how much is a website developer


(how much is a website developer)What is the salary of programmers?

Presumably a lot of friends who want to enter the industry are confused about this,Sometimes I see others say that the annual salary is hundreds of thousands,But actually open the recruitment software,It doesn't seem to be so exaggerated either。

I will give you a reference with the salary of each position last year,See how the salary of the Internet job recruitment is now。

(how much is a website developer)how much is a website developer

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As shown in the figure,The job recruitment salary of different companies is different,But there is one thing in common,That is, the salary of algorithms is higher than other positions,In this era where everything can be converted into numbers,The point of the algorithm is gradually revealed,Its importance cannot be ignored。

PythonAdd points to the workplace

With big data development, you can have a high salaryoffer

Present,PythonIt is used to build various software systems,Related software developers become talents needed by the enterprise,The salary given is getting higher and higher,According to the latest statistics from third -party platform friends,PythonThe average salary of development engineers in Beijing in first -tier cities is high23k(As shown below)

besides,PythonAlso play an important role in data development。

In the age of everything,The talents who can analyze the data are particularly favored by the company。WillPythonPeople combined with data,You can also stand at the tower of high -paying work。

According to statistics from professional friends,meetingPythonThe salary of the data development engineer is high28k(As shown below)

how much is a website developer

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In addition to high salary,According to relevant data statistics,Chinese enterprises' needs for data development talentsquantityNewly added every day1.5Ten thousandpeople!according to《New profession——Analysis report on the current status quo of big data engineering and technical personnel》show,2021Nian big data talent gap is high250Ten thousand

how much is a website developer

High salary、Big gap,Python+Big data development positions naturally become the people in the workplace“salary”choose!