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Alipay was once called「China PayPal」,but now PayPal Seems more and more like「US version of Alipay」Over。

According to Bloomberg 10 moon 20 Day news,Pay a giant PayPal Poster 450 100 million dollars acquisition of social media companies Pinterest,this might be PayPal The biggest acquisition in history。People familiar with the matter revealed,The purchase price is about per share 70 Dollar。Negotiation is in progress,It may not reach a transaction。

e-commerce website development in panchkula

(e-commerce website development in panchkula)

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Pinterest It is a social networking site for picture sharing,Visits are located in similar websites TOP5。2020 year 4 moon,Pinterest Introduced a new shopping function,Users can click the panel tab、Search for keywords or recognition images 3 Way,Enter「shop」Tags and buy products with inventory。after this,Pinterest Claim to be「Social network of shopping」。

right Pinterest Potential acquisition,Will promote PayPal exist「Social e -commerce」Development,This is also Facebook Wuling in the market where technology giants are unwilling to be behind。Pinterest Just meet PayPal Expectation。

e-commerce website development in panchkula

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more importantly,This potential acquisition will be used as a puzzle zero,Make PayPal Closer「Super application」。

Paypal In the past two years,E -commerce is a key factor。Since the epidemic,E -commerce prosperity PayPal The stocks have flipped a lot。The e -commerce industry also brought fire to the infrastructure industry related to e -commerce,Such as payment、return the goods、logistics,This is exactly PayPal The layout of the past two years is。

2019 year 11 moon,PayPal by 40 100 million US dollars cash acquisition Honey Science Corporation,The latter is a service provider looking for the most affordable online shopping goods,Developed many plug -in and software tracking prices and preferential information。

e-commerce website development in panchkula

(e-commerce website development in panchkula)

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(e-commerce website development in panchkula)This acquisition has explained,PayPal I hope to get a place in the field of e -commerce,Instead of competing with credit cards or Apple payment on the checkout page。

2020 year 8 moon 31 day,PayPal Introduced the plan before buying first「Pay in 4」,Allowed 4 Payment of interest -free installment payment,Commodity price is limited 30 US dollar to 600 Dollar。In fact,PayPal Maybe don't care about the full purchase or installment payment,whatever way,It will charge a similar transaction fee from the merchant。

e-commerce website development in panchkula

(e-commerce website development in panchkula)

▲ Pay in 4.

PayPal The real purpose is earlier to enter the game earlier Afterpay、Affirm Waiting for the company's positive comparison。last month,PayPal Make an appointment 27 The price of 100 million dollars acquire Japan's first buy and then pay the platform Paidy。

2020 At the end of the year,PayPal and Visa Cooperative launch Venmo credit card。Venmo It is a payment platform built around social functions,Encourage users to share their experience after each transaction,Currently more than 7600 10,000 active accounts,Including a large number of millennial generations。Although its payment is only occupied PayPal A small part of the mobile service,But it is expected to achieve rapid growth。

e-commerce website development in panchkula

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This year 5 moon 13 day,PayPal Announce the acquisition of returns solution provider Happy Returns。Happy Returns The advantage is,It has cooperated with hundreds of brands,More than 2600 Online return outlet,Make consumers easily refund or exchange online shopping products。

PayPal of「Buy and buy」there are more,Including the acquisition of cryptocurrency custody companies、Wholly -owned control in China business「Guo Fubao」、Launched a physical card reader PayPal Zettle and many more。

e-commerce website development in panchkula

▲ PayPal Zettle.

A few items listed above,It has already demonstrated that this payment giant has established a strong moat around its business。Various businesses have internal connections——PayPal Zettle Good for merchants and PayPal Mobile wallet builds loyalty;Shopping、Pay、return the goods、The interconnection of various businesses such as logistics realizes a virtuous circle。

e-commerce website development in panchkula

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in short,PayPal At the intersection of digital payment and e -commerce,Transition from pure payment platform to a diversified e -commerce platform。PayPal CEO Pour·Schurman said earlier this year:

(e-commerce website development in panchkula)All these new products and services are actually general PayPal From the check -out platform to the super -functional super super APP,Or beyond payment、Financial Services、Digital wallets for business and shopping tools。

PayPal Also plan to add a series of new services,Including high -yield savings accounts、Check service and stock investment function。