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Recent domain name registration companyGoDaddyFounderBob ParsonsparticipatedInc. 5000 Entrepreneer Conference,Here he talked about the problem of gender discrimination in the technology circle,And the pain you need to experience in the process of applying for the company's listing。This year6Time of the month,Bob ParsonsI just stepped down as the companyCEOPosition,But still stay as a member of the board of directors。

In the technology industry,GoDaddyOnce well known for launching some advertisements with discrimination against women。The earliest similar ads appeared in2005year,They even regard this advertisement as one of the overall market strategies。And this strategy brings them a lot of trouble。

(godaddy website developer)CurrentCEO Blake IrvingLeadGoDaddyCompanies Listed,But many people's impression of this company is,its“The most serious advertisement for gender discrimination”,And this impression affects its market value。ThisGoDaddyAlso clear,exist6In a document applied for the monthly application,They said that if they cannot re -position their own brand,Then their business and business will be greatly affected。

certainlyGoDaddyAlso facing other problems,Some recent situations have planned themIPOLosses to be postponed2015year。

2006Founder in the yearBob ParsonsI have applied for an application onceIPO,But for the same reason, it failed。For this reason, he had to transfer many of his own equity,But he is stillGoDaddyBiggest shareholder。

For this timeIPOGo on the market,Bob ParsonsDid not give too many comments。But he said,The process of applying for listing is still very troublesome。You need to face various rules,Need to prepare a variety of reports,Need to answer various questions from analysts,And these are things that do not need to do,This undoubtedly increased the difficulty of work。And spend time and energy in these things,Nothing decides to your business,This also brings a lot of challenges。

andBob ParsonsNor do they think their controversial advertising will ruin the company's future,He feels from the perspective of long -term construction of the brand,They are very successful。In addition, he believes in the technology industry,There are still many gender discrimination。

For example, Microsoft RecentCEO Satya NadellaJust express,Female employees should not ask for salary increase,Such discrimination speech has been criticized a lot。

andGoDaddyCompany's currentCEO Blake Irvingexpress,The environment in the technology circle is not very suitable for most women。butBob ParsonsI don't agree,He said that there is no gender discrimination in his company at least in his company。GoDaddyIt means that many of his executives are women,Many of the employees with the highest salary are women。About this question,He still has a very personal expression,He expressed:If that female employee feels discriminatory in the original company,Then you can comeGoDaddy,There are no these problems here。

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