Bosch Group、Bo Zhigao followed the follow -up,Angel round investors jointly invest and Zhenyun Chuang Investment This round continues to follow the investment。

3、Share capital、Jiuyu Capital Investment Knowledge Service Platform Qian Chat nearly 10 million US dollarsA+Rotation financing

recently,Knowledge Service Tools and Platform Qian Chat revealed to Yiou,Has received nearly 10 million US dollarsA+Rotation financing,Investors are sharing capital to share capital、Jiuyu Capital,Before,Thousands of chat have received 10 million yuanARotation financing。

Qian Chat founder and bothCEOZhu Junxiu told Youyi,This round of financing will be used to recruit more efficient and more interesting knowledge service experience products for the technology team,At the same time, increase the popularity of Qianliao in the market,Let more knowledge sharingers and learners get to know Qian chat。

4、Light up capital led,Distributed capital、Qidi Venture Capital、Baicha Venture Capital and others signed the crowd to sign a 10 million yuanPre-ARotation financing

2moon27Day news,The signing of the electronic contract service platform announced that it will receive 10 million yuanPre-ARotation financing,Learn from Capital Light,Distributed capital、Qidi Venture Capital、Baicha Venture Capital and other investments。Yu Xiao, the founder of the crowd, said,This round of financing will be mainly used to accelerate the layout of electronic contract services and blockchain products。

Compared to the electronic contract,Paper contract involves repeated modifications、Cumbersome with the seal process、Need courier or artificial delivery、Problems such as archiving and reading trouble,in the past,Due to the lack of urgent application scenarios and immature credit systems,There has been no larger electronic contract service company in China。

5、Black horse、Kunzhong Capital、Dachen Venture Capital Investment Growth Insurance 5000 10,000 yuan Pre-A Rotation financing

Online Early Education Platform“Growth insurance”Announce 5000 10,000 yuan Pre-A Rotation financing,The investor is the Dark Horse Fund、Kunzhong Capital、Dachen Venture Capital。Growth insurance CEO Luxiang expressed,This round of financing will be used to improve curriculum development、Recruitment and training teachers、Further develop the intelligent teaching system, etc.。

Before this conference,The road is small 36 Indicate,“Light consultation course is just a step of growth insurance development strategy,Assessment、Consultation、Live class,To 2016 year 9 One -to -one online course released by the month,What the growth guarantee is to do is a complete online early education system。”

(website development spokane)6、Zhongzhiyuan Automobile Group and Guoxin Fund Investment Time Rental Platform“PonyCar”500010,000 yuan angel round financing

website development spokane

recently,Time -sharing rental platform“PonyCar(Use a car soon)”Announce500010,000 angel round financing,Investors include Zhongzhiyuan Automobile Group and Guoxin Fund,according toPonyCarThe person in charge revealed,This round of financing will be used for vehicle investment and product software and hardware research and development。In the future, it will be based on Shenzhen,in Beijing、Shanghai、Three cities in Guangzhou conduct cloth points。

7、Massage device, Shang Rongtai Health plans to invest in South KoreaBODY FRIENDTwo companies

2moon26Day and night,Massage instrument listed company Rongtai Health issued an announcement stated,I plan to walk with South KoreaBODY FRIENDSign a strategic cooperation agreement。Announcement shows,Rongtai Health does not exceed the total capital contribution700Ten thousand U.S. dollars,rightBODY FRIENDThe two companiesBAHC CO.,LTD.、BODYFRIEND AMERICA,INC. Increase capital。The two companies are mainly engaged in the sales and manufacturing of the health industry,Rongtai Health By deepening its international management and management,Realize its overall strategic layout,Improve and consolidate their position in the health industry。


1、Northgate CapitalLeading Super Fusion Infrastructure Startup Diamanti 1800 Ten thousand U.S. dollars B Rotation financing

Diamanti It is a super -fusion infrastructure startup,Mainly provide hardware and software support services for corporate data centers。recently,The company announced a stroke 1800 Tens of dollars B Rotation financing,The leader is a well -known venture capital of California Northgate Capital,Participants include CRV、DFJ、Translink and GSR Ventures Four investment institutions。Last April, the company completed a stroke 2500 Tens of dollars A Rotation financing,As of now, the total amount of financing has reached 4300 Ten thousand U.S. dollars。

2、A16ZLead,True Ventures、Presence Capital、Ludlow Ventures、David Bettner、SV AngelFollow up VR Social company Bigscreen 300 Wan dollars seed wheel financing

now,Most virtual reality applications build a framework through a three -dimensional interface,and Bigscreen The company is here 2D Based on the network,Create a closer connection between the available console content and complex social experience(In fact,Users are now able to experience virtual reality on some virtual reality head display equipment)。

3、Level EquityLeadMomentFeed 1630 Ten thousand U.S. dollars C Rotation financing

recently,American corporate marketing strategy service startup MomentFeed get 1630 Ten thousand U.S. dollars C Rotation financing,The leader is the New York Private Equity Investment Company Level Equity,I have invested in the company before Signia Venture Partners、Draper Nexus and DFJ Frontier The three institutions also participated in this round of financing。

MomentFeed company was founded on 2010 year 4 moon,Headquartered in San Monica, California,It owns over 100 full -time employees。It is reported that,The company plans to use this latest financing to recruit more outstanding talents,Expand marketing and product research and development intensity。

(website development spokane)4、Hargreave HaleLeadVR / AR Tool Development Company Zappar 375 Ten thousand U.S. dollars A Rotation financing

(website development spokane)recently,virtual/Augmented reality creation tool development startup startup Zappar Announced a stroke 375 Tens of dollars A Rotation financing,The leader is a well -known investment company in London Hargreave Hale,Participants include New York Social Media Marketing Company You & Mr Jones And Chinese music fun game。

It is reported that,Zappar The company will use this latest investment to accelerate the development of new products,And actively carry out international expansion。What you want to mention is,The company recently launched a flagship product——ZapWorks,This is a enhancement/virtual/Hybrid reality creative tool kit,It can enhance users to quickly create interactive forms/virtual/Hybrid reality。

5、Shamrock Capital Investment mobile media&Advertising technology company Maple Media 3000 Ten thousand U.S. dollars A Rotation financing

(website development spokane)Mobile media&Advertising technology company Maple Media Announced a stroke 3000 Tens of dollars A Rotation financing,Investor is Shamrock Capital VCs。It is reported that,Maple Media The company plans to use this latest investment to acquire、Operate some mobile App Game。

Maple Media company was founded on 2016 year 12 moon,Headquartered in Los Angeles,The two co -founders are well -known people in the game and technology industry Michael Ritter and Clark Landry。Although the company was established shortly after the establishment time,But it has already been“collect”A group of impressive applications and games,The current management has been managed more than 150 payment App,Play billions of mobile advertisements per month。

(website development spokane)6、SoftBank plans to go to Zhongchuang spaceWeWorkExceed30One hundred million U.S. dollars

CNBCFinancial TV quoted sources saying,SoftBank is about to complete the space of ZhongchuangWeWorkinvestment。It is expected that the total amount of this transaction will exceed30One hundred million U.S. dollars。The financing in the discussion between the two parties includes the first stage20One hundred million U.S. dollars,And the second stage exceeds10One hundred million U.S. dollars。If this transaction is completed,WeWorkThe valuation will exceed200One hundred million U.S. dollars。The last round of financing pairsWeWorkThe valuation is about170One hundred million U.S. dollars。

7、Building a station service industryist Wix by 3600 Wan dollars acquisition of online art design communities DeviantArt It is an online website to build a service platform,Users only need to use“Fool”Dragging editing tool,You can easily create a website。recently,Wix The company announced the acquisition of a website construction tool startup DeviantArt,The company is an artist、Designer、As well as art/The design industry enthusiasts create an online community,It has already more than more than 4000 10,000 registered users,A close 3.25 100 million people original art material。

8、Washington Research Foundation、Kick-Start II, Cowles CompanyandThe ToolboxinvestHyperSciences 69Wan dollars financing

HyperSciences,A startup company that uses rocket technology for geothermal drilling,Have been raised6910,000 US dollars(This round of goals100Ten thousand U.S. dollars)。These funds come from the Washington Research Foundation、Kick-Start II, Cowles CompanyandThe Toolbox。HyperSciences CEO Mark RussellConfirm the news。

This startup company located in Washington State is developing a new drilling method,The way to get geothermal energy is more cost -effective。Item,The company will continue to develop fundsHyperDrillandHyperBreakerTunnel rig prototype。also,It will also test its heat -conducting generator(TEG)technology。

9、Bain CapitalLeadFossa 220 Wan dollars seed wheel financing

recently,Fossa Announced a stroke 220 10,000 US dollars of seed round financing, The company will use this latest investment to further develop its software products,And expand new distribution channels。

(website development spokane)Fossa company was founded on 2014 year,Located in San Francisco,Only year 22 Founder of the yearCEO Kevn Wang I joined very early TechStars Chicago Entrepreneurship incubation project,And study computer science at the University of California Berkeley。but,After only one year,Kevin Wang I chose to drop out,After 2013 Enter the year Silicon Valley Peter Thiel Its entrepreneurial incubator Thiel Fellowship,Founded Fossa company。

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