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Ministry of Education today(24day)Hold a news ventilation meeting,Introduce the situation of campus loan risk prevention work。The person in charge of the Ministry of Education said,The next step will be improved and implemented by college student funding policies、Fresh measures such as regular campus credit channels and other measures,Maintain good student rights and campus stability。

Carry out financial knowledge popularization and“Financial quotient”educate

Ministry of Education request,Strengthen the correct consumption concept of college students。Supervise and guide colleges and universities in combination with freshmen's admission education、Daily ideological education、Safety Knowledge Competition、Financial knowledge entering campus and other work,Vigorously carry out the popularization of financial knowledge and“Financial quotient”educate,Comprehensively guide students to establish the correct consumption concept。

Improve and implement college student funding policies

(government grant for website development)Governor“Funding network”It is to prevent college students from falling into bad“Online loan”Important guarantee。Ministry of Education Defined,To implement funding policies、Do all the assistance。Supervise and guide colleges and universities to ensure the implementation of various student funding policies in place,Improve the level of student funding work management,Effectively protect the tuition fees of students in the family's economic difficulties、Container and basic living expenses such as accommodation costs and basic living expenses。

To carry out emergency assistance、Do it to help。Universities must improve the special difficulty rescue mechanism,Establish special funding funds,Emergency assistance to students who have major changes in the family,Solve the temporary nature of students、Requirements for urgent funds。

Pay attention to developmental needs、Do it to help。Encourage conditional colleges and universities to raise funds from multiple channels,Support students to carry out expansion learning、Innovation and entrepreneurship,Meet the development of students。

Resolutely resist bad campus loan behavior

Simultaneously,The Ministry of Education emphasizes the establishment of joint prevention and control mechanisms、Daily prevention and control mechanism、Real -time early warning mechanism,Resolutely resist bad campus loan behavior。Universities must actively cooperate with the public security department、Financial regulatory authorities,Regularly carry out bad campus loan reconstruction work,Accurately crack down on bad campus loans。Relevant departments of colleges and universities must perform their duties,Strictly prevent the publicity and loan of bad campus loans,Actively mobilize faculty and students to provide clues,Report the organization and individual of bad campus loans。

Effectively unblock regular campus credit channels

The Ministry of Education also proposed,All universities should face up to the reasonable credit needs of college students,Actively docking banking institutions,Cooperate with commercial banks and policy banks to develop and improve the convenient formalities、Reasonable interest rate、Risk -controllable colleges and universities、Training、Financial products such as necessary consumption,Meet the normal learning of college students、Life and other needs。Simultaneously,Cooperate with the financial regulatory authorities、Banking institutions do a good job of campus credit management,Prevent and resolve potential risks,Effectively protect and safeguard students' rights and interests。(General Taiwan CCTV reporter Pan Hongxu)

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