enterprise chatbot development service for websites


enterprise chatbot development service for websites

【51CTO.comFast translation】Well known,Chat robots for improving the service quality and efficiency of enterprises,is crucial。They often provide personalized experience and first -class customer service。Currently,Amazon、Wal -Mart、Zomato(Food recommendation platform,Popular reviews similar to Indian version)Most of the online retail service giants,All withAIChat robot for drive。

(enterprise chatbot development service for websites)Research has shown that,With excellent response ability,Have52%Customers are more willing to communicate with chat robots。It can be said,along withAIThe changes in the smart chat robot marketing model to the customer service industry,They are becoming a subverter of global products and service delivery methods。And in some practical scenes,Developers can even be without having to write any code,Build directlyAIChat robot software application。

This article will focus on the 13 types that can be used for application development、Intelligent interactionAIChat Robot Platform。You can choose the most suitable one from it,forWebApplications and websites build powerful functions、High -efficiency and scalability chat robot。

1. Mobile Monkey

(enterprise chatbot development service for websites)For integrationFacebook MessengerDesignedMobile Monkey,ByAIOne of the top chat robot platforms supported by technology。You can use it,Related the chat robot and advertising promotional activities,Scenes used for various marketing categories。E.g,You can use its built -in chat robot list service,And automated gift promotion(lead magnets)Way,Gradually turn your visitors into real customers。Currently,The platform provides two versions of free and paid,You can provide a variety of functions such as SMS integration。

2. Botsify

useBotsify,You can take your website、Facebook Messenger、as well asSlackBuild various chat robots。Such chat robots can often create seamless processes for you,Based onAIDialogue。BotsifyThe highlight is,You don't need to write a program,You can achieve the creation of the interface by drag and drop。You can control the entire process macro,You can integrate different plug -in。

3. Botcore.ai

BotcoreIt is usually possible for enterprise -level businesses,Used to build an interactive formula、Codeless chat robot development platform。Through the integration with the existing system,BotcoreChat robots provided can be used for e -commerce、Sales and marketing、Supply Chain Management、Safe operation、And warning trigger of specific behavior。It can be said,Seamless supplier administration、Enterprise order management and other fields,All are the strengths of this type of chat robot platform。

4. Wotnot

As a popularAIChat robot software,WotnotCan provide a comprehensive session chat robot for various industries,And supporting marketing solutions。Through various preset templates,You can quickly customize and build the basic process of chat robots for the company。It can not only pass the real -time chat function,Let's support all kinds of sales and marketing activities,You can also introduce manual intervention on demand。

5. DialogFlow

BeGoogleA kind of chat robot development framework,DialogFlowCan allow users to build a chat robot based on voice dialogue。Currently,It can not only be withFacebook Messenger、Google Assistant、Alexa、And other virtual equipment integrated,And can be used at the same time for mobile andWebIn the application。The platform mainly uses natural language processing(Natural Language Processing,NLP)To optimize the dialogue,And provide customers with the experience of people -like(human-like feel)。


(enterprise chatbot development service for websites)TARSIt is a kind of available on the login page、And improve the best user conversion rateAIChat Robot Program。You can target different potential customer conversion requirements,From800Choose the right one among a variety of templates,To build an intelligent robot。Currently,TARSMainly committed to the establishment of a dialogue website and chat robot service,Increase investment recovery rate for users' marketing activities(ROI)。

7. ChatterOn

(enterprise chatbot development service for websites)The purpose of becoming the fastest chat robot platform in the industryChatterOn,Promise users can be5Within minutes,BuildAIChat robot。This platform can provide rich content and functions,This includes various images、video、Rotation。ChatterOnThe main highlight is,All of its senior functions are provided for free。And it can send up to at most for user companies15000Message。

8. FlowXO

Depend onFlowXOConstructive,byAIInteractive chat robot for drive,Can be with various websites、social media、And mobile application and other platforms integrated。As a good e -commerce chat robot platform,It can provide custom -defined greetings for visitors。also,Depend onFlowXOThe constructed chat robot can also use the products or services purchased by customers by identifying customers,Come to accept payment。

9. HubSpot Chatbot Builder

As a popular chat robot development platform,HubSpot Chatbot Builderprovided200Multiple integration methods。You can use it to build a scalable、Robots with a powerful dialogue function。At the same time, it can achieve email tracking,CRMAdd potential customers,As well asGmailandOutlookIntegrated integration。The biggest highlight of the chat robot is,Can be in the process of dialogue with users,Provide it with a unique humanized experience。

10. Amplify.ai

As an optional marketing plan for the next generation of chat robots,Amplify.aiProvide personalized dialogue services for various scenarios。You can build a virtual assistant for the brand's brand,To provide professional and unique user experience。Users can use it as calledAdLingoPlatform,existinstagramandFacebookProvide dialogue advertising experience above。

11. Aivo

Known as customer service and support capabilitiesAivo,Can provide users with a wealth of service experience。You can use it to buildAIChat robot,In real time in response to customers' various issues,And increase the conversion rate of visitors。The highlight of such chat robots is,No programming,Can do50Support different languages to provide support。also,Users can also put the platform andZendesk、Sapier、as well asSalesforceEqual integration。

12. Imperson

Focus on corporate servicesImperson,Can be used to build high -qualityAIChat robot。It can support audio on major mainstream platforms、video、text、voice、ARas well asVR。ImpersonThrough itNLPFeatures,Provide a more real customer experience。It is suitable forSkype、Facebook、Messenger、Slack、Kik、And the end -to -end formula provided by other chat platformsAIChat Robot Program。

13. Boost.ai

When you want to build oneNLPWhen seamlessly cooperates virtual agent,Boost.aiCan be your choice。Through1000Multi -holding trainer“Tuning”back,It currently has100Multiple real -time virtual proxy,as well as1000More than 10,000 interactive components。Depend onBoost.aiThe expansion chat robot constructed,Not only can it be usedNLPDialog,And help developers actively create dynamic interactable chat scenes。

Chat robots have a broad market

actually,It's not just a simple customer service scenario,Chat robots can also be applied toCMSEnterprise -level applications、And customer -centricWebIn the environment and other environments。They will eventually be able to be able to be in the right time,To the right customer,Pass the correct information,And forward it to the right background personnel to deal with it。

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