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Want to be a student of Harvard University,Difficult;But I want to take a class of Harvard University,Easy。

this term,I went to Sanmen Harvard University MOOC,Separate:

  • Psychology 1504:Positive Psychology(Positive psychology)
  • CS50: Introduction to Computer Science(Introduction to computer science)
  • CS50's Web Programming with Python and JavaScript(Web development programming)

In general, Harvard University undergraduates have three to four lessons in one semester,So it can be said that I pretended to be at Harvard University for a semester。

Harvard University is edX One of the founders,So edX There are many courses at Harvard University,The most famous of which may be computer courses CS50,It is hailed by Bloomberg as the top five computer courses in the United States。I'm here edX This platform selected CS50 And its series of courses CS50's Web Programming with Python and JavaScript。Netease Cloud Class can find positive psychology(《Harvard University Public Class:Happy class》),And Chinese translation。

How does American universities take class?

Let's look at some concepts first,It helps to learn from American universities MOOC。

U.S. college,A lesson includes the following 3 Form of teaching:

  • Lecture:Just a lecture,Like domestic high school and university class,The teacher said on it,Students listen below。Generally, a lesson time is one hour to one and a half hours。
  • Recitation / Sections:exercise lesson,General TA(Coach)To teach,Time is generally half an hour to an hour。Lecture Teacher may talk fast or not be able to take care of all students' progress,The exercise class is to make up for this aspect,Will focus on a knowledge point or not understand the part of the part Lecture Classmates checked the missing and checked。
  • Office Hour:Office time,The professor will set a time period every week,About one hour to two hours。At this time period,The professor will leave the time in the office,Ans for questions for the students in this course。When you listen to it personally Lecture There are still some knowledge points that I do n’t understand the exercise lessons,Or I want to ask a deeper question,You can go Office Hour。Of course, sometimes the professor is too busy or too many students,Office Hour Will be assisted by teaching assistant。

Some nouns that may be used:

  • TA / TF:Teaching Assistant and Teaching Fellow abbreviation of,「Coach」the meaning of,Generally, students who have passed this course and performed well,Master's and doctors will also serve as teaching assistants in undergraduate courses。
  • Problem Sets:American homework is generally called assignment,And many of the homework of science and engineering is called Problem Sets,「Exercises」the meaning of。
  • Quiz:「Follow -up test」,Education in the United States focuses on process,From time to time, I will come in class Quiz,Will Quiz Calculate the total score。

Positive psychology

Psychology 1504 Name Positive Psychology (Positive psychology),The name in Netease Cloud Class is named《Harvard University Public Class:Happy class》,The lecturer is Tal Ben-Shahar,Known as Harvard University「The most popular teacher」。This course is one of the most popular courses in Harvard's history,Teach you how to become happier。Course 23 Class time,every lesson 80 minute。

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(edx website development)《Harvard University Public Class:Happy class》

Positive psychology is a branch that has only been available in recent years。In the psychology world,The papers of research anxiety and a happy study are 21:1,In other words, scholar research 21 Why can the second people study 1 Why is the second one happy。Tal It is said that the purpose of opening positive psychology in Harvard,In addition to making people who have been in class happier,I just want to restart this balance,Because knowing how to become happy and knowing why is not happy。

Tal The core point of view proposed in class is:Happiness is not just the external conditions,And lies in the matching of subjective expectations and external conditions。People always think that the rich is happier than the poor,It is true that the rich has more options in many things,But this is also related to its own subjective expectations:The poor may want to live flat and dull,That's it,He will be very happy;The rich may drive BMW,But I can't afford to buy friends all Rolls -Royce,Then he may be unhappy too。So happiness is not the level of status,And whether subjective expectations are matched with external conditions。

Positive psychology is not just a course to teach the adjustment of psychology,Control the body can affect the psychology。Tal I have made more happiness in the classroom the wonder drug (Puzzle),Only simple 4 point,And academic research supports this view:

  • every day 30 Minute exercise,At least weekly 4 Second-rate。
  • every day 15 Mid -minute meditation,weekly 6 arrive 7 Second-rate。
  • every day 8 Sleep。
  • one day 12 Hug,At least 5 Second-rate。

I also found that sufficient sleep and exercise can make me more energetic,Although meditation and hugs at this stage I am still trying further,But I believe these four points can indeed make me happier。Adjust your body by adjusting,Make your mind happier,After all, the mind and body are one in one。

On the course,Many aspects related to happiness are involved,For example, learn to focus on、Hug change、Overcome the delay、Learn to be grateful,Each lesson has become a happier ability from different aspects。I strongly recommend you to see《Harvard University Public Class:Happy class》Course video,I believe you can gain something after reading,The ability to have happiness becomes happier。

There is only curriculum video in Netease Cloud Classroom,No course PPT。

Introduction to computer science

CS50: Introduction to Computer Science It is a computer basic course at Harvard University,This course is also cited by Yale University,The same courses were offered in Yale。The course is divided into 10 week,forward 5 Weekly explanation C Language and basic computer science basic knowledge,back 5 Weekly will involve Python,HTML,SQL Waiting for advanced knowledge。The course lecture is David Malan,Known as one of the world's well -known computer science education,Facebook CEO mark-Zuckerberg also worked in this class Lecturer。

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This course is divided into 11 week,The weekly task is divided into the following three parts:

  • Lecture: Main course content,Every Lecture About two hours。
  • Shorts: One TA speak,As the name suggests,Is a short video,Per 5 arrive 10 minute,Per week 5 arrive 6 indivual Short。The main content is the knowledge point that there is no unfolding in class,For example, in the array of that class, different array sorting algorithms。
  • Problem Set: Weekly homework,Corresponding to the weekly content,EveryProblem Set Need in CS50 Lab Write and submit。

I personally feel CS50 The biggest advantage is to have a web programming environment,Let the beginners not need to install the complex first IDE (Integrated Development Environment)And a programming environment,Focus on programming grammar and programming experience first,In this step, you can cultivate your interest in programming。Imagine a programming beginner not only to learn programming grammar,Also face a bunch of buttons on the complex interface during actual programming,What kind of experience。At that time, I used ancient machines in the school's computer room IDE,only know Complie and Run Two options,The remaining dozens of options do not know what they are doing at all,Pressing on the stress,Can't feel the fun of programming at all。

(edx website development)exist CS50 Under the environment,Open the browser to program,The interface is clean and modern。When encountering a problem,Not only did the system given an error message,The command line tool developed by the course team itself help50 You can give you the guidance of natural language;style50 The tool can automatically find the asymmetry of the indentation format and give suggestions,Make the code more beautiful。These tools should be used by beginners,Come and constantly improve your good programming habits,Walking smoother on the road in the future。

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Simple web IDE

In addition to excellent curriculum website facilities and curriculum teams,Lecturer David Passionate and vibrant explanation in class is also the highlight I feel when I feel in class.。He sweats every lesson because he speaks passion,Let me feel his vitality and passion through the screen,There is no mercy in the case in class.,for example:

  • Use tearing books to demonstrate the two -point search。
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On -site tear

  • Let students eat breakfast to demonstrate the computer's instruction steps。
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Breakfast in the classroom

  • Use Harvard students to demonstrate various sorting algorithms。
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real-Artificial sorting

This seemingly waste of materials and manpower explanations,In fact, not only makes the classroom less rigid,It will also let students remember this vivid and profound example,Therefore, some knowledge points of computers are classified to computers,It's very important for beginners。

Web development and programming

CS50's Web Programming with Python and JavaScript Yes CS50 Web development courses in the series。The course explained the web development three swordsmen HTML,CSS and JavaScript,At the same time, it will involve Python Explanation and use Flask Framework for web development,As well as SQL Related details of the establishment of a database,Can still talk about Git and GitHub Related operation。The lecturer is Brian Yu,He is too CS50 Chief of the main lesson TF,Class logic is clear,There is almost no nonsense。

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CS50' Web Web Programming with Python and JavaScri

The whole course is divided into 12 week,A week is near 2 Hourly Lecture。All -in -course 4 indivual Project and 1 indivual Final Project,Every Project The web pages that are required to make the corresponding features are attached to the demonstration instructions。The characteristic of this course is directly to get started,Taking the project as the main explanation function,Unlike many domestic courses, first differentiation and talk about a bunch of functions。Benefits for project systems,That is, you can first complete a web page with a little function first,Although it may be ugly,But this sense of accomplishment is an important motivation to continue learning。If you just instill a lot of functions, let you develop a web page,It may not be able to start。

Set class time

although MOOC Class time is free,But do not plan,Wait until you have time to add knowledge,The result is often delayed。for MOOC Plan a class time,Like the time listening to the class, go to class according to time,Will give yourself a sense of ritual,It's as if he is in a class in Harvard University,You can also complete the course you want to learn according to the plan。

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Calendar in a certain week

The picture above is the calendar layer I only have a class in my daily week。Except for the two schools of your own school,I chose the three doors for me MOOC Time is arranged,When you arrive at the time, go to the library to open the computer to prepare for class。Give yourself a sense of ritual like a formal class,In order to be done in an orderly manner MOOC study。Of course because of this semester of sufficient time,I can arrange the course on Monday or Tuesday,But the method is the same,Arrange it after get off work or evening,It is necessary to give yourself a sense of ceremony for class。


The above is the Sanmen Harvard University I chose MOOC course,The purpose of this article is to tell everyone that the online educational resources on the Internet are very developed,Everyone can choose the courses that their favorite universities on the Internet,There are always online courses that can cover the knowledge you want to learn。In the classroom, the teacher will slow the speaking speed in order to clarify the concept,So listening to English courses is a good way to exercise English listening,Friends who want to study abroad can also listen to a few English courses to adapt to the classrooms of American universities。

Of course, classing on the Internet cannot be completely equivalent to class on campus,MOOC There is still a certain gap compared to real -life communication,Resources and social networks on Harvard campus are still the advantage that cannot be replaced by online courses。but MOOC Compared to traditional campus courses,There is also a certain advantage,One is the flexible control of class time,You can choose to take class in your own state,For example, some people have higher efficiency at night at night;The second is the pressure of less assessment,Focus on the acquisition of knowledge,Give full play to the advantages of self -study。

Harvard University tuition fee Treat 6000 Dollar,In edX He and Netease Cloud Class are completely free,You can spend after learning 90 The dollar obtains a curriculum certificate。Learn to obtain high -quality resources on the Internet,Not only can we broaden your own vision,You can also get knowledge more efficiently,I wish you all a happy learning。

(Questions and pictures are from Harvard University、edX He Netease Cloud Class)