fbla multimedia and website development


fbla multimedia and website development

Contest introduction

FBLA National Future Business Leaders Challenge ChallengeFuture Business Leaders of America)ByFuture Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda, Inc. (FBLA-PBL) ,U.S. Future Business Leadership Organization。BeThe world's largestStudent occupation and business organization,Help each yearExceed 25 10,000Student planning business future。now,FBLA In the U.S 47 State、Canada、China、Europe、Middle -South America and other ownershipExceed 6400 PlaceMember school,Various types are held every yearCommercial elite activityandcompetitionAnd issue a certificate of participation、Award certificate and so on,It is one of the world's largest student development education organization and business literacy education organization。

(fbla multimedia and website development)FBLAAlso American high schoolInfluenceofBusiness competition,YesBusiness and economics“Olympic Games”。It was listed as the official project of the Ministry of Education and was listed as the official of the Ministry of Education. National Association of Secondary School Principals(American Middle School President Federation)List as a student competition and event recommended by the principal of the middle school,Has a high degree of recognition in American universities。The purpose of the institution is to provide a series of professional literacy and leadersTalent training,Graduate members and students into oneFuture community leaders with business mindsFBLA ChinaYesFBLAA coordination office authorized in China,since2015OperateFBLAChinese competition、Help all universities to establish and manageFBLAOfficial certificationChapterWait。

(fbla multimedia and website development)fbla multimedia and website development


⒈ International Business International business

⒉ Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurial

⒊ Marketing Marketing

⒋ Business Plan startup-plan

⒌ Business Ethics Business ethics

(fbla multimedia and website development)⒍ Management Decision Making Management decision -making

⒎ Banking&Financial Systems Bank finance

⒏ Social Media Campaign Social media marketing

⒐ Sales Presentation Sales demonstration

⒑ Hospitality Management Hotel management

(fbla multimedia and website development)⒒ Sports and Entertainment Management Sports and Entertainment Industry Management

(fbla multimedia and website development)⒓ Business Financial Plan Business Finance Plan

⒔ Introduction to Business Presentation Business Demonstration

⒕ Economics economics

【Note:Each participating student opened in the institutionFBLASelect one in the subject,And you can only choose to participate in a business subject,Economics is a must -have subject for all participating students。】

(fbla multimedia and website development)

Scope of competition

FBLA The academic system and school of the competitionInternational tutorialVery strongConnectivity,The range is:

(fbla multimedia and website development)APcourse:Macroeconomicsmacroeconomics、MicroeconomicsMicroeconomics、Statisticsstatistics

A Levelcourse:AccountingAccounting、BusinessCommerce、Economicseconomics

IBcourse:Business and Managementbusiness Administration、Economicseconomics


DividePre -match workPre-finished Document)、Objective academic examObjective Test)andBusiness documents and demonstrationsBusiness Report and PresentationThree forms

⒈ Pre -match work:Before the gameComplete and submit works,Usually including business documents,Webpage or media files, etc.。

⒉ Objective academic exam:On -site,Duration 1 Hour,4 Division team subject and 1 Gate Personal Examination subjects,Student needs 4 Selection in the door test 1 Door to participate,Personal additional examination economics is optional project:Global business、Entrepreneurial、Marketing、Bank finance 、Economics。

(fbla multimedia and website development)⒊ Business documents and demonstrations:Participating students are in accordance with requirementsOnline submissionDocument works participate in evaluation。


(fbla multimedia and website development)⒈ BUSINESS ETHICS

Should businesses be held responsible for implementing practices to protect the environment? Discuss both the positive and negative implications of holding businesses responsible for implementing practices to protect the environment.

(fbla multimedia and website development)⒉ BUSINESS LAW

(fbla multimedia and website development)Research a court case involving a corporate merger and analyze the findings. Do you agree with the outcome of the case? Why or why not?

(fbla multimedia and website development)⒊ BUSINESS PRESENTATION

Transformational leadership inspires teams to identify, create, and lead change through inspiration. Develop a presentation describing the characteristics of transformational leadership. Provide examples of business change led by transformational business leaders.


Prologis, Inc. is ranked among the top 10 companies on the 2019 “Global 100” list for its sustainability efforts. Discuss the sustainability practices and the company’s philosophy of supporting and encouraging business sustainability practices.


You are responsible for creating an informational campaign about social responsibility issues facing today’s companies. You will create an informational presentation. DO NOT USE Microsoft PowerPoint. Create two additional original artifacts selected from the potential list of artifacts below:

▪ Brochure

▪ Poster

▪ Newsletter

(fbla multimedia and website development)⒍ DIGITAL MEDIA

Utilize computer animation to create an informational video on leading business sustainability practices.


(fbla multimedia and website development)Supporting and encouraging a culture of innovation is one of the keys to business success in today’s environment. Discuss practices utilized by firms to support and encourage innovation. Discuss the positive outcomes firms must address that result from supporting continuous innovation. Discuss the negative outcomes firms must address that result from supporting continuous innovation.


Create a unit plan for a middle school computer applications course. The plan should include a pre-assessment, assessments, activities, and other ancillary materials that may be needed. Assessments must be original in nature and not copied from published textbook materials.


Knowledge of current business trends is critical for graduating students. Create a social media campaign describing the top 5 business trends for a selected industry of your choice. Conduct research on the selected industry and associated trends. Plan for a minimum of three different social media platforms that educate your peers on the identified trends. *No new social media account(s) should be created for the campaign without written consent from the entity.


Western Digital Corp. is headquartered in San Jose, California. “Western Digital Corporation (“Western Digital”) is a leading developer, manufacturer, and provider of data storage devices and solutions that address the evolving needs of the information technology (“IT”) industry and the infrastructure that enables the proliferation of data in virtually every other industry. We create environments for data to thrive. We are driving the innovation needed to help customers capture, preserve, access and transform an ever-increasing diversity of data. Everywhere data lives, from advanced data centers to mobile sensors to personal devices, our industry-leading solutions deliver the possibilities of data.” (Western Digital Corp. 10K, August 27, 2019). Utilize a subset of the following strategic tools to develop a recommended strategy to take advantage of the strengths of Western Digital Corp. or negate the weaknesses of Western Digital Corp. You will present the recommended strategy and the analysis utilized to develop the strategy. Tool options include but are not limited to:

▪ External Analysis: Macro Environment, Industry Environment, Competitive Analysis

▪ Internal Analysis: Financial Analysis, Value Chain Analysis, SWOT Analysis

▪ Strategy Formulation: Vision, Mission, Goals, Objective Analysis, Market Demands Analysis, Business Strategy Options Development

▪ Data analytics

(fbla multimedia and website development)▪ Strategy Recommendation

▪ Strategic Recommendation Implementation Issues


Research current trends in environmental responsibility and sustainability. Develop a website that educates your peers regarding environmental responsibility and sustainability. As part of the website design, develop and advertise a potential public event supporting environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Competition process

(fbla multimedia and website development)Competition time

2020year8moon27day:Start registration

2020year10moon15day:Deadline for registration

2020year11moon:Preliminary competitions in various regions

(fbla multimedia and website development)2021year1moon:China Division Final

2021year6moon-7moon:Global finals

Competition process

(fbla multimedia and website development)FBLAFollow the pyramid competition system in the United States,Each school each yearPrimary selection in each area,Enthusiastic playerState final,finallyState champion to advance to the U.S. Finals。Students participate in school FBLA ChinaRegional provincial competition,Outstanding competition results are promotedChina Finals,The final project wins the team directly to enterAmerican annual final。China Contest and State levels in the United States FBLA Keep the competition consistent,Depend on FBLA US headquarters proposition,Awarded according to the participating itemsChina Competition Award

⒈Chinese preliminary competition

The preliminary game is carried out in the form of papermaking answers in the form of papermaking in each school at the same time,The test paper and answer card will be sent back to the headquarters of the Chinese district after the competition,Award for preliminary preliminary rounds。

⒉China Finals

The preliminary award -winning players entered the Chinese finals in proportion。The Chinese District Finals will be held in Shanghai,Players will participate in the final project at the scene。The finals will be awarded the Chinese region award in accordance with the project,Each competition champion is promoted to the National Finals of the United States。

⒊American final

(fbla multimedia and website development)The finals champion is promoted to the American Finals。Compared to the provincial competition and the Chinese region final,Players will need to be more prepared。Announce more information about the finals。

fbla multimedia and website development


(fbla multimedia and website development)FBLA-PBLHold various conferences for members,Come to help membersDevelop business leadersDevelopment interpersonal networkPromoting career development and improving social skills。

(fbla multimedia and website development)⒈ National Leadership Conference The National Leadership Conference abbreviationNLC

FBLA-PBLThe national leader conference organized by the organization lasted four days,Very rich in content,Including a seminar and display of multiple themes, etc.,Also considered to be participatingFBLA-PBLPeak experience opportunity。BLA-PBLEstablish partnership with industry leaders,And provide opportunities for competitions and scholarships for students who are ranked nationwide。

PBL Career Connections Conference Occupation ConferencePBL

Per year,From all over North America200Many top college students held in ManhattanPBLCareer contact meeting,The meeting is fast,Influence,The purpose is to connect with talented individuals to leading employers。This will help students get interview skills required for success in the challenging job market,Establish a personal brand and explore early occupations,You can also communicate with the best brand today。

(fbla multimedia and website development)⒊ FBLA National Fall Leadership Conference The National Autumn Leadership Conference abbreviationNFLC

Autumn every year,Leaders and consultants from the new inauguration from each branch,Gathering together at this conference,They attended the seminar、forum、At the same time,Also communicate with each other in social places,Further cultivate your leadership,And the team building。

Institute for Leaders Leadership InstituteIFL

The Leadership Institute and the National Leadership Conference jointly organized,It is a two -day symposium,existNLCPeriod,Features is high efficiency,Curriculum,Focus on the development of leadership ability,Help young people who are new to a fledgling occupation in the business workplace。

(fbla multimedia and website development)⒌ State Leadership Conferences State Leadership Conference abbreviationSLC

SLCThe winner of the game will have the opportunity to participate in the national leader meeting。

Application Information

⒈ To participate in the competitionGroup form3peopleOne group

【Note:FBLA ChinaIt is the school participating in the name of the schoolFBLAThe only channel for competition】


FBLA ChapterYesFBLACertified competition unit,Responsible for students within the scope of the instituteFBLAParticipating training、Project selection and preparation

A school is an independentChapter,There are independent student management team and competition instructor

Student management team:ChapterStudent team election form is arranged by each school independently,Student team appointment needs

(fbla multimedia and website development)Competition instructor:Participating schools Select the instructor of the school depending on the actual situation of the school。Per year,FBLA ChinaAccording to school competition results,Selected the excellent domestic instructor in China

⒉ Team test items and business report speech projects are selected for each project to participate

(fbla multimedia and website development)⒊ Registration fee:

(fbla multimedia and website development)▪ China Provincial Championship:RMB 299 Yuan/people,Used for competition organization、Register、material、assessment、Certificate production and other aspects

▪ China Finals:RMB 399 Yuan/people,Expenses include the finals of the Chinese District Finals、Judge review、Certificate、On -site professional workshop and other content,Do not include hotel accommodation、Transportation and catering。

▪ American final:Dollar 150 Yuan/people,Expenses include competition registration、Participate in、Certificate mailing, etc.,Do not include the teacher、hotel accomodation、transportation、Visa and other costs