ecommerce website development technologies


Edit Introduction:The development of the e -commerce industry is very mature so far,So its product should be very mature, right??actually not,Many companies want to do e -commerce,But I can't even build the official website。The author shared how to follow0arrive1How to make an e -commerce website,We together look。

ecommerce website development technologies

(ecommerce website development technologies)E -commerce has developed away20For many years,Many people call it the traditional industry of the Internet,It's like a simple old man。

Now that it has developed so many years,Then the e -commerce product should be very mature, right??

You really think too much,Why?Most companies,Is it unable to build an e -commerce system。

Any company wants to online an e -commerce product,If you find something wrong,It is bound to take a lot of energy,Sorrowful,Only to complete。

Pharaoh gives an example,For example, a traditional company that makes wood,Want to engage in online large trading,What qualifications do you need to apply?How to build front -end trading processes of digital products?Company employees have no experience in e -commerce,How to quickly touch the industry?

Someone jumps out and said,Use Jingdong Taobao to fight a lot。

This way,Just hasty, right?,There is a saying called:Under the fence,Spitting noodles。Galanz2019year618Jump out the eve,Think about it,Anyone,It's not so forced to force the child like this。

Can't you settle in??Of course,And must!

Take the big platform as a customer,Marketing,But still have your own private domain。All the big -name mobile phone companies you can see,Will design your own official website。

Except for the above reasons,There is a more important point:No need to make any more“Protection fees”Over。

certainly,Do your own e -commerce official website,It is bound to be difficult。Can look at it,This road is still the best choice for major companies,The difference is only functional,Do more and less questions。

How to do the lowest cost,How to start?Pharaoh and you3Appropriate way,Choice。

one、Use third -party e -commerceSaaS:Spend money

The well -known、Taobao、Pinduoduo、Douyin e -commerce、Fast -handed e -commerce,Without exception,all about“Centralization”E -commerce,Flow belong to the platform,Non -brand。

You think buying users should be a brand customer,In fact,It's all about public domain traffic,There are no hand -to -hand methods in the brand。

(ecommerce website development technologies)The cost of developing a medium and large e -commerce companies is expensive,Need to develop several core systems,In order to guarantee the smooth transaction,Rome was not built in a day。Jingdong4The annual technical investment is high600100 million funds,This is for most brands,All costs that cannot be affordable。

(ecommerce website development technologies)Where is,Where is the transaction。

(ecommerce website development technologies)Buy e -commerce for a small amount of costSaaSsoftware,Seemingly good solution。What is e -commerceSaaS?One language,That is, the brand to help the brand complete the product of e -commerce transactions。

Professional people do professional things,E -commerceSaaSDeveloper perfect product form,Brand is responsible for user marketing,Talk about brand,It's a good e -commerce solution。

Just need to buy the supporting facilities that meet your business as neededSaaSTo,for exampleERP,Marketing system,Distribution system and so on。You can also buy the server by yourself,Store your own security data。

At present, the strongest king on the market is praise,Xingyao section micro shop,There are also diamonds, such as business, etc.。You can experience it yourself,Feel whether their products meet their business demands。

(ecommerce website development technologies)But there is also a disadvantage,Assuming that the brand has personalized scene needs,Such as a lottery,Blind box and so on,May e -commerceSaaSCan't solve it immediately,It will make you very uncomfortable。

two、Spend some money to find a reliable bag

Suppose you must have an e -commerce independent site,Create your own portal,Lack of related technical personnel,What should I do at this time?

Find outsourcing,Many government websites have been completed by outsourcing staff。

In the case of smoothness,Outsourcing can be according to your needs,During the corresponding time,Give you the independent station。But this can only be discredited in the middle of the night,I'm lucky。

Looking for reliable outsourcing channels,It is introduced by an acquaintance who does not pit people,After all, he has dealt with these people。Pharaoh used to find a game outsourcing with the business department on the Alibaba network channel,As a result, my intestines regret it。

(ecommerce website development technologies)I sent different parties to the three outsourcing companiesbrief,Need in3Day,Give me a complete plan strategy。

After three days,Pharaoh took the business、technology、Leaders of the three products of the product,Go to an outsourcing company together。After multiple rounds of scores,filter,We finally chose a plan,Good attitude,“Good technology”An outsourcing company。

This is the beginning of a nightmare。

All product solutions,I'm coming out。

  • Say a good technical team,Actually2personal;
  • Say a good development ability,In fact, the level after hand is very poor,Allbug,This is normal,Anyone who has a little level will not choose outsourcing;
  • Say a good schedule,Drag and drag,Infinite extension;
  • If you say good, the testers follow up,Actually developing self -test,There is no time to develop,Where is the air gear test??

So that it is online for a very garbage product,Operate2It's offline。

and,Many outsourcing companies,In order to be able to go online quickly,The solutions made are for the temporary solution to be online,Very difficult to expand,When I want to do iteration in the future,Very painful,I will even push the outsourcing version directly to。

If there is a reliable channel,You can consider this solution,otherwise,Money is better to throw away。

(ecommerce website development technologies)

three、Buy source code to develop by yourself

Between the two disadvantages,Nothing want to buySaaS,I don't want to find outsourcing,It's better to buy some source code,Change,You can use it and you can use it。Or find an open source code,It can also save a cost。

The source code can generally be purchased by Taobao,You can buy it through a third -party official website,Even from someGitPurchase directly in the big god。

in this way,Can complete the task efficiently,It can also save a lot of time。Unknown,Establish a complete e -commerce platform,It was not a few years that it was not reached。

Division is very obvious,The e -commerce system code that seems to be directly used,There are countless pits hidden behind it。hardcode,Poor expansion,Difficult to read and write,It will greatly limit the imagination space of the product。

Who makes you poverty and two whites,We have a lot of money to do if we have a lot of money,Anyone who comes,。

Assuming that after you evaluate the cost,DiscoverytmIt's better to do it yourself,Then prepare a product research and development team,Three people are enough,Back -end technician,Front -end personnel,There is another test。

The product manager is a dog,Do you want to do it?,The big deal is the big painting prototype of these three people,Writeprd,It's not difficult。Smaller brand,All need to configure this set of production research teams。


In summary,Make a summary,Want to be an independent station,Nothing out of these three practical methods。

(ecommerce website development technologies)First,E -commerce with trilogySaaSsoftware。

(ecommerce website development technologies)On -demand purchase,Economical,The disadvantage is that personalization needs are difficult to meet,It is generally recommended,Comparison of playing social systems such as micro shops6s company。

second,Find a reliable outsourcing bag。

As long as you are willing to spend money,You can do what you want,But the premise is that this outsourcing team is reliable,Trusted。The disadvantage is also very obvious,Outsourcing for a hammer to buy and sell,The code is all pits。

third,Buy source code,Self -development。

If the map is convenient and fast,You can consider purchasing the source code of a third party,Can be online quickly。But future iteration or innovation needs,On the source code,It may be difficult to achieve。


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