hire shopify website developer


hire shopify website developer

A well -designed and good -encoding website will help you transform customers、Ranking on the search engine,And avoid frustrating errors and shutdown time。

You can use a self -service station system orCMSTopic and plug -in to build and maintain your website。but,There are many advantages in cooperation with developers,Especially for business owners:You will have greater flexibility in the appearance and function of the website,You can rest assured,Everything will run as expected,And you will also reduce your workload.

(hire shopify website developer)Whether you are creating a new website、Update the website or just maintains the website,Employing developers can save your time and ensure that your website runs smoothly。

today,We will take you to understand how to hire developers for any website project。We will study how to outline your project and determine the type of developer you need、Where can I find and hire developers and your budget should be。

How to determine the scope of the project

Overview items require that it will help you choose the right one Web Developers and appropriate budgets。It will also help you accurately convey your needs,Therefore, you are more likely to establish a positive working relationship with developers。

One of the most important things to be considered is whether the project is designed with the website、Code and function -related,Or both。

  • design project: These are usually related to the brand and user experience。Maybe you want a new homepage layout、Easy to access color scheme or different fonts。
  • Coding and functional projects: These are usually related to the functions of your website and its operation method。Maybe you want a chat box or a more time -saving way to add new products to your online store。

sometimes,The project needs to design work and write code。E.g,Your new homepage layout may require new code to embed videos or fold and expand text。

What kind of developers I need?

hire shopify website developer

There are many different types of website developers,But now that you know the scope of the project,You can determine which one should cooperate with。

1. Designer and developer

(hire shopify website developer)If you only need to design work,Then web designer is your best choice。but,If it is a functional project,You need developers。If the project involves two,You have two options:You can hire website designers and developers at the same time,You can also cooperate with the website construction company。

You may want to know if graphic designers can replace web designers to complete this work。Although graphic designers and web designers will create brand image,For example, logo and color scheme,But web designers still use CSS、HTML And other potential programming languages will be designed to your webpage。

in addition,Maybe more importantly,They considered the user experience when designing 。This means that they will consider the accessability of the screen reader、SEO The best practice and your website on different screens and systems。

2. Front -end and back -end developers

(hire shopify website developer)The front end of your website is a visible part of the reader interacting with it。It is part of the back end,You use it to upload new content,Make safe updates,and many more。sometimes,These are also called clients (front end)And server (rear end)。

(hire shopify website developer)These two parts of your website are built in different programming languages,So many developers focus on one of the languages。Before starting to talk to developers,You need to figure out whether this is a front -end project or a back -end project——Or both。

(hire shopify website developer)please remember,Some back -end developers describe themselves through their special programming language,E.g PHP Developer or Ruby Developer。If you are looking for back -end developers online and know what language you need,Please try to search for this language。

3. Full stack developer

Suppose your project involves the front and back of the site。You have two options:You can cooperate with two developers,You can also hire a full stack developer。

Full stack developers can work on both ends of the website。They are proficient in all the main languages and frameworks,So it is often more expensive。

When you design a brand new website to build,Cooperation with full stack developers is a particularly good idea,Because they can provide you with better suggestions。

4. Freelancers vs. full time

According to the complexity and duration of the project,You may find that it is best to cooperate with freelancers or hire full -time Web Developer。Both options have their advantages and disadvantages,But finding the best way for you and your company should not be too difficult。

For one sex item that does not need maintenance,Free website developers may be most suitable for your needs。same,If you need the least maintenance,Freelancers will help you keep the website run smoothly and reduce costs。

but,If you think your website needs regular and time -consuming maintenance or update,Then you will find that hiring full -time employees is better。This may be an expensive investment:Generally speaking,The average annual salary of website developers is92000Yuan。but,This also means that you have someone who is ready to repair any mistakes at any time。Large enterprises with more complex websites(For example, banks and streaming services)Usually there is an internal development team。

or,You can hire a professional station construction company during the project period。When your project is particularly large or urgent,But you did not foresee important long -term maintenance,This is very effective。You can have a dedicated from the team Web Developers benefit,But you don't have to promise long -term employment。

Where to hire developers

You can hire professional developers and even online in many places Web development team。The best choice for you depends on your priority and time。Here are some of your choices:

TideWebDevelopment service

Using usWebDevelopment service,You will have a special project manager,And can contact many professional developers。If you need website design work、Back -end development、Page speed optimization or anything else,It doesn't matter:Your project manager will always assign an expert to work on your website,Most maintenance work 72 Complete within hours。

Liberty Professional Platform

(hire shopify website developer)The online platform will allow you to outsourcing your web design needs to free developers。Some most popular websites include designer alliance、Pig Bajie、Wizard and so on。

(hire shopify website developer)Although the exact process may vary from a site,But it is often very similar。You can create a list of jobs and wait for freelancers to contact you,Or you check the available freelancers and send messages directly to them。

(hire shopify website developer)There are usually thousands of freelancers to choose from,Therefore, there are always people with suitable skills and experience。but,Check all options and choose someone very time -consuming。Public comments and work samples will help you reduce the selection range。

Other station building companies

If you are looking for a professional development team,Then you can try to build a standing company。E.g,If you know a designer and a developer,So this is a particularly good choice。

Different from personal website developers,Construction companies are not inclined to use free platforms(Although there are exceptions)。on the contrary,You must find them through online search or mouth phase。


If you are not sure who cooperates with,Please try to seek suggestions from your professional network or friends。You will not only get the candidate list of developers who have impressed the people you know,And you can also ask questions about their style and check their previous work。

How to evaluate Web The quality of the developer

hire shopify website developer

(hire shopify website developer)

Hire Web When developers,It is worth spending time to find the right person。You should find not only within your budget range,And people who understand your vision of the website and provide high -quality services。

It's hard to judge Web Developer's skills,Especially when you have no technical background。but,You should find something。

skills requirement

(hire shopify website developer)in short,Whether developers are proficient in all necessary languages and applications?

Generally speaking,If they are front -end developers,They should understandCSS、HTML、JavaScript,as well asjQueryandBootcampFrameworks。

You are unlikely to encounter front -end developers who do not meet these minimum technical requirements。but,You should also check whether they are familiar with the website accessability and SEO The best practice。

at the same time,Back -end developers will be proficient PHP、Python、Ruby Wait。According to your project,You may find that experts looking for specific programming languages are worth it。

You may still want to search WordPress Developer、Shopify Developer、Application developer,Even mobile developers。

Response time

The important thing is not just the technical skills of website developers。The response time is also important,Especially when you use them during the creative planning stage or fix the error。

When you contact them for the first time and then negotiate the details,Please pay attention to the response speed of the developer。Although the recovery speed of freelancers is usually not as fast as employees,But they should still make a reply in a reasonable time。

Communication skills

Good communication is not just about fast response time。Ask yourself:Are they clear communicationrs??They seem to understand what you want,Do they clarify and confirm as needed?

When negotiating,Are they direct and professional?Do they explain what you can expect,Are they a budget、schedule、Pricing and any potential complex situation transparent?Do they let you know what they need you to provide to complete the job?

(hire shopify website developer)Are they flexible??When you express preferences or uncertainty,Will they listen and explain or adapt??

You are recruiting network developers,Not marketing manager,But communication skills are still important。They will help the project smoothly,And make sure that there is no unpleasant accident due to poor communication。


More experienced Web Developers usually have higher rates,Although their cost may be lower than you think。That's because compared with an experienced developer,They also tend to work more effectively and generate cleaner、Better code。

However,The important thing is not just the number of years or the number of items。Pay attention to the type of work that developers have worked before,And what types of companies they cooperate with。Ideal,When they work on your website, they will have similar experience to learn from。

Previous project

Look at what they have done before,You will understand their skills,Especially for front -end developers,Their style。

Most professional website developers will have a work set on their website,You can also ask for examples similar to your project。usually,Developers will carefully plan their works,Only show their most impressive work。therefore,If you let them know what you are looking for,You may be surprised that they can show you how many extra samples。

If you have any questions about their previous projects,Please inquire in detail,Remember,Some details may be confidential。

Employment of developers:Summarize

Cooperation with developers can help you keep the website look professional and run smoothly。Whether you are an upgrade website theme、Delete malware,Still add new functions such as shopping carts,Developers can help you achieve your goals quickly and easily——This means you can focus on the service of the website instead of its code。