how to develop affiliate marketing website


Edit Introduction:In the previous article《“Grinding ghost”Product design net red expert grading system》,The author shared the online celebrity master classification system for us,Believe everyone“Grinding ghost”The product design has a certain understanding。Today's article,The author continues to share with you how to plan and design an alliance marketing platform that suits you。

how to develop affiliate marketing website

I will share with you earlier“Grinding ghost”Product design net red expert grading system,Actually“Grinding ghost”The most mature and most historic products are alliance marketing products,The concept of alliance marketing is from90In the late period, Amazon first proposed。

At that time, the main cooperation model of the concept of the website alliance wasCPS,After entering the country, a large number of advertising alliances developed,The current well -known is the Baidu Alliance platform,During this period, it was still based on the main website of the website.CPM、CPC、CPS、CPA、CPTWait for the advertising profit of calculating models,What can be generally accepted by advertisers at present?CPSMain effect marketing advertising alliance。

Along with the continuous evolution of China's Internet business model,The offline alliance cooperation model based on the alliance advertising cooperation model has sprung up like a rain.,The more mainstream should be the integration and distribution of the advertising alliance system/Online distribution derived from the direct sales model(Alliance sales and promotion)And offline community new retail platform(Offline distribution and community groups),So the Internet“Grinding ghost”Product series in the products marketing platform is the most valuable product that allows others to make money for you。

There is a lot of nonsense,Let me share with you how to plan and design an alliance marketing platform that suits you。Because of the website owner、The online alliance direct sales team and new retail such as offline communities are derivative product models grafted on the alliance marketing platform,Therefore, this sharing is mainly based on the planning setting of the basic alliance marketing platform as the core.。

(how to develop affiliate marketing website)

one、Thinking before the design planning of the alliance marketing platform

1. Where is our promotion position?What is our promotion purpose?What kind of cooperation mode is used?

There are a large number of derivatives in China in China,However, the starting point of the system planning based on its own products and business model,But the one that cannot be avoided is where our promotion position is?What is the purpose of promotion?

Only by analyzing these, what we have to do is what kind of cooperation model adopted between the alliance marketing platform in the future,How to maximize the benefits of partners,So as to achieve the purpose of cooperation。

how to develop affiliate marketing website

2. Who is the target customer faced by the alliance platform?client needs/What is the pain point?

(how to develop affiliate marketing website)Only understand the target customers and potential needs and pain points faced by the alliance marketing platform,In order to design and develop functional design and development of the pain points and needs of target customers during the design of our alliance platform。

how to develop affiliate marketing website

3. What is the application scenario of the target customer?

The function of any alliance marketing platform can not help but think about the application scenarios of our alliance target customers,Only the products that meet their application scenarios can better serve the promotion effect of the alliance target customers on the products promoted by the alliance。

how to develop affiliate marketing website

4. What is the positioning of the alliance marketing platform?

(how to develop affiliate marketing website)Any alliance marketing platform has its marketing products,Alliance marketing platforms are attached to a certain business or Internet platform,Even the independent alliance platform will improve the alliance function based。

(how to develop affiliate marketing website)Therefore,But the alliance marketing platform has the characteristics of its independent operation。Because alliance marketing is by no means a simple functional sector,It should also be supplemented by systematic operations outside the alliance marketing function sector,Therefore。

two、Alliance marketing platform planning construction

Alliance marketing platform requires planning function sector:External display platform、League member background、Operation Management background、Data recording background、Material acquisition function sector。

how to develop affiliate marketing website

(how to develop affiliate marketing website)The general function sector is basically these,But to operate a good alliance marketing platform, simply relying on basic functions is not enough。

Therefore, it is necessary to innovate and break through on the basis of basic functions,Here we need to think from the perspective of operation to think about where the products of the alliance marketing platform need to be improved to maximize the benefits and maximum operations。

1. The data items that need to be processed by the alliance marketing platform and the data security thinking that avoids risks

how to develop affiliate marketing website

(how to develop affiliate marketing website)The security of the above data corresponds to the anti -cheating design of the cooperation model:

  1. CPCandCPMSettle and applied independenceIP、During the cycle, behavior is processed anti -cheating design;
  2. CPSMainly avoid the return and exchange cycle rules for anti -cheating design;
  3. CPABecause it is the validity of the data without evaluationCPANeed to carry out a combination of various behaviors for anti -cheating design;
  4. CPLNeed to calculate the input output than the anti -cheating design。

(how to develop affiliate marketing website)

2. The driver of the external driving force effectively improves the benefits of the alliance platform

Alliance marketing platforms need to have the function of driving alliance members to further improve their benefits,Therefore, the external drive function design has great economic benefits for the development of the platform。

how to develop affiliate marketing website

Note:There is no strong external driver,It is difficult for the internal driving force to rely on alliance members to achieve multiplied growth of economic benefits,therefore“Ghost push”The series emphasizes the product function while emphasizing the platform driving force,Only in this way“Ghost push”The product can be more practical。

3. Alliance marketing platform gives full play to the value of the seed period on the basis of not touching the red line

Two League Model,The state regulations exceed the third level, which is MLM,Based on avoiding risks, only the second -level alliance product planning。

how to develop affiliate marketing website

Graded advantage:

  1. Cold startup needs:The second -level member model is convenient for the accumulation and expansion of the first batch of seed members in the platform cold start,Regional restrictions can promote the expansion of seed members;
  2. Permanent member mode:No recommended adoption,However, in the early days of the development of the platform, a number of permanent first -level members can be expanded,Easy to expand in the market;
  3. Upgrade clause:The existence of this clause helps drive the development of first -level members and the improvement of the overall benefits of the platform,It can also meet the needs of first -level member growth,Form the survival of the fittest mode。

4. Withdrawal ability

(how to develop affiliate marketing website)Set different withdrawal rules in stages in stages;According to different levels of withdrawal of different levels according to different levels of alliance membership level,Promote the enthusiasm of membership upgrade。

5. Material acquisition function

(how to develop affiliate marketing website)Members are not professional operators and designers,Therefore, there are great difficulties in the process of making and disseminated materials;At the same time, different alliance members have different demand for spreading materials,Only sufficient material preparation can make alliance members play greater profitability and enthusiasm,At the same time, highlight the service capacity of the platform。

  • Alliance promotion link:Mainly suitable for website alliance members to obtain when putting on advertising;
  • Graphic promotion link:Mainly used in the process of sharing the page of alliance members。
  • Share poster:Sharing the sharing page coagulation composition poster is more conducive to the spread of alliance members,The spread of pictures can be more eye -catching。
  • Exclusive QR code:The exclusive QR code here is the exclusive QR code registered and purchased directly,Buying a two -dimensional code directly can be purchased without registration,One more step registration will cause a decline in customer experience。

6. Platform fidelity diversified

(how to develop affiliate marketing website)Alliance members are also ordinary consumers while expanding the platform consumers,So you can call it completelyPlusMember mode,When the alliance members reach a certain level, they can get it as a platformPlusMember acquisition of peer equivalent to enjoy the corresponding discount。

The above target“Grinding ghost”Simple sharing of the design of the product series of marketing system products in the product series,Why use the alliance marketing platform because the functions of the alliance marketing system will be difficult to play its due role even if it improves the lack of operational means and functions.,Therefore, complete functions plus effective operating means and functional system can truly play it“Ghost push”Characteristic。


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