ecommerce website development company in usa


ecommerce website development company in usa

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The world is setting off a wave of integration of technology and finance。The United States ranks first in the world in the field of financial technology,And gave birth to a group of very strong financial technology companies。Forbes earlier on2021year6U.S.11Strong unlisted fintech company(Forbes selected the criteria at that time based on2020year as a reference,Identify fintech companies headquartered in the United States or with significant operations in the United States,Some companies are currently listed)。Today we sort out the business models of these fintech companies on the list,and present the current market capitalization or valuation performance of these companies。

(ecommerce website development company in usa)one、Stripe :950One hundred million U.S. dollars

Stripe is valued at 950 One hundred million U.S. dollars,is a US financial services and software-as-a-service(SaaS)company,Headquartered in San Francisco, USA and Dublin, Ireland。The company primarily provides payment processing software and application programming interfaces for e-commerce websites and mobile applications(API) 。

irish entrepreneur brothers John and Patrick Collison At 2009 Founded in Palo Alto, California Stripe。2011 year,Stripegot 200 million dollar investment,including from PayPal Co-founder Elon Musk (Elon Musk)and Peter Thiel、Irish entrepreneur Liam Caseyand venture capital firms Sequoia Capital(Sequoia Capital)、Andreessen Horowitz(A16Z) and SV Angel。

(ecommerce website development company in usa)2013 year 3 moon,Stripe first acquired Kickoff,This is a chat and task management app。2021year10moon20day,StripeAcquisition Accounting PlatformRecko;Recko The solution will be added to Stripe in the existing suite of financial instruments。

2022 year 1 moon,Stripe Five-year partnership with Ford Motor Company。through this partnership,Stripe Will process consumer vehicle order transactions。same month,Stripe and Spotify cooperate,Help creators monetize subscriptions、Accept payments and launch recurring revenue streams。

Stripe provided API,Web Developers can use these API Integrate payment processing into their website and mobile app。2018 year 4 moon,Stripepublished titled“Radar”anti-fraud tool,Used to prevent fraudulent transactions。2018 year,StripeExpanded its services to include billing products for online businesses,Allows businesses to manage subscription recurring revenue and invoices。2019 year 6 moon 11 day,Stripe point-of-sale services Terminal Open to US users,provided designed for use with Stripe Physical credit card reader for use with。

2019 year 9 moon 5 day,Stripe launched a project called Stripe Capital s plan,A business can1-2Fast financing service within days。2019 year,Stripe Started offering loans and credit cards to businesses in the U.S.。The company said,Loans are automatically approved using machine learning models,No human intervention required。2020 year 10 moon,Stripe release Stripe Climate,This is a service for businesses to fund atmospheric carbon research and capture。

2021year4moon13day,《Wall Street Journal》reportStripe 2020The annual income is74One hundred million U.S. dollars。till2021year5moon,StripeA total of4000multiple employees。according toBacklinko(Foreign data website)The data,Have300million sites usedStripeservice。

two、Klarna:456One hundred million U.S. dollars

Klarna Bank AB,usually called Klarna,is a fintech company,Provide online financial services,Such as online storefront payment and direct payment and buy now pay later services。Klarnahave 4,000 multiple employees。2019 year,Klarnaprocessed about 350 billion dollars in online sales。according toStatistadata show,till2021year6moon,A total of9000million people useKlarnaServe。

Klarna The core service is to provide payment processing services for the e-commerce industry,Manage store claims and customer payments。It's Buy Now Pay Later(BNPL)one of the main service providers of。Klarnanow IKEA、H&M and Etsy Provide financial services to customers who shop at stores。

three founders Sebastian Siemiatkowski、Niklas Adalberth and Victor Jacobsson exist2005 established mid-yearKlarna,Start business in Sweden。2007end of the year,The venture capital companyInvestment AB ÖresundinvestedKlarna。2010 year5 moon,Sequoia Capital InvestmentsKlarna。

2011 year,Growth Equity Company General Atlantic lead1.55 billion dollars toKlarna。2011 year 5 moon,Klarna acquired in Europe、Israeli companies doing business in Israel and the US market Analyzd。

2017year6moon20day,KlarnaObtained from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority(SFSA)Full Bank Licence Issued,Ranked among the largest banks in Europe。

(ecommerce website development company in usa)2019 year,Klarna raised 4.6 One hundred million U.S. dollars,Plans to expand payments business in the U.S.,Participants include Dragoneer Investment Group、Commonwealth Bank of Australia、HMI Capital、Merian Chysalis Investment Company Limited Wait。This round of financing values the company at 55 One hundred million U.S. dollars。2020 year,Ant Financial has invested Klarna。

(ecommerce website development company in usa)2021 year 6 moon,Klarna at SoftBank Group Vision Fund 2 Raised in a funding round led by 6.39 One hundred million U.S. dollars,make the company's valuation reach 456 One hundred million U.S. dollars。

three、Chime:250One hundred million U.S. dollars

(ecommerce website development company in usa)Chime Financial, Inc. is an American fintech company,Offers a free checking account、Debit card and overdraft protection(Overdraft protection is an option available in bank accounts,it prevents checks、ATMOr debit card transactions and wire and electronic transfers that cause account balances to drop below zero,and trigger overdraft fees or insufficient overdraft funds(NSF)cost)。ChimeMainly through mobile phones to provide customers with free mobile banking、debit card andATMAccess to various banking services such as。Chime of the majority of revenue comes from charging interchange fees(An interchange fee is a special fee charged when processing a credit card payment,is the fee that the customer's bank charges the retailer。In fact, the exchange fee is the fee paid by retailers to obtain credit card services)。

2020year,ChimeAnnual income exceeds 6 One hundred million U.S. dollars。Be 2020 year 2 moon,Chime have 800 10,000 account holders。pass Chime The highest standard deposit insurance amount of the bank account provided by partners is 250,000 Dollar。

2021 year 8 moon,Chime Financial exist G Graduated in rotation financing 7.5 One hundred million U.S. dollars,Investor Sequoia Capital Global Equities Lead,The company's valuation is about 250 One hundred million U.S. dollars。

(ecommerce website development company in usa)Chime Depend on Chris Brittand Ryan KingAt 2013 Founded in San Francisco, California in the year。2018 year,Chime Acquired Pinch,A startup that focuses on paying rents on time to the credit bureau on time to help millennials and young people establish credit scores。2020 year 1 moon,Chime Announcement with the Dallas Mavericks Team,As their jersey sponsors,This is part of a multi -year agreement。

2022 year 2 moon,Chime AnnounceIPO will be 2022 Late year of the year。

Be 2021 year,Chime The number of users is about 1200 Ten thousand。according toBusiness of AppData on the website show,Chime 2020Annual income is6One hundred million U.S. dollars。

Four、Kraken:200One hundred million U.S. dollars

Kraken It is a headquarters in the United StatesCryptoExchange and bank,was founded in 2011 year。KrakensupplyCryptoTrading with legal currencies,And provide to Bloomberg terminalCryptoRelated price information。Be 2021 year 12 moon,Kraken For the United States 48 Personalized 176 Residents of a country,provided95 For transactionCrypto。

KrakenIs the second largest in the United StatesCryptoExchange,second only to Coinbase 。2020 year 9 moon,KrakenBecome the first encrypted company to get a bank license in Wyou Mingzhou。

(ecommerce website development company in usa)Krakenwas founded in2011year,Well -known at the timeCryptoExchange Mt. GoxAfter being hacked,FounderJesse PowellStart research Kraken Be Mt. Gox replacement of。2013 year 9 moon,After two years of testing and development,Kraken online。The exchange originally provided Bitcoin、Litecoin and euro trading。Later it added additional currency and security trading。2014 year 3 moon,Kraken Obtained Hummingbird Ventures Led 500 Ten thousand U.S. dollars A Rotation investment。Other investors include Trace Mayer and Barry Silbert(Bitcoin Opportunity Fund)。

(ecommerce website development company in usa)2014 year 4 moon,Kraken Become one of the first batch of Bitcoin exchanges to provide information in Bloomberg terminal。2015year,Kraken Announce the completion SBI Holding the famous Japanese venture capital company SBI Investment Led B Rotation investment。After this round of investment,Kraken Two major acquisitions were announced in that year:Dutch exchange CleverCoinand Glidera,GlideraOneCryptoWallet service,Allow users to use the legal currency directly Glidera Bank account provides funds,In order to Kraken Exchange purchaseCrypto。

2017 year 3 moon,Kraken Purchased popular websites Cryptowatch,This is often used by a real -time traderCryptoChart website。2019 year 2 moon,Kraken Announce 40 Mate $ 100 million valuation financing 1 One hundred million U.S. dollars。2019 year 6 moon,Kraken pass BnkToTheFuture Dedicated tools 2,263 Obtained the famous individual investor 1,350 Ten thousand U.S. dollars。2020 year 9 moon,Kraken Get a bank license in Wyoming,Become the first bank license in the United StatesCryptoExchange。

2021 At the beginning of the year,Kraken by200The valuation of 100 million US dollars from investors seek extra funds,Tribe Capital Become the company second only to Hummingbird Ventures The second largest institutional investor。

(ecommerce website development company in usa)Bloomberg2021year6moon17Reported on JapanKrakenThere is60010,000 users。according toCoin Market CapData show,Krakenexist2022year3moon17Past24The hourly transaction volume has reached10.9One hundred million U.S. dollars。

CryptoExchange and its transaction volume

ecommerce website development company in usa

source:Coin Market Cap

five、Plaid:134One hundred million U.S. dollars

Plaid It is a financial service company located in San Francisco, California,was founded in 2012 year。PlaidEstablish a data transmission network,Support for fintech and digital financial products。

Plaid The product is a technical platform,Enable applications to connect to the user's bank account,For example, allow to includeRobinhood、Coinbase and Venmo Waiting for well -known companies to connect to customers' bank accounts。It allows consumers and enterprises to interact with their bank accounts through different financial technology applications、Check the balance and pay。PlaidMainly in the United States、Canada、U.K.、France、Spain、Carry out business in Ireland and the Netherlands。

2020 year 1 moon 13 day,Visa Announce the plan 53 100 million US dollars Plaid。VisaLater、Anti -monopoly risk was abandoned by the US Department of Justice after being opposed by the US Department of Justice。2021 year 4 moon 7 day,Plaid by 134 The valuation of 100 million US dollars was raised 4.25 Dollars D Rotation financing。

(ecommerce website development company in usa)Forbes2020year1moon13Reported on Japan,Plaid 2019Annual income is2One hundred million U.S. dollars。The current number of employees is about500people。

six、Robinhood:92.4One hundred million U.S. dollars

Robinhood Markets, Inc. is an American financial services company,Headquartered in Menlo Park, California,to pass 2015 year 3 Monthly Launched Mobile Apps(Robinhood)carry stock、exchange-traded funds andCryptoknown for commission-free trading。RobinhoodIt is subject to FINRA (FINRA)Regulated Broker-Dealer,Register with the SEC,and is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation。

The company's revenue mainly comes from three sources:Interest earned on customer cash balances、Sell order information to high frequency traders(SEC,SECZeng Yu 2020 year 9 launched an investigation into the company)and margin loans。as of 2021 year,Robinhood have 3100 million users。2019year4moon,Robinhoodto the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency(Office of the Comptroller of the Currency,short nameOCC)Apply for a national banking license,voluntarily withdraw the application。

now,RobinhoodFractional shares included、Crypto、ETF and options commission-free trading。

(ecommerce website development company in usa)2021year7moon30day,RobinhoodOfficially listed on NASDAQ,Valuation at the time320One hundred million U.S. dollars。2022year1moon28day,RobinhoodAnnouncement of quarterly earnings。RobinhoodNet loss last quarter4.23One hundred million U.S. dollars,income3.63One hundred million U.S. dollars。andRobinhoodof monthly active users from the third quarter of1890million to1730Ten thousand。Fourth-quarter transaction-based revenue was2.64One hundred million U.S. dollars。Option trading income is1.63One hundred million U.S. dollars,Cryptotransactions increased4800Ten thousand U.S. dollars。Robinhoodexpected2022The first quarter of the year will be less than3.4One hundred million U.S. dollars,Year-on-year decline35%,lower than market expectations4.48One hundred million U.S. dollars,resulting inRobinhoodmarket cap below100One hundred million U.S. dollars。

(ecommerce website development company in usa)Robinhoodstock price trend

ecommerce website development company in usa

seven、Brex:74One hundred million U.S. dollars

Brex IncHeadquartered in San Francisco, California,It provides business credit cards and cash management accounts for tech companies。BrexProducts designed for other startups,include Airbnb、Carta and approximately 20,000 other customers。Key products include business credit cards with travel rewards、Business Cash Management Account and Expense Tracking Software。

Brex Not a fintech startup at first,but a family VR Startups。Then the founders participatedY Combinator(Startup Incubator Program)Transforming a company into a fintech startup。

(ecommerce website development company in usa)2021 year 2 moon,Company Announces Application to FDIC and Utah Department of Financial Institutions to Establish Industrial Bank,named Brex bank,Yes Brex wholly-owned subsidiary of。

Brexpast financing record

ecommerce website development company in usa

Data Sources:01The think tank is organized according to the public examination data

Eight、Carta:68 One hundred million U.S. dollars

Carta(formerly eShares, Inc.)is a technology company headquartered in San Francisco, California,Management and valuation software specializing in financial statements。Carta Depend on Henry Ward and Manu KumarAt 2012 Year established,On the cloud for private companies、Investor and employee tracking property forms。2021year1moon,Cartalaunched a CartaX private trading platform,Allowing unicorn entrepreneurs to sell their shares to investors。CartaConvert paper stock certificates as well as stock options、Warrants and Derivatives Digitization,to help the company、Investors and employees manage their equity,Simultaneously create a real-time picture of company ownership。

2015 year 8 moon,Carta raised 1700 million dollars B round of financing,Depend on Spark Capital lead investment。2017 year 10 moon,Carta raised 4200 million dollars C round of financing,Depend on Menlo Ventures and Social Capital lead investment。2018 year 12 moon,Carta exist D raised in round 8000 Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Valuation reached 8 One hundred million U.S. dollars,Depend on Tribe Capital and Meritech Capital Partners lead investment。

2019 year 5 moon,The company is being Andreessen Horowitz lead E round of financing 17 0 million valuation raised 3 One hundred million U.S. dollars。2020 year,F The round valued the company at 31 One hundred million U.S. dollars。2021 year2 moon,Cartaexist CartaX sold on less than 1 0 million in own stock,It was estimated at68One hundred million U.S. dollars。

2021year,CartaThe number of employees is1451。2019year5moon,CartaOnce to well-known technology mediaTech CrunchIndicates that his annual income is5500Ten thousand U.S. dollars。

Nine、Gemini:71One hundred million U.S. dollars

(ecommerce website development company in usa)Gemini Trust Company, LLC(Gemini)is a familyCryptoExchanges and Custodians,Allow customers to buy、Sell and store digital assets。GeminiRegulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services,Depend on Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss At 2014 Year founded。

2016 year 6 moon,Gemini Become the world's first licensed Ethereum exchange。2018 year 5 moon, Gemini Be the first in the world to be licensed Zcash (Zcash is aCrypto,Designed to provide enhanced privacy to its users using encryption technology)Exchange。CurrentlyGeminiIn the U.S、Canada、U.K.、South Korea、Doing business in Hong Kong and Singapore。

Gemini Started to facilitate the purchase and storage of Bitcoin through a complex private key system and cryptographically protected environment。Only a small fraction of bitcoins on exchanges are held online,To minimize the risk of loss from hackers。

Gemini is the first in 2017 year 12 Exchange to Launch Bitcoin Futures Contracts。CBOE Gemini as the basis for the daily settlement of bitcoin futures。GeminiProcess approx. 300 billion dollar deal,recently acquired NFT Exchange Nifty Gateway,to expand into the digital art market。

2021 year 11 moon,Geminiby710 million valuation raised 4 billion dollar investment。Coin Market Capdata show,2022year3moon17day Geminipast24The hourly transaction volume is1.3One hundred million U.S. dollars。

CryptoExchange and its trading volume

ecommerce website development company in usa

source:Coin Market Cap

ten、Wise:50.9One hundred million U.S. dollars

WiseProvide consumers with online international money transfer services,Its average cost is 0.7%,Bank of America charges 3-4%。2021annual revenue growth 70% to 4.2 One hundred million U.S. dollars,company claims to own 1000 million customers,higher than 2020 the beginning of the year 700 Ten thousand。

WiseKnown for providing online international money transfer services at low prices。Monitowebsite(Compare services specifically)express,Wise Cheaper than the big four UK banks on average 83%,may be cheaper in some specific cases 90%。2017 year 4 moon 8 day,An internal memo from Santander Bank said:,If the bank charges and Wise the same will lose 84% of remittance business income。

2021 year 7 moon 7 day,Wise Direct listing on the London Stock Exchange,It was estimated at 110 One hundred million U.S. dollars,now in50.9around 0 million。

2021year11moon30day,Wisepublished2021Financial report for the first half of the year。During this period,Wiseincome is2.563billion pounds(3.37One hundred million U.S. dollars),Profit is1880million pounds(2473million pounds)。

(ecommerce website development company in usa)Wisestock price trend

ecommerce website development company in usa

eleven、Hippo:10.4One hundred million U.S. dollars

Hippoby utilizing artificial intelligence、satellite imagery、Public data and a range of other factors to simplify the home insurance application and claims process,The company's services are now available for more than 70% of U.S. homeowners use。

Hippo is an American property insurance company based in Palo Alto, California,At2015Year founded。Hippo Provide homeowners insurance,Covers liability in the event of an accident on the home and property of the insurance holder and the insured property,Aggregate and analyze property information using artificial intelligence and big data。The company sells insurance policies directly to customers。

(ecommerce website development company in usa)2016 year 12 moon,To fund product development,Hippo exist A raised in a round of venture capital financing 1400 Ten thousand U.S. dollars,and on 2017 year 4 launched in california Hippo。at launch,The company's marketing focus is on providing homeowners insurance policies 60 quotes in seconds,Transparent online buying process and smart home sensors,Potential damage to the policyholder's home can be proactively identified and prevented。

2018 year 11 moon,Hippogot 2500 million dollars B round of financing,Depend on Comcast Ventures and Fifth Wall Ventures lead investment。also in 2018 year 11 moon,Hippo raised 7000 million dollars C round of financing,Depend on Felicis Ventures and Lennar Corporation lead investment。2019 year7 moon,Depend on Mary Meeker of Bond Capital Leading new venture capital raises 1 One hundred million U.S. dollars,Make Hippo valued at 10 One hundred million U.S. dollars。2020 year 7 moon,Hippo exist E raised in round 1.5 One hundred million U.S. dollars。2020 year 11 moon,Hippo From MS&AD Raised in an investment by Sumitomo Mitsui Insurance Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the insurance group 3.5 One hundred million U.S. dollars。

Hippo At 2019 year 11 Acquired San Francisco-based tech support services startup Sheltr,The company aims to provide home health checks。

2021year1moon15day,HippopassSPAC(Backdoor listing)Way to successfully list on the New York Stock Exchange,Valuation at the time100around 0 million。The market value is now10.3One hundred million U.S. dollars。

2022year3moon14day,Hippo publishing company's2021Fourth quarter financial report。HippoThe quarterly loss of6070Ten thousand U.S. dollars,income is3210Ten thousand U.S. dollars。

Hippostock price trend

ecommerce website development company in usa