fantasy sports website development


A ruling of the US Supreme Court last year,Determine sports lottery in the United States50All states are legal。This is definitely a big news for the dream sports world,Fantasy Sports will benefit from it。therefore,All companies are trying to develop the next large fantasy sports experience project。

(fantasy sports website development)fantasy sports website development

AR SportsGet a new patent,The company will combine enhanced reality technology and fantasy sports,Create an interactiveARExperience,Just like《Pokemon Go》or《Harry Potter:Wizard》Be well -knownARgame,ARSports can also allow players to choose their own players in professional and amateur sports projects。

fantasy sports website development

The game will help you explore the surrounding environment,To find a brand new player,Further build your own sports dream team,And compete with players around the world。

(fantasy sports website development)As long as this sports project and fantasy sports have cooperation,You can be in any traditional season,Use Dream Sports for a long time in the league with others to win and defeat,You can also participate in the weekly dream sports challenge。This application can even integrate to existing fantasy sports websites,Players don't have to worry that they are not a member of any dream sports website,You only need to use the drawing system as an independent application,You can join Fantasy Sports。

This new reality method may have a huge impact on the dream sports world。WillARTechnical and traditional exercise combination,Provide players with a different experience。No matter which team you are, the hardcore fans of the team,Or you are just a sports enthusiast,You can all increase the player's interactive experience through the game,Make players' dream sports journey closer to personal life,Old players can also encourage others to join Dream Sports。

fantasy sports website development

(fantasy sports website development)

When you are in the living room、The community and even the workplace encounteredARWhen the version of the player,You don’t have to sit at home or work in front of the computer to choose your player,You are building your super team。You must find new athletes in a new environment,This is what a real sports scout should do in real life。Once selected,Players will appear on your mobile device,You can even interact with you——Make me as a coach!!

ARCEO and founder of sportsLenny ParisExpressed in the official press release:“We are very excited about the current important milestone,The first task of our team has always been to establish intellectual property rights,Therefore, we will continue to strengthen the software platform and the advertising system that continues to strengthen reality。”

fantasy sports website development

In terms of sports sponsorship,This is also a big business,This application will publish patent interactive advertisements through augmented reality and geographical positioning technology,Increase the traffic of advertising promotion、Interaction and redemption amount。This means that this application can have an advertising module that dynamically augmented reality,Make advertisers use with the store、Restaurant and enterprise -related geographical location to lock players。also,The system will join the independentARSigns,If players can successfully capture,You can give you a coupon or customer brand promotion。

Fantasy sports industry owns in the United States and Canada5930Participant,AR sportsI hope this new immersive method will encourage new players to join Fantasy Sports,To open the new world。